Attendee Comments – November ’96 – Phoenix

“Tickled! Too bad the ones who really need this the most are the ones that don’t show! Skills I can use in everyday life, not just career! I’m a better person for having attended, Thank You!”
Tim Yarborough, Sales Manager – Childress Buick & Kia

“I loved this! I wish I could travel with you and listen/participate in every workshop you give! This was so helpful, realistic & motivational! I learned the most I’ve ever learned in any single day workshop I’ve ever attended. Can I come work with you or for you someday? (Seriously tho) I had a lot of fun doing this and the concepts emphasized were applicable (& applied by the trainer Michael) to life’s personal circumstances not just our careers! THANK YOU!”
Melissa K. Leeland, Sales Consultant – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“I felt that Michael’s insights were useful in all aspects of my life – not just selling automobiles. He made me look at the positive & negatives about myself, and how to improve my state of mind.”
Tony Peters, Sales Rep – Scottsdale Honda

“Great seminar! Best I have ever been to. The skills taught are applicable to sales and to life.”
Jim Hill, Sales Rep – Scott Toyota

“Give examples dealing with customers in a heated situation, other than just in sales. You need to help hotheads learn to control their anger when customers are being snotty to them. If this workshop is just for sales people let supervisors know before they spend money for a workshop that doesn’t apply 100%. Out of 8 hours of this workshop 2 hours applied to me.”
R. Dias, Cashier – Bill Luke Chrysler

“I DID enjoy the workshop a lot. There are many things that can be used in interpersonal relationships.”
Susan Schulze, Accounting – Bill Luke Dodge

“Thank you!! My work & home thanks you too!”
Rusty Anderson, Sales Manager – Childress Buick

“Michael Hargrove presented & conducted a motivating, upbeat, as well as very informative seminar. Very different from the war story sharing sessions I’ve attended before. I will definitely use the info shared in my personal as well as work life.”
Paul Rice, Sales – Darner Jeep/Chrysler/Plymouth

“Mr. Hargrove is above a “10”! He is GREAT! I will be in his next class and apply all that I have learned today. I will pass this on to others and encourage them to use all that I share.”
Irma Gardner – Courtesy Chevrolet

“Very good, motivational material. A lot of body language material and other training previously covered by Volvo training seminars.”
Steve Atkinson, Auto Sales – Powell Volvo

I think he’s the best! I went to one other and that was Tom Hopkins and I think Michael Hargrove blows him away. He’s so experienced and knowledgeable. He cares about us. He’s very emotional. I would spend the money again to visit in the future. I’d say good luck, but you don’t need it!”
Shani O’Malley, Sales – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“I loved it!”
Matt Murphy, Sales – Scottsdale Honda

“Very informative – although sales managers should be required to attend before sales people. Some general managers need to attend just to be able to work better with their employees.”
Todd McLennan, Sales – Scottsdale Honda

“Good ideas. Good examples.”
Andrew P. Schwager, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“Very different type of program. Gave us information we can use every day.”
Bill Tower, Sales Consultant – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“I only wish I could have gone through this type of workshop thirty years ago when I was twenty. A very positive experience. I’m looking forward to using some of the material. Some won’t be real easy to do but I’ll work on those items. Thanks again!”
Robert P. Glass, Sales – Powell Volvo/Mazda

“Much better than I expected from your 15 minute presentation at our store. Very helpful, practical, and fun! I have some great reading from the workbook tonight. I will get to unconscious competence with your help. Please come back often – I’ll need refreshers! Your “6 hours to live” exercise made me cry but I’ll call Jennifer tonight!”
Laurie Helgren, Sales/Leasing Consultant – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“I felt it was good but not worth the money.”
Terri Levetin, Sales – Childress Buick

“It was enthusiastic and a great reminder for life as a whole and how to interact.”
Shirley Childs, Sales – Childress Buick/Kia

“Although I have studied a lot of what was discussed, I continue to need to expand my skills. Although I’m a new person in the field (I have a MA in Psychology), I feel these must be the skills that are needed to be a good salesman.”
Delbert W. Bray, Sales – Childress Buick

“Group too large, need to be more one on one. Too much in one day, maybe 2 and a half days? You are born a nice person!”
Michael F. Heath, Sales – Childress Buick

“Makes you think about your personal & mental well being as well as your work place.”

“Exhilarating! Eye-opening! Mind re-programming.”
Rich Goldstein, Sales Consultant – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“Personal…helped me realize I am doing things “right” to maintain balance in a profession where there could easily be none. Also, reminded me of “tools” I used but had gotten away from. Made me appreciate “me.”..just a little bit more.”
Gwen Clark, Sales/Leasing – Scottsdale Infiniti

“Michael Hargrove thoroughly delivered a system that allows a professional thought process to take the place of everyday stumbling or luck.”
Paul Benson, Finance Manager – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“I didn’t see any difference in this program than most others (nothing new).”
Laura Ann Geddes, Sales – Tony M. Coury Buick

“Michael was an invigorating speaker and kept my interest throughout the program.”
William Miller, Sales – Scottsdale Honda

“It was great!”
Hank Hardgrove, Sales Consultant – Sun Nissan Scottsdale

“Very broad in context. Fantastic!”

“Picked up a couple of ideas (that) may be of use to me”
Del Nelson, Sales – Childress Buick

“Totally motivating! Made me feel good afterwards. Hits home.”
Roger Banks, Salesman – Big Auto Mall

“Shed light on many things I’m doing right and many good suggestions on things I can do much better.”
Mike Schaffer, Sales Rep – Powell Volvo

“I learned closes and how to break the ice!” THANK YOU!”
Brian Gum, Used Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Great refresher and motivator. Good information.”
Gene Taristano, Used Car Manager – Darner Chrysler/Jeep

“What an experience!! Much knowledge gained.”
Greg Toland, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Big Auto Mall

“Excellent learning experience. Revamped my interest in sales! I would like to do more with you!”
Randall Cain, Sales – Darner Jeep/Chrysler

“Excellent refresher course, a good version of existing knowledge produced good self realization.”
Duane Phillips, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“I had a great experience. It will be used in the future.”
Scott Gruwell, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“Was not as good as I thought”
Baha Elagad, Sales – Powell Volvo

“I appreciate the opportunity that I’ve had to attend your workshop. I would and will take the opportunity to use all the information.”
Ernie Vieane, Sales Person – Courtesy Chevrolet

“Very helpful. Intriguing. A necessity of life!”
Richard Henderson, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet