Attendee Comments – October `96 – Seattle

“I look forward to attending another workshop. I wish I would have taken this a year ago. The best part was how you related everything to our home life as well as work. Look forward to seeing you again.”
Tod Deardorff – Sales, Dodge of Bellevue

“Moving, very informative! I would recommend this course to anyone in sales or just wanting to live life to the fullest.”
James Carey – Sales Rep., Tacoma Dodge

“Best seminar in 15 years!! All relative material in today’s world, Thanks!”
Bill “Spud” Hourihan – Sales, Larson Dodge

“I have been in sales for about 18 years total. In that time I have ben to a number of seminars. With out a doubt, yours is the most informative and positive I have been to! It was truly a pleasure.”
Allen J. Heinger – Special Finance Manager, Harris Ford

“Sat too long.”
Dave Fritcher – Sales, Puyallup Chevrolet

“Fantastic experience, well worth every penny! I would highly recommend this workshop to others. Hope to attend again some day.”
Dan Martin – Sales, Harris Ford

“I felt the seminar was very well presented and was please to find several great ideas to work with. New in this business, I feel this information will be valuable to building a good basic foundation to success.”
Dave White – Rookie, Lynnwood Honda

“I fully enjoyed the seminar and look forward to applying the techniques at work and home.”
Jason Collins – Sales, Tacoma Dodge

Terry McAtee – Larson Dodge

“I did find myself in concepts like talking to myself and keeping pumped when I have problems”
Gil Mascorro – Sales, Sound Mazda

“It was great, more than I expected. Thank you very much. I can’t wait for the next workshop!”

“With the information (tools) I’ve received today I feel like I can build a wonderful future for my family as well as in my occupation.”
Noel B. Bennett – Sales Associate, Dodge of Bellevue

“It was great.”
Sikanosh – Sales, Lynnwood Honda

“Out of the 3 seminars I’ve been to, this was the only seminar that focused on applying what is learned.”
Gerard Reese – Sales Representative, Valley I-5

“Tukwilla is a long ways from everywhere except the airport.”
C. Tate – Sales, Harris Ford

“I believe everyone can apply the material to achieve a greater level of success in both their respective businesses and personal life. I also believe it pays to get a tune-up periodically so refresher or advanced material cal also be important in the future.”
Les Scott – Sales, Lynnwood Honda

“Thank you! I’ll be in touch. You’ve made a difference.”
Bob Labor – Sales, Harris Ford

“Excellent! An easy `11′ for me!!”
Mike Hodge – Salesman, Puget Sound Dodge

“I was looking to refresh my focus, energy, and ability to continue in the work I have chosen. The ability to self-perceive one’s own status dulls with the accumulation of the daily stress and unrewarded effort. Strip the varnish off to find the true grain once again.”
Tom Dempsey – F&I, Harris Ford, Inc.

“The state management portion is excellent and exactly what I needed today.”
Chris Busik – Sales Manager, Harris Ford

“Once again, Fabulous!!!”
Bill Miglino – Sales (and third time attendee), Harris Ford

“Enlightened and awake for the first time in a long time. Time now to forge ahead with new challenges in (this) new profession.”
Randolph Yalder – Sales, Harris Ford

“I would personally like to thank you Michael, for putting a focus back in my life that I forgot was there, This not only will affect my sales but my personal life also. THANK YOU!”
Jeff McDonald – Salesperson, Dodge of Bellevue

“Just what I needed to help me re-find myself since I moved from my longtime home.”
Rob Walther – New Car Sales, Harris Ford

“Time well spent. State of mind was most informative for me.”
Tony Weeldreyer – Sales Manager, Valley I-5

Jonathan Edwards – Sales, Lynnwood Honda

Paul Boyce – Dodge of Bellevue

“A must for all service related business people.”
Brian Lorraine – Sales Manager, Harris Ford

“I’m sure this will greatly help me focused+++. Also, I think the wake up call about health, family, etc., etc, etc. was great.”
Steve Cravel – Sales Rep., Harris Ford

“It was a lot more informative than expected. It was motivational.”
Jamie Stoermy – Customer Relations, Harris Ford

“I felt Michael was very professional and helpful to me today. Being new to the business, I learned a great deal and left with a feeling of great motivation. Step 1 to a successful career.”
Mark Malnar – Sales Professional, Tacoma Dodge

David Lafferty – Sales, Harris Ford