Attendee Comments – December ’02 – Phoenix

“Excellent workshop! Very user friendly. This is my second time through but this time I am going to commit to making the material a part of my personal and professional life.”
Craig Moore, Sales (two time graduate)BMW United Auto Group

“Hands down, the very best workshop I’ve ever attended in 18 years of sales!”
John W. Robison, Sales Consultant – Brown & Brown Chevrolet (Superstition Springs)

“Phenomenal! If this workshop has not affected my professional life, it will definitely affect my personal life. Training for life, not just work. Thank you!”
Sean M. Martin, Sales Consultant – Big Two Mitsubishi

“I don’t feel the workbook is instructive enough. Its outline (format) seems too sketchy and appears incomplete. I’d say
(this) seminar could be even two days.”

“Better than any workshop I’ve ever attended, whether to do with sales or not.”
Kevin Wright, Sales – Big Two Mitsubishi

“This reinforced knowledge of the importance of self image, attitude, the power of focus, self confidence, and their application to personal and professional success. Now I know that I am not alone in my ‘thinking'”.
Rick Espinoza, Salesperson – Lou Grubb Dodge

“Michael did an outstanding job! I came away with a huge amount of useful information that I can directly apply to my position. It was well worth the time & money.”
Lina Ibarra, Sales Consultant – Lou Sobh Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“Fantastic workshop! Every salesperson who has been in the automobile business longer than six weeks should attend! This is a career building event.”
Lyle Love, General Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Bell Honda

“Great class. I am glad that I made the time. Now it’s time to walk my talk.”
Tom Fischbach,
Sales – BMW North Scottsdale

“(This) helped me develop inner understanding that will greatly increase my selling skills and my understanding of customers’ wants and needs that will make my job more rewarding, longer, and pleasant.”
Addison Perkins, Sales – Lou Grubb Dodge

“As always, well worth the time and money!”
Tony Fuller, Sales (two time graduate) – Lou Grubb Dodge

Keith Thomas, Car Sales – Hyundai of Tempe

“Very good seminar. If I even got one or two closes or objection skills out of it, it was worth it. It won’t stop (for me) at 5:00!”
Cheryl Galarneault, Sales – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Arrowhead

“Very good, good pacing.”
James P. Galarneault, Sales – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Arrowhead

“I have enjoyed myself and would love to attend again. I have learned things about me I didn’t know and finally realize that work isn’t everything but being spiritually fit, mentally fit, and emotionally fit (are key to success too). I’m no good to others unless I’m at my peak! Thank you!”
Daniel Saporiti, Assistant Sales Manager – Bell Honda

“Some of the things he went over were a review but very good material. Being new in the car biz, I now have a very good place to start.”
Mark A. Lawrence
, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Enjoyed Michael’s part. Didn’t enjoy audience contributions though.”
Mark Retherford, Sales Manager – Hyundai of Tempe

“It was a great class. Thank you.”
Javier Nuñez, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi

“Very good! More managers should attend.”
Jim Cramer, Sales Manager – Hyundai of Tempe

“I’m going to walk the talk!”
James Irrgang, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Bell Honda

“It made me more aware of things I already unknowingly utilize and provided me the desire to learn more and how to apply them.”
Howard J. Flisser, Sales Consultant – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Arrowhead

“For a new salesman, I found this to be an invaluable way to help me improve. The money spent will be returned ten fold in the next two months.”
Terrance Grant, Leasing & Sales Consultant – Bell Honda

“Not enough (audience) participation or role play to help hone sales skills.”
Alfred Ginnetti, Salesman – Lou Grubb Dodge

“Being new to the industry, I came today to observe and learn. I will take away many new tools from my experience today to use both personally and professionally.”
Mark Edwards, Sales – Hyundai of Tempe

“This is one of the best workshops that I’ve ever attended. I would recommend anyone to it!”
Tark Tadros, Sales Person – Brown & Brown Chevrolet Superstition Springs

“I wish I had been able to experience the whole workshop but at least I got to attend the last half of it!”
Kelli Stennett, Sales Consultant – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Arrowhead

“GREAT JOB as usual!”
Troy Mercer, Sales (three time graduate) – The Budget Group

“Once again, you shared so many ideas, many of which I will use. You’re always delightful and I look forward to seeing you next year.”
Beth Molmod
, Sales (two time graduate) – Hyundai of Tempe

“Michael had motivated me enough to stay in the car business and restore balance to my life.”
Shawn R. Smith, Salesperson – Brown & Brown Chevrolet

“Very moving. A spectacular communicator, passionate about life, family, and career!”
Scott Bilgo, Client Advisor – BMW North Scottsdale

“Great trainer.”
O’Jay Vanegas, Salesman – Lou Sobh GMC

“I want to be just like you when I grow up!”
Richard Colson, Sales Consultant (& perhaps a bit off-center) – Lou Grubb Chevrolet Arrowhead

“Thank you. Michael shared a lot of great ideas and a lot of motivation.”
Bethann Schnell, Sales – Bell Honda

“Pleasant, knowledgeable, informational, and helpful to my future.”
Florin Nichitean, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Very well done, just as always!”
Charles Moore, A.S.M. (two time graduate) – Sunset Ford

“It was great. I wish I could retain more of it.”
Craig Conner, Sales – Bell Honda

“I’m looking forward to implementing some of the ideas into the training of my sales team, and into my personal life.”
Keith Lefebvre, Assistant Sales Manager – Bell Honda