Attendee Comments – August `96 – Portland

“Third time around and I’m still learning a great deal. This seminar is inspiring and refreshing!”
Karl Siebern, Floor Manager Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“One word – Excellent!!”
Russell Lynch, Sales Dick Hannah Honda

“Wow! Take this course more than once, it is worth it!”
Kraig S. Wash, Dodge Salesperson Gresham Dodge

“It was fulfilling, rewarding, educational, entertaining, & lots of fun. ‘I enjoyed it very much and plan to do it again.Thanks I would recommend it to anyone in the sales field. Need I say more?”
David Noble, Sales Dick Hannah Mitsubishi

“Thanks very much for the help and insight.”
Leo Bauder, Sales Rep. Courtesy Ford

“Content: good. Food: sucked.”

“It’s been truly wonderful!
Lordian Cross, Sales Consultant Town & Country Lincoln/Mercury

“Nice job!”
Bill ‘Uncle Bill” Hamblin, Sales Consultant Town & Country Mitsubishi

“Excellent seminar. Fantastic delivery. I thought there could have been a little bit more role playing, however, overall the workshop was very effective. Love the tape set! Thank you!!”
Denise Blacklaw, Sales & Leasing John Link Pontiac

“Of all the workshops I have attended, I was moved by many emotions. It was good to be reminded of past learned truths but the very end (state management skills) was the very best. Thanks! I am going to give my husband the last phone call page.”
Jo Walker, Customer Relations Mgr. Gresham Honda

“Becoming a professional car salesman, like any other profession, requires constant work. Techniques can be applied but each will need to be designed to fill my situation. I am looking forward to reading the workbook.”
Carl Rimby, Sales Associate Alexander Chrysler/Plymouth

“The experience was great, I loved it!! The food wasn’t. as good as I anticipated.
Andrew Batman, Sales Town & Country Lincoln/Mercury

“Very informative, knowledgeable and friendly. I’m glad I came! I hope I can use all the info & inputs. Too bad I didn’t have the chance to attend earlier.”
Olga Parsons, Sales Saturn of Salem

“I was beat – but I made a commitment and I’m glad I kept it. Good ideas and good person. Best wishes. Don’t give up giving this to the auto industry – it needs you!”
Cindy Hoffman, Sales Thomason Nissan

“I enjoyed it. I feel the instructor was a little too fast for me to keep up with him. Otherwise, he had some very helpful info.’
Tony Davis,
Sales Dick Hannah Mitsubishi

“For the second time I have thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. It has rekindled my interest in continuing to improve my skills and to get better at what I do.”
Jerry Gray, Team Leader Sales Saturn of Beaverton

“I will put it to use! Thank you!”
John Reuter, Team Leader Saturn of Beaverton

“Too cold, workshop was GREAT!”
Gary Hubbard, Sales Town & Country Lincoln/Mercury

Jeffrey Dole, Sales Toyota of Vancouver

“I, once again, had an enjoyable time and found a few more pieces of life to hold onto and try to add to my daily routine. The tools that I received the last (time I attended this) workshop still are part of my anchors to each day.”
Chad Lemieux, Sales Consultant Saturn of Beaverton

“I’m new to the business – 2 months! Single mom of three young boys. First month I did 10 cars. The things you had to say not only will be put into effect in my ‘work life” but in my ‘family life’ – ‘personal life’ and more importantly in my relationship with ‘me’.”
Lisa-Jo, Sales Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“Great workshop – not just to improve skills & knowledge but quality of life for all of the people we touch (& us too!)’.
Jason Leek, Sales Rep. Dick Hannah Honda/VW

“GREAT as always! Thanks!!”
Robert Vigeant, Sales Gresham Nissan/Subaru

I feel motivated and grateful I took the time to do this!
Jakob Lund,
Sales Rep. Thomason Nissan

“I really learned a lot of great ideas.
Abram Dreyer, Sales Town & Country Mitsubishi

“Everything went well – the rooms were cool in temperature…could’ve been a touch warmer.
Ron Leland, Sales & Leasing Saturn of Salem

“Very helpful – gave me a lot of new and exciting ideas and new motivation.”
Chris Creswick Sales Rep. Town & Country Chrysler/Jeep

“He can answer any question that I want to hear!
Xaly Thach, N/C Sales Gresham Dodge

“I learned something today! Thanks!!
Elpidio R. Bumanlag, Sales Courtesy Ford

“Very good.”
Red Hughes, Sales Consultant John Link Pontiac/Mazda/GMC