Attendee Comments – Dec. ’05 – Phoenix

“Great energy! Well thought out and delivered! I would recommend this event to new salespeople as well as all the vets! You will come out of the event a better person! Michael is truly a pro! Thanks, Michael and see you next year!”
Dave Milham, Sales Manager – Tempe Mitsubishi

“This was a highly focused, “fresh eyes” look at how we conduct our daily business. It answers so many of the blank space “how do I answer that” issues that we all face daily. Thank you for the knowledge and inspiration you gave us all today!”
Karen Cochran, Sales Consultant – Performance Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge

“This was the first time I have attended anything like this, and it certainly won’t be the last. This is going to be one the most memorable experiences I have ever had. It will make me a better sales manager, husband, and human being.”
Brian Benson, Sales Manager – Bell Road Auto Mall

“Excellent and provacative presentation. The humorous and serious episodes were challenging and very useful.”
Mike Petrus, Sales – Ford of North Scottsdale

“It was simply wonderful”
Muhammed Farid Khan, Sales Consultant – Big Bell Road Automall

“Michael woke up the giant within me again. Thank you, Michael!”
Troy Luke, Sales & Management – Bell Road Auto Mall

“It was very refreshing to learn different views and theories on how to deal with customers.”
Frank Cassara, Sales Consultant – Ford of North Scottsdale

“I have only been in the car business for 3 months. I have learned more in this class, more than I have learned in total in the 3 months at my dealership.”
Mark Bratcher, Car Business…Sales – Scott Toyota

“It was truly a great time.”
Kelly Williams, Internet Sales Manager – Bill Heard Chevrolet

“Great workshop, very informative.”
Duane Anderson, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Very powerful and moving. A great job!”
Richard Stoneberger, Sales – Acura of Scottsdale

“Please provide us with tissue for the last part of the session just in case. Thank you. Your information came at a great restructuring time in my career. I’ll keep you informed as to my progress!”
C.J. Bond, Internet Fleet Manager – Bell Road Auto Mall

“Thanks again, Michael. This workshop helps me every year. The monthly e-mails are informative and the stories are refreshing. See you next year.”
Mike Ashcroft, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Thanks as always. I’m not on the floor anymore. but I’ve found your workshop is useful at home and with my internal customers at work too. I like coming and being motivated to better myself. As always, I am a work in process. Thanks for helping with the process.”
Regina Ashcroft, F&I Asst. – Sunset Ford

“It was a lot like every other sales seminar I have been to. Michael knows his stuff. I expected more interaction between the people attending.”
Todd Friend, Sales Rep. – Acura of North Scottsdale

“I have attended many training courses but this was certainly one of the best. Very much up to date with the modern selling environment.”
Ettore Balletto, Sales Consultant – Acura of North Scottsdale

“Michael: I came back again for the last hour of your presentation. I will have a good report for you next year. Thanks.”
Glenn Davis, Sales – Acura of Scottsdale

“It was great! We needed to spend more time on objections though. Besides that, I couldn’t ask for more.”
James Craft, Sales – Bell Road Auto Mall

“As always, fantastic! This is my third time and I can’t believe how much more I learned. Every year I enjoy it more and won’t miss my yearly reminder. Thank you!”
Tom Mitton, Sales – Tempe Misubishi

“I obtained many ideas that I will apply not only in the dealership but in life as well. Michael’s tone, teaching and coaching skills, and content of the program all contributed to an excellent learning experience.”
Mark Phillips, Sales Consultant – Ford of North Scottsdale

“I learned a lot of helpful stuff in today’s training class. I would love to do more classes in 2006.”
Mike Bergesson, Sales – Bell Road Auto Mall

“I hate Michael! Everytime I attend his workshop he inadvertently reminds me of all the things I have forgotten. He makes me feel like a failure! Seriously though, Michael’s workshop is very informative and fun and worth every penny! Thanks Michael.”
Ray Shefska, New Car Manager – UAG’s Acura North Scottsdale

“I enjoyed it even though I’ve been in this business for only a month.”
Joseph R. Robinson, Sales Consultant – Ford of North Scottsdale

“It was very helpful and I learned so much that I think it is going to take me till next year just to get half of the content! I want to say thanks.”
Matthew Bison, ASM – Biddulph Mazda

“Thank you very much. I needed this calss.”
Rusty Low, Used Car Salesman – Bill Heard Chevrolet

“I thank Mr. Hargrove for giving me the tools to succeed. He’s got a great plethera of knowledge on how to get through the everyday of a sales professional, to expand my perspective and my earnings, while maintaining quality of life. These are tools not only for work, but for life. I will walk my talk.”
Christina Schulz, Sales Consultant – Hyundai of Tempe

“I attended last year, but this presentation was much better by far. I can’t explain why since it was essentially the same material and format. Thanks!”
Mike Escobedo, Customer Relations Manager – Sunset Ford

“I can’t wait to try the new things I learned today. I will be back next year.”
Andrea Esslin, Car Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Lots of great info.”
Tony Colella, Sales – Hyundai of Tempe

“I enjoyed it greatly, learned a lot, and learned of a whole array of areas i need to work on.”
Michael Prendergast, Sales Consultant – Bell Road Auto Mall

“It was great. See you next year and thank you.”
Dewayne Kennedy, Sales Associate – Ford of North Scottsdale

“Michael Hargrove is a great trainer. He helped me learn a lot and I hope with the help of the material given to me I will ovecome a lot of my draw backs.”
Shahid Mahmood, Sales Consultant – Bell Road Auto Mall

“I really enjoyed it and recommend it to all salespeople. Some really great information.”
Robert Latham, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“No one and no thing was ever a 10 to me until today! When I sat in this class, Michael changed my way of thinking about what a 10 can truly be!! Also, more role playing would be nice, one on one in front.”
Jason Montes, Sales Consultant – Tempe Mitsubishi

“Great, I learned a lot!”
Michael A. Steele, Asst. Sales Mgr. – Honda Cars of Mesa

“A day very well spent.”
Herb Shukman, Sales Consultant – Big Two Mitsubishi

“It was good.”
Johnny Olsen, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi

“Very valuable.”
Kevin Lee, Sales – Scott Toyota


“Very inspirational! A great start to a great career and the birth of a peak performer! Thanks!”
Justin Tolby, Sales/Master Certified – Biddulph Mazda