Attendee Comments – Oct. ’97 – Lynnwood

“The best I have had in seven years! I want to go to more like this class!”
Patti L. Higgins, Car Sales – Seaview Chevrolet

“It was awesome! I’ve been to many seminars and this one I think I got the most out of!”
Melissa Kennelly, Sales – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“I was in a class yesterday and it was so bad compared to this. When I first signed up and got home, I was questioning the money spent but now I am more than glad I did it!”
Richard Morris, Auto Sales Exec. – Acura of Lynnwood


“Different kind of seminar – cerebral. I liked it!”
Steve Brown, Sales Mgr. – Seaview Chevrolet

“Maybe just because of the training I’ve had, I really didn’t get anything out of this particular class. However, for someone in the business, or perhaps stagnet; I’m sure could use the material.”
John DeNike, Sales Manager – Seaview Chevrolet

“I enjoyed it. Made me think about my profession.”
Leo Madsen, Sales Manager – Seaview Chevrolet

“I think Michael did an incredible job and is a phenomenal trainer and when I accomplish my goal of being a trainer, I will definitely look back and thank him for impacting not only my career but also my personal life!”
Tyson Hesser, Sales – Lynnwood Toyota

“Michael is a very dynamic speaker and I would like to attend another workshop at the next opportunity.”
Rodney L. DeVore, Sales – Seaview Chevrolet

“Thank you!”
Brian Danielson, Sales – Everett Chevrolet

“Done well! A lot of it will work for me. Best overall experience of any class. Great awards for taking it on a personal level!”
Heidi Nelson, Sales – Carter Motors

“The program is very informative, direct and to the point.”
Jerry L. Parks, Sales – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“I thought this presentation was well thoughtout, focused, organized, and motivating. I plan to utilize many of the ideas put forth today. Very good! Thank you.”
Scott Taylor, Sales – Carter Motors

“Good presentation, information, and techniques! Have more role playing.”
John Meek, Sales – Carter Motors

“It helped me a lot and I think I’m a changed and new man!”
Kourosh Paidayesh, Sales – Acura of Lynnwood

“Great refresher course on persoanl power and word phrases.”
Todd Bond, General Sales Manager – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“Need a break at least every hour. No overlapse. It keeps people alert. The second half of the day will empower you! See the light! Thank you!”
Chris Orlando, Salesman – Seaview Chevrolet

Mitchell Pak, Sales Consultant – Acura of Lynnwood

“Great! Thanks for all the useful info. Keep up the good work.”
Craig Sturtevant, Sales & Leasing Associate – Seaview Chevrolet

“This was my first sales seminar and it was an incredible experience to actually gain knowledge through hands on experience rather than the abstract thoughts and theories of the car lot.”
Lance Stevens, Sales Associate – Seaview Chevrolet

“Thank you both Michael and Cecelia. Most of the ideas you’ve shared with me I can and will use in my personal and professional life for many years to come.”
John B. Meade, Sales Professional – Everett Chevrolet

“I thought it was great. People will be more effective in sales as a result.”
Jesse Carlson, Salesman – Lynnwood Dodge

“It was a great experience the whole day. Not even one bad thing to comment on. Everything was totally great!”
Joe Rubino, Sales Consultant – Barrier Motors

“As a person in customer service, I gained the tools I needed not just for my job, but my personal life, relationships and most importantly my goals!”
Kiell D. Schei, Dealer Training – Barrier Motors

“Wonderful! It made me think!”
Brian Rubenmaker, Transportation Acquisition Therapist – Winner Lincoln/Mercury

“Very enlightening! Smile in the Mirror!”
Chris Hatcher, Sales & Leasing – Seaview Chevrolet

“Great trainer!! Very powerful person. Thank you Michael Hargrove!”
Shane Hagans, Sales – Seaview Chevrolet

“Insight on what makes people tick.”
Jim Knappert, Sales – Seaview Chevrolet

“Success with science! Ultimately useful, empirical, behavioral science tools for sales and for life!”
Tom Erak, Sales – Seaview Chevrolet

“Very useful. Very impressed with this workshop. Good info, great valuable information. Every auto salesman must go to this workshop. They will all become winners!”
Charles Kimmel, Salesperson – Seaview Chevrolet

“Excellent! Inspiring! I’ll be back next time in town! Best workshop I’ve been to. Not only sales skills but emotional involvement.”
Jason Volkert, Sales – Seaview Chevrolet