Attendee Comments – Aug. ’97 – Seattle

Outrageous! Best workshop in 21 years of professional car retail sales!”
C. David Anschuetz, Sales Associate – Curt Warner Pontiac/GMC

“I like the way our concerns were addressed in a positive way, then taught how to use new techniques to be more effective. I really liked the (role play) set up with three people…sales-customer-coach.”
R. Nicholas Capato, Sales – Acura of Bellevue

“Michael brought out emotions in me that I had forgotten were there. Just the general compassion for others. I can only say that upon the end of the workshop, I actually got tears and sadness that this wonderful experience was over. Wish he could be the little guy on my shoulder through life – but if not him, then his skills!”
Sabrina Tomperi, Special Finance – Harris Ford

“It is a great way to reach inside ourselves and a lot of great ideas to apply immediately into our lives – both personal and work related! The time is now, don’t wait for tomorrow! This will apply to any job. I will definitely attend again! Thank you!”
Karen M. Elliott, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Barrier Jaguar, Porsche, Audi

“It really means a lot more when the material being introduced or re-introduced comes from someone like Michael who obviously cares and has also been there. Great, wonderful, exciting, and entertaining!”
Andrew V. Plummer, Sales/Finance Manager – Barrier Motors, Inc.

“There are many books, tapes & speakers who can list the steps to being a successful sales person. So the information is repetitive. There are very few who get into the meat of the industry. I expected this to be one of the few. (My perception of the marketing.) Not so. If the real reason you don’t get deep into the training is time, cover less topics.”
Janice Clifton, Sales – Dodge of Bellevue

“I found what I was looking for! I laughed, I cried. I will never forget this experience. Michael is real in what he teaches.”
Kim Beltjens, Exec Sec/Interm Controller – Harris Ford, Inc.

“I am sorry for only giving 10’s but <–see and that is all I could mark off. This is my 2nd (time attending this class) and I loved it even more! Michael has a huge talent when it comes to (identifying) priorities in life, which can be lost pretty easily. Thank You!”
Jeff McDonald, Salesperson (two time graduate) – Dodge of Bellevue

“This is my second time and I’ll be back next year!”
Kelly B. Koeneke, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Harris Ford

“I have been experiencing problems in my life at home. I think now I have a plan to help my balance. Thanks for keeping me in the game!”
David Draisey, Salesman – Harris Ford

“During the workshop I caught myself thinking of how to use some of the material – especially overcoming objections – in the future in sales training and as a refresher for the sales people that attended the workshop.”
Mark Montgomery, Sales Manager – Harris Ford

“Profoundly motivational and personally enjoyable. Generally, I abhor being around other car salesmen (go figure) but Michael is so great that I focused on his energy and how it (and modifications of it) could and will apply to me. Really fantastic!”
Joe Tunney, Sales – Honda of Seattle

“Only time will tell! Having the info is one thing, using it is another. I’ll let you know in 90 days. Was hoping for more closing skills (write-ups).”
Steve Chomentowski, Sales – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“Broad coverage of very important steps, issues, things-to-do, etc. I needed this more than a “lay down.” I got away from the fundamentals. Thanks!”
Vu Nguyen, Sales (two time graduate) – Dodge of Bellevue

“This was the first training seminar that I was actually able to take good notes at. I am sure it has to do with the delivery of the information being so easy to understand and yet exciting enough to WANT to take excellent notes!”
Juan Chavez, Sales – Harris Ford

“I’m looking forward to coming again! I’m starting to use what I’ve learned right now! THANKS!”
Tony Cruz, Sales – Barrier Motors, Inc

. “Very satisfactory, application of ideas more difficult. I am sure these concepts if applied properly would result in more satisfaction in my job.”
Dave White, Sales – Lynnwood Honda

“This workshop is very helpful. This has provided a lot of info and tools for my toolbox. This will help in my work and my home.”
Vincent Hegeman, Sales Consultant – Harris Ford

“The last two hours (state management skills) were the best! I think they will have a real effect as long as I do my part!”
Jonathan Seaborn, Sales Consultant – Barrier Motors, Inc.

“Useful information for selling career and personal life too. We can feel your belief and passion!”
Terry Koeneke, Sales – Harris Ford

“Techniques and examples were both re-enforcing and enlightening.”
Harold Sandberg, Sales – Harris Ford

“Enjoyed it! Might chose to include more goal setting & affirmation information.”
Jim Crooke, General Sales Manager – Barrier Mercedes

“Once again, I got the wake up call I needed in my life!”
Bill Miglino, Executive Sales (five time graduate) – Harris Ford

“Good reminder of what I have learned over the years in other sales training courses. One or two new ideas too that I learned and shall apply.”
Azim Walli, Sales – BMW of Bellevue

“Some of the information was too much to absorb in a one day workshop. I would love to attend the three day workshop and participate in more role plays.”
Joseph Yun, Sales – Chuck Olson Chevrolet

“Thank you for an excellent training experience!”
Lisa Cooney, Sales Manager – Barrier Motors, Inc.

“Good reminder of comfort zone and importance of breaking out of it!”
Jim Hutton, Sales – Honda of Seattle

“This is the second time at Michael’s seminar. His role playing techniques are most helpful.”
Greg Dickerboom, Sales (two time graduate) – Harris Ford

“A number of helpful ideas.”
Jim Meyer, Sales – Kirkland Pontiac

“Great Work!”
Chris Linares, Salesperson – Harris Ford

“Great job!”
Josh Rippo, Sales – Kirkland Pontiac/GMC

“Good stuff! Nicely packaged and presented. Too short for one day.”
Richard Wittgenstein, Sales – Barrier Mercedes

“Outstanding class!! Had a great time!”
Tim Kizziah, Crew Leader – Dodge of Bellevue

“Very good!”
Brian Leach, Salesperson – Chuck Olson Chevrolet