Attendee Comments – Oct. ’97 – Birmingham

“I enjoyed the role playing a lot. I found a few things that I was short cutting and didn’t know it. Brought me back and I picked up a couple of new closes.
Sonny Backuss, Sales (two time graduate) – King Acura

“The program was nice and hit some major points that will make me a better salesperson and father.”
Lonnie Vaughn, Salesrep – Crest Cadillac

“Overcoming objections. How to buy time to build value & rapport. When and how to turn shoppers into buyers. How to fill my tool box to help me become all I can be, and to make the most of my time. Thank you so much, Robbie! 45 or less.”
Robbie A Triel, Sales Associate – Susan Schein Chevrolet

“You hit on every one of my goals for the workshop. I’m new in the business and I needed some tools to put in my toolbox. Now, my only problem is I don’t know which one to use first! Thanks so much!”
Nanette Bradford, Salesperson – Crest Cadillac

“Excellent, motivating experience helped to focus my goals and priorities.”
Tad Bennet, Sales – King Acura

“Overcoming objections and by-passing objections. Role-playing is very important.”
Berry Dye, Sales – King Acura

“How to build rapport with the customers. How to overcome objections. How to bridge across questions. All was Super! ”
Fred Hill, Sales Representative – Roebuck Kia

“The workshop was very informative. It is a first step to improving my sales as well as my way of living life. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks!”
Chris Stark, Sales – Jim Burke Dodge

“Sell myself not cars! Side step objectives and leave open question. Be aware of life and situations around you, don’t develop tunnel vision.”
Carl Kester, Sales Representative – Susan Schein Chevrolet-Pelham

“Learning to stay focused, better closing techniques, learning how to stay attitude positive, better greeting technique, experience is just as important as the content. Start doing things different if we expect different (positive) results. Practice role playing daily.”
Henry Moore, Salesman – Midfield Dodge

“Closing and Prospecting!”
Gordon Graham, Salesperson – Serra Automotive

“Thank you for this oportunity. This is my second time to attend. I recieved more ideas thes time as well as seeing somethings that I have quit doing. Michael was very organized in keeping a good balance between work and play activity. This school brings business and personal life together. I know it is a lot to cover. Close on time.”
Don Amick, Salesperson – Susan Schein Chevrolet

“Better closing techniques, better attitude, more tools.”
Stan Dariel, Sales – Susan Schein CPD

“The workshop is worth it’s weight in gold. More people should attend this workshop, not only for their careers but also for the betterment of their lives. It was great.”
T.W Humphrey, Sales Manager – Midfield Dodge, Inc.

“The most important things I have learned today are the many different ways to combat objections my customers give me, I am new in the business and I feel that if I know all the ways to handle and control the many different situations that I encounter on daily basis, my confidence level is raised and I will become more successful because of this. I now have the tools that I need to face anything. Thanks!”
Adam Thomas, Sales – Picklesmier Limbaugh Ford Mercury

“A great worshop for anyone interested in a career in the automobile industry; also for anyone interested in improving the quality of thier life!”
Marcus Brewer, Proffessional Sales Consultant – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford Mercury

“Objections, new closing, rapport.”
Emory Wilson, Sales – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford

“As a sales manager, it is very important to me to be able to read people (customers and salesfoce). This worshop is the best way to learn and understand it.”
Joe Glass, Sales Manager – Susan Schein Chevrolet

Stewart Gragg, Salesman – Picklesier & Limbaugh Ford-Mercury

“Even though I have heard these three classes before but needed to be reminded again. 3-P’s. Safety close – family in crash. Feel good close – buying car for daughter, giving it to her in front of her friends.”
Tony Juliano, Sales – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford Mercury

“I believe that by putting positive emotions into every sale; then positive results happen. By using pattern interupt and acknowledging, bypassing and asking a controled close-end questions one will get a positive response. This is my third visit and I am still learning better closing techniques. Thanks for polishing my rusty tools and filling my toolbox with new ones.”
Jeffrey Lee Adams, Sales – Picklesimer & Limbaugh Ford

“Having better control over on customers and closing skills! Meeting & Greeting!”
Roger Wilson, Sales

“To learn to listen. Use enthusiasm everyday to all customers. Use ny own dealership for prosperity. Roll play with other salesmen & women! Different ideas on closing.”
Robin Crane, Sales – Susan Schein Chevrolet

“This has brought back alot the skills that I had forgotten & not practiced. Painting and emotional picture is a skill I will use in the future. Often. Made me realize how important my family truly is to me. Thanks!”
Day Bradley, Sales Manager – Champion Lincoln Mercury