Attendee Comments – August ’98 – Seattle

“I thought I was too busy to come. Thank God I woke up. Michael’s passion is remarkable. Unmistakably the most brilliant training seminar I’ve been to!”
Roger Smith, Sales Manager – Auto Plus Superstore

“I learned more today for a fraction of the cost than I ever have at any workshop at any price!”
Christopher W. Miles, Salesman – Honda of Kirkland

“Michael is a powerful presenter and is very knowledgeable in his subject matter. He inspires people. Few seminars are as charged and beneficial as this one I attended. I will make a personal commitment to carry out what I’ve learned. Thanks Michael!”
Maroot Nanakul, Sales/Leasing Consultant

“I appreciate the fact that Michael stressed that the work is up to us. That it isn’t going to happen by osmosis. I enjoyed the overall thoroughness of the workshop.”
Cynthia Smithers, Sales – Lexus of Bellevue

“Being new to the car business, I have a lot to learn. In this one day workshop I learned more in on day than my past four years of commission retail experience. Michael left me confident and eager to succeed. Thanks so much!”
Tim Hanstine, Sales – Auto Plus

“Thanks Michael! You made me feel! The ball’s in my court now. I will choose to step up to the plate. It’s going, going, gone!”
Rick Hubbert, Sales – Lexus of Bellevue

“Opened up some emotional doors that make me want to do and be more.”
Pat Tenud, Sales Consultant – Acura of Bellevue

“This is my first sit-down program about my career in car sales. This was great and a really key link for my future success for myself and my family. Thanks again, Michael!”
Michael Deocampo, Internet Sales Manager

“Michael’s seminar was a reality check in that his principles for the professional salesperson are actually principles needed to be a great overall human being in general, and apply to all aspects of relationships, business or personal.”
Donald Adkins, Salesman, Future Dealer/Owner – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“I’ll definitely be sharing this with my wife and in so doing improve both my personal and professional life.”
John Mears, Salesperson – Barrier Volvo

“Great! More than just -How To- more than I expected. It caused me to think and self evaluate.”
Forrest Young, Sales – Lexus of Bellevue

“Material given is relatively the same each time coming but we all need a refresher and a slap in the face!”
Kjell Schei, Dealership Training (two time graduate) – Barrier Motors, Inc.

“It was a bull eye for me. A shot in the arm!”
Troy Hodges, Sales – Saturn of Puyallup

“Everything was great. I can’t wait to put everything I learned into action!”
Chris Person, Salesman – Harnish Lincoln/Mercury

“Excellent! One of the best workshops I’ve attended. Not only valid because of it’s relevance to work but also to life!”
Gene Levin, Sales – Honda of Kirkland

Larry Hall, Sales – Honda of Kirkland

“Room temp was a little cool. Michael’s delivery is excellent at captioning one’s attention. Humor aids in his delivery. Need to develop specific approaches to building value, and gross, with invoice shoppers (Internet shoppers).”
Mark Inslee, Sales (two time graduate) – Michael’s Toyota

“Uplifting, informative, fun. A journey back to basics. A sip from the cup of knowledge. Thank you!”
Bob Hertz, Sales (two time graduate) – Lexus of Bellevue

“Great seminar, even better the second time around and the workbook is much improved. Thanks again Michael! The only reason I didn’t give all “10”s is I believe there is always room for improvement.”
Jon Taylor, General Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Barrier Motors, Inc.

Bill Jones, Crew Chief – Eastside Jeep

“Thank you Michael! Talk with you soon.”
Darryl Bell, Sales Rep. – Honda of Kirkland

“Great job! I am all over it starting today!”
Steve Hobson, Sales Associate – Saturn of Puyallup

“The “F” exercise was great. It is important where the customer “is” not where we are. The airplane story was a great reminder to appreciate what we have. Thanks for the exercise tips.”
Mike Waller, Saturn of Puyallup

“I’ve been in the auto industry for a long time. I was a tech first and then moved into sales. Michael has shown me today how to be more personal when I talk to customers and how to balance my life with work better so I can stay focused and hit all my goals. I would travel anywhere to see him teach. Thanks again!”
Michael Frazier, Sales Consultant – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“This was the first time I have been exposed to role playing and it was a real slap in the face. Here I thought I was an OK salesman. You gave me a totally different aspect on sales. I thank you.”
Pete Korfiatis, Sales – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“Useful information. Very good speaker. First time in this course. Better than Grant Cardone! Very well recommended.”
Leo Javelona, Sales Consultant – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“It is getting better and better!”
Noel Bennett, Asst. Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Dodge of Bellevue

“Words can’t be said what Michael not only did to sharpen my selling skills but the way he opened my eyes to my marriage. Michael, if you read this, I just want to say thank you with all of my heart. God bless.”
Greg Chomik, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Thank you!! This is my 3rd visit and I can honestly say that I am going to attend this program every year you come (regardless of my line of work). It is a great thing to experience and I will vouge for my growth and directly connect it to your course. Thank you Michael, CeCe, and all.”
Jeff McDonald, Salesperson/Trainer – Dodge of Bellevue

“I came to polish my skills and it definitely has the cutting edge.”
Eli Liske, Sales Associate – Hinshaw’s Honda

“General presentation was good in content & topics. The presentation was geared to a much different type of audience (colleague) than my associates. Overall presentation is often too flip or inappropriate for many/most of my customers.”
Mark Charles, Sales & Leasing – Lexus of Bellevue

“I’ve been here before and I plan on attending again. This is a course every sales rep should take annually. The content is great, but the interaction between the students and trainer is critical. There were a lot of excellent ideas!”
Eric Goebel, Sales (two time graduate) – Hinshaw’s Honda

“For the registrar and assistant rating, I was on the list but there was not a name tag for me and the assistants acted as if I didn’t belong here. It wasn’t a great way to start the morning. Michael, however, was great and I learned a lot today and took a look inside. I hope to attend another workshop in the future.”
Jeff Matison, Sales – Saturn of Puyallup

“Thank you for reigniting my attitude that has been faltering lately. I know this field is good for me and I can be one of the best. I just need a better blue print and reminder sometimes. This will help a lot.”
Karla Gallienne, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Puyallup

“I feel a lot of this stuff I can readily apply to my style. I was thankful for all the ideas and I’m walking away with a truly different attitude towards my own life and my priorities (“The Call”).
Bronwyn Velasco, Salesperson – Honda of Kirkland

“I was a privileged participant! Thank you!”
Michael A. Reyes, Sales & Leasing – Kirkland Pontiac

“I’m new to the auto industry and I feel that the ideas and content of this seminar should enable me to double my income within the next two months.”
Chris Estrada, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Puyallup

“The man has given me passion because of his overflow of it. People might have heard some things offered today but knowing it and doing it are two different things. He makes you see the reason why you should and it’s like he puts you in the boat and even pushes you off and all you have to do is start paddling!”
Jeramy Cook, Sales – Auto Plus

“Awesome! Very useful! Michael cares! The workshop is full of passion.”
Glenn Barnhart, Sales – Auto Plus

“Michael, I’ve been to various seminars. I get more out of yours than any other. Thank you very much for opening my eyes.”
Eran Zantkovsky, Sales Manager (two time graduate)- Hinshaw’s Honda

Joe Rubino, Sales & Leasing (two time graduate) – Barrier Motors

“This was my first workshop. I found Michael to be very energetic and very useful. He has given me a few more tools to enhance my future sales career.”
Mike Cuddington, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Puyallup

“Today made me re-evaluate my attitude and reminded me how blessed I am.”
Justin Bowhay, Salesperson – Dodge of Bellevue

“Great experience.”
David Skipworth, Sales – Barrier Motors

“Very educational, self motivating and informative.”
Patrick K. Kavulu, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“Excellent! Second time attendee and worth 3X the amount, not just on a professional level but also on a personal level.”
Glen Burkard, Sales Professional (two time graduate) – Auto Plus

“One of the best success oriented workshops I have ever attended. The role playing is a great way to learn and understand. Michael did a fantastic job and his outlook on life and success are right on!”
Rick Nelson, Sales Consultant – Eastside Chrysler/Jeep

“A great help in understanding the wild world of car sales and the role that a balanced life has on an individual’s success. Great job Michael!!”
Andrew Borrevik, Sales – Barrier Motors, Inc.

“Good stuff! Now I will apply it!”
Patrick Alldred, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Puyallup