Attendee Comments – November ’99 – Salem


“Best trainer in the automobile business I’ve ever encountered in my ten years retail automotive experience. MUCH better workshop than I anticipated. I appreciated the input you can take with you in everyday life. Michael’s a 10!”
Todd Powell, Sales Manager – University Honda

“Thoroughly enjoyable, entertaining, and educational. Michael hit the basics for reinforcement and taught lots of new things for me to try. Not to mention he genuinely seems to care rather than to be one of 300-500 guys in a room. Thanks Michael, I enjoyed the day!”
Garry Pullen , -Dunmire Nissan/Lincoln/Mercury

“I expected the same ol’ same ol’, just another name for another stage in communication. But I left with the understanding that if you love yourself and others, you’ll improve your self esteem, and polish the talents that you already possess.”
Ron Jordan , Sales – Larry Lassen Chevrolet/Toyota

“The program was great. It jumps from book to speaker with no written text (blanks) which makes it a little confusing.”
Russ McPherson , Sales – Gold Motors

“As a trainer, I was looking for help (training). I got A LOT more than I expected. (I left with) a whole new avenue for me to train on, namely ourselves!”
Merrillyn Peel , Corporate Trainer – Capitol Auto Group

“I actually came here just to go through the class, and decide I wouldn’t benefit from it, so I could simply get my money back. The class, however, was SO good that I honestly think it’s worth more than I paid!”
Jackson Day , Salesman – Hillyers Mid City Ford

“Despite the construction and distracting noises, and even the smell of tar (roof repair going on), the class was amazing! I’ve been to many seminars over the years. This was the clear cut winner, running away from the pack!”
Albert Monia , Salesman – Larry Lassen Chevrolet/Toyota

“WOW! So much to learn or unlearn or relearn!”
Ron Leland , Sales & Leasing Consultant (two time graduate) – Saturn of Salem

“Overall, an excellent and effective seminar. I am looking forward to visiting your website and hope to revisit your seminar.”
Lou Maggiulli , Sales Consultant – University Honda

“Very good day. I had received my money’s worth by the first hour! Integration/holistic approach was very effective. Thank you Michael.”
Bruce Moffitt , Sales – University Honda

“Helps us to focus our professional and personal attitudes, points of view, and thought processes. Great stuff!”
Tristan Goebel , Floor Manager – Gold Motors

“Most of the information was common sense, but it’s not commonly pointed out so effectively, especially ways to use the information we already have! Thanks!”
Michael Kerbs , Sales – Hubbard Chevrolet

“My husband is my sales manager. He made the call yesterday and I will today. Thank you!”
Ardean Bernard , Sales – Hubbard Chevrolet

“I have gained a tremendous amount of information and knowledge that will help me in the work place and in my daily life. I also have reaffirmed my beliefs and confidence in my own life. Keep up the good work and don’t let go of your values and beliefs – no matter what! Thanks!”
Rachel H. Winkler , Sales Consultant – Willamette Pontiac/Jeep

“One of the first workshops that dealt with personal improvement as a means to professional success.”
Marilin L. Pastrig , 5 Star Coordinator – Willamette Pontiac/Jeep

“I was enlightened and empowered by the information and quality of the material. I’d highly recommend this to everyone that wants to become a more effective salesperson and a better person overall. Thank you, I’ll see you next year.”
Sam Johnson , Sales Consultant – Saturn of Salem

“Michael has a great sense of humor! Good job overcoming objections.”
Shawna Layne, Car Sales – Willamette Jeep/Pontiac

“Michael Hargrove provided tools to better overcome day to day objections.”
Rich Germunson , Asst. Sales Manager – Willamette Pontiac/Jeep

“Thanks a bunch! We all know what we should do, I know what I will do. I hope the others do it too.”
Kurt M. Willis , Sales Consultant – Power Chevrolet

“Everything was perfect except the hotel!”
Bradley D. Johnson , Sales Consultant – Willamette Pontiac/Jeep

“Good material, well presented, would attend another one.”
Lawrence S. Caldwell , Sales Consultant – Saturn of Salem

“Just exactly what I needed to grow!”
Damien Deshane Reed , Salesman – Gold Motors

“I am new to the auto industry. After attending Michael Hargrove’s seminar I believe it will helpfully add to my success and sales career endeavors where ever it takes me. Thank you.”
Zachary g. Agee , Sales Consultant – Willamette Jeep/Pontiac

“This is my first auto sales seminar…it’s continued education.”
Micahel Strong – Gold Motors

“I had a great time. I do not have much experience and I”m sure this will get me started on the right foot.”
Jaron Nygren , Sales – Power Auto Group

“Inspiring, mostly spiritually, which was much needed. Thank you.”
Dean Graves , General Sales Manager – Gold Chevrolet/Cadillac/Oldsmobile

“Focused on more than just ways to gain a greater ability to hold gross. But an example of a good part of this life experience we all share. May God bless you with the knowledge of Himself.”
Dominic DeCarlo , Sales – University Honda

“It was a fun and rewarding day.”
Kenneth Noss, Sales – Hillyers Mid Town Ford

Erik Berkey, Sales – Hubbard Chevrolet

“Pretty good, better than most.”
Jerry Kirkham, F & I Mgr. – Saturn of Salem

“It was very good.”
Dave Hollen, Sales – Hubbard Chevrolet

“Thank you very much. See you next time!”
C.J. Seaman, Sales Champ – Power Chevrolet

“I enjoyed it thoroughly.”
Joe Beerman, Salesman – Willamette Jeep/Pontiac

Bill Nero, Sales – University Honda

“Thanks very much!”
Jay Hyer, Sales – Hillyers Mid City Ford