Attendee Comments – October ’98 – Lynnwood

“This is the fourth time I’ve attended this workshop. Each time I get more and more info. The class gets better and better!”
Jim Yonker, Sales Rep. (four time graduate) – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“Well-spent day. Only a few ideas understood and well rehearsed will translate into more units delivered. I wrote down 12 action items that will reap me benefits!”
Joel Wasti, Sales – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“I’ve been made aware of a lot of my weaknesses and also a lot of useful tools for my improvement. The workshop really hit the keys for sales advancement. Also, made great advice and steps for my progress through LIFE. Thanks for sharing your abundance of success and knowledge.”
Gerard Zeviar, Senior Sales – Prestige Ford

“As a new salesperson, the workshop was great! Very informative, encouraging, and motivational. It gave me an arsenal of info to use every day to improve my new career.”
Julie Fischer, Salesperson – Prestige Ford

“This is a great workshop that makes you think about what we are doing or not. All areas are helpful no matter what skill level.”
Russell “Bow Tie” Peterson, Sales – Prestige Ford

“I thought Michael was very inspirational, very good at motivation in different situations. I learned a lot and hopefully can use ideas to better myself at the job and in everyday living. Thanks, Michael!”
Loren Dean, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler/GMC

Kevin Ksiazek, Automotive Sales – Bill Pierre Dodge

“Outstanding job!!!”
Yevgeniy Natalenko, Sales – Magic Toyota

“A very happy experience. I learned a lot and hope to make more money!”
Andy Ball, Salesman – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“Reaffirmed current belief.”
Michael Castillo, General Sales Manager – Prestige Ford

“A good experience.”
Mike Christofilis, Salesman – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“It must be called the St. Helens room because it erupts every 20 minutes! Absolutely worth the money if you practice it!”
Kyle Moore, Sales – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

James L. Patten, Sales – Dwayne Lane’s Chrysler/Plymouth/GMC

“It gave me tools and angles I can immediately incorporate to my sales presentations. There’s no question that can’t be answered to my benefit.”
Scott Branston, Salesman – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

Linda Gregory, Salesperson – Chuck Olson Chevrolet