Attendee Comments – November ’98 – Phoenix

“Unbelievably refreshing!! Many workshops just “throw” word tracks at you, but Michael Hargrove has broken out of the pack by teaching such things as the self-talk, physiology, state management skills, neurolinguistic programming, and fitness. I will attend in the future!”
Beau Jones, Sales Manager – Tempe Dodge

“Had attended a Success Seminar at America West Arena earlier in the year – would not attend another. (It was) more of a revival rather than a learning experience. (This one, however, was) one of the better seminars that I have attended in 36 years in sales!”
Otto Schroder, Sales – Honda of Tempe

“I enjoyed it. Maybe I expected too much but I do feel a little short shifted. I’m not prepared to blame it on my trainer as I did enjoy him. Content I felt fell short of what I wanted.”
Craig Lang, Sales – Camelback VW

“I have not been to many workshops, but I think that anyone who did not attend really missed out on some of the most valuable information that I personally have ever received.”
Rod Seaman, Sales Associate – Honda of Tempe

“Second time thru, enjoyed it as much if not more than my first experience. It’s a shame the people who need this type of training can not be persuaded to take advantage of the opportunity. Keep up the good work. See you next time!”
Robert P. Glass, Domestic Transportation Consultant (two time graduate) – Honda of Tempe

“Michael was great! It seems to me I was looking for very specific answers to quite general questions and that’s probably impossible to provide. All in all, it was a productive day. I would have liked more role playing though.”
Dani Murphy, Sales – Camelback VW/Saab/Subaru

“What I have really taken out of today is: 1) Whatever gets you to where you’re at will only keep you there for so long. 2) It’s impossible to deal with the inevitable if you’re not prepared for it. 3) When you think you know it all, you stop growing.”
Brian P. Dacey, Sales & Leasing – Tempe Honda

“I’ll be back again!”
Brent Lufkin, Sales Associate – Darner C/P

“Practical, useful solutions to problems I encounter each day. Many of the situations are no longer problems!”
Richard Lentz, Internet Sales Director – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“Extremely Good! Very glad I participated. Thanks Michael!”
Douglas Guthrie, Sales – Darner Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“It may be my age, but I got lost on where to write the headlines in the book. I know workbooks must be interactive (participate by writing) but I wasn’t sure what to write down or where. Maybe a numbering system to follow besides the page numbers?”

“Great info! Will do it again next year. This workshop earns an A+, a real 10! Thank you Michael.”
Brien Grunsby, Sales Manager – Tempe Dodge

“It was very helpful and I’m sure it will work for me. Thank you!”
Fernando Miranda, Sales – Darner Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“As a new salesperson, I found everything very helpful.”
Andrea Esslin, Automobile Salesperson – Darner Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“Lots to digest. It will have real world applications too. Renewed my interest in sales. Ready to go!”
Shaun Torre, Sales – Camelback VW

“Helped to refresh ideas and introduce new ones. It developed focus and perspective for a better me! Thanks!”
Packy Mejir, Sales – Camelback VW/Saab/Subaru

“I attended your class last year. I had the worst two months in the car business afterwards. I seriously considered not coming this year, but I remembered one very important thing; I had the best year of my life last year, and it was both personal and financial. Thanks Michael!”
Joe Tarsitano, Auto Salesman (two time graduate) – Darner Chrysler

“3rd time – will come again. As much personal as professional content.”
Greg Hapke, Fleet Manager (three time graduate) – Sunset Ford

“It was an eye re-opening experience!”
Robert Grill, Sales Manager – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to better myself at home and in the workplace. Thank you!”
Paul Kephart, Sales and Leasing Consultant – Sunset Ford

“Learned lots of new skills and techniques. I will recommend this class to my colleagues.”
John Iaconetti, Corporate Trainer – United Auto Group West

“Would have liked more space”
Aaron Johnson, Floor Manager – Berge Mazda/VW

“Great workshop, as I knew it would be. Thanks again Michael.”
Steven G. Pappas, Auto Sales & Leasing (three time graduate) – Honda Cars of Mesa

“I am enthusiastic about the program. I’ll tell you next year how the instruction helped me!”
Ralph Carpenter, Used Car Manager – Berge Mazda/VW

“Success is the perpetual pursuit of perfection. I will commit to fulfilling that pursuit for my own sake now!!”
Robert Berry, Jr., Sales Associate – Scottsdale Acura

“I am ready to change myself and stop letting people control my confidence level. It’s time to take control of my destiny and this workshop is pulling me in the right direction!”
Dexter Gunderson, Sales Consultant – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“It was great! Very enjoyable to attend!”
Mark Tirado, Sales – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

Collin McKinney, Sales – Fiesta Lincoln/Mercury

“I felt I have learned, the rest is up to me!”
Neil Meeker, Sales – Sunset Ford