Attendee Comments – October ’96 – Jackson

“I have been through every imaginable training program and workshop available. I have worked for dealerships from coast to coast and have seen all sorts of different styles and techniques. Michael Hargrove put many of these “canned” quips into real world selling situations and made those situations comfortable and effective. I highly recommend it! I was very skeptical initially but once it started, I couldn’t leave my seat! It was great!!”
Mark Anthony, Sales Manager – Metro Mazda

“As a manager, I saw for the first time how important training with role playing is to learning sales techniques. I am going to continue the things that Michael started.”
Don Eldridge, General Manager – Van Trow Oldsmobile

“The workshop was very rewarding. I’m satisfied that I attended. I will study my work book and complete my assignments. Thank you for sharing this special time with all of us here in Jackson, Mississippi.”
Estelle Sanders, Salesperson – Watson Quality Ford

“Enlightening. Informative. Just Great!”
Roderick “Ronnie” Sharp, Automotive Consultant – Van Trow Oldsmobile

“The act of winning is a rehearsed act. Practice helps make perfect. There are a lot better ways for me to read people and I must practice reading them. Most of all, this is a life altering effort. The increase in sales seems to be a desired side effect.”
Fred Lindsay, Salesman – Watson Quality Ford

“The most valuable points I got from the day was how to overcome objections.”
Chris Stapleton, Sales Consultant – Watson Quality Ford

“Several hundred techniques that I was not as well informed on!”
Jerry Walton, Sales – Watson Quality Ford

“To learn how to distinguish different types of body language and use it to my advantage. I also learned to listen to what the customer says and use it to my advantage.”
Tim Green, Sales Rep. – Metro Mazda

“(I learned) how to take responsibility for my spiritual and mental disciplines. To let my smile be the first thing the customer sees. How to build rapport by pacing and leading, neuro-linquistic programming.”
Del Derenio, Car Salesman – Van Trow Olds/VW

“The most valuable points I picked up at this workshop were the different types of people I have to work with and that listening to the customer makes me more money!”
Herbert J. Broome, Salesperson – Van Trow Olds/VW

“Very unique (program) in that it shows us how to build rapport with the customers.”
James W. Brown, Sales – Rogers Chevrolet

(The most valuable point I picked up) was how to effectively listen.”
Steve Barber, Sales Manager – Atwood Chevrolet

“(I learned) different techniques on how to sell, how to bypass objections, how to get back on track.”
Michael Watson, Sales – Van Trow Olds

“The workshop was very interesting and I enjoyed the role playing and lunch. I would like to visit again soon.”
Michael B. Griffith, Sales – Atwood Chevy-Olds-Geo

“Really enjoyed it! Very thought provoking!”
Darin Lambert, Sales – Atwood Chevy-Olds

“I was pleased to find that this workshop entailed more than a discussion of the ten steps to the road to a sale. The discussion on the various aspects of effective communication was very helpful.”
Joseph Broger, Salesman – Regency Toyota

“(This is) a guide line to improvement of self. A road to go and steps to take to be more successful in career and in life!”
William A. Thornton, Sales Rep. – Regency Toyota

“The workshop was full of facts that I might have heard but it was refreshing hearing them again. I believe that it was worth the time and money to attend the workshop.”
Greg Roberts, Salesperson – Gray Daniels Ford

“(I learned) ways to improve or work on the positive aspect of my life.”
Greg O’Connor, #1 Salesman – Atwood Chevrolet

“(I learned that to be successful you must) be yourself, live life, and help someone today!”
Richard W. Rudd, Sales – Atwood Chevrolet

“Excellent program!”
Mike Francisco, Sales – Atwood Chev-Olds

“Loved it!!”
David Gibson, Salesman – Atwood Chevrolet

“Sticking with the basics of human relations at home and at work and my life will improve.”
Warren Pace, Sales/Marketing – Blackburn Motor Co.

“Learning to be a better listener promotes better understanding between myself and my customer and knowledge is a great selling tool!”
Bert Bryant, Sales – Blackburn Motor Co.

“(This workshop is) good for greenpeas and all the rest!”
Carl Smith, Customer Relations Manager – Northpark Acura

“Learned how to use various ways to overcome objections, how to be better at my greeting and closing. I’ve only been in car sales for 2 weeks and I’m still training, but I feel that I’m able to help my customers and deal with their objections and close some sales.”
Eric Watson, Sales Associate – Northpark Mazda/Acura

“Very Positive!!!”
Vince Hughes, Sales Manager – Regency Mitsubishi

“(The most valuable thing I learned at this workshop was to) WAKE UP!!!”
Quilly Turner, Sales – Regency Toyota

“Everything stated was a reinforcement except the reality of my health and the importance of being alive and living my life as life should be lived! Thanks Michael!”
Napoleon Tyrone Collier, Sales/Finance – Regency Nissan

“Michael brings a new life to sales methods. I can see what I have been doing wrong and where I have been right. My customers will benefit from my new skills and my family will benefit from my increased income!”
Alan Gray, Lease Manager – Gray Daniels Ford “Get myself refocused, remotivated to be successful using the techniques old and new to sell products. I needed the motivational – self motivational – inspiration.”
R. Dale McGee, Sales – Gray Daniels Ford

“It got back to basics and reminded me that I still need to practice what I know. It reminded me that my sales would improve the better I get at the basics.”
Tom Hubert, Sales – Gray Daniels Ford

“Bridging objections…spending time with customers before trying to sell.”
Keith Jones, Sales – Gray Daniels Ford