Attendee Comments – Dec. ’97 – Phoenix

“Outstanding!! This is a collection of key ingredients to having a successful work and personal life. I’ll be back!”
John Bennett, Sales Rep. – Scott Toyota

“Thank you for the direction that my life has been needing. If nothing else, the call to my loved one is priceless. For some reason, I feel that I will apply the majority of these new ideas to my personal life first!”
Linda Perkins, Sales – Fiesta Lincoln/Mercury

“Thank you for my moist eyes!!!”

“Couldn’t see visual overheads. Ask people to turn off beepers.”
Scott R Deuchar, Sales Manager – Fiesta Lincoln/Mercury

“A blue print to success.”
Richard Lim, Sales – Scott Toyota

“Very informative and fun!”
Philip W. Axx, Sales – Larry Miller Toyota

“Great content! I look forward to putting to use this valuable information and techniques.”
Joel Lambert, Fiesta Lincoln/Mercury

“This was a good workshop. The pace was a bit fast because of how much material, yet it was covered fairly well.”
Trent Benson, Sales Professional – Mesa Mitsubishi

“A sense of accomplishment.”
Clemente Leon, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“Mike did a good job.”
John Cowan, Courtesy Chevrolet

“This was a great experience for someone like me who hasn’t been in sales before. I now have a lot of tools I didn’t have before I came. I already feel better and have a little more confidence. After all, I have only been selling since Oct. 15th, 1997.”
Joy Hecker, Sales – Tony Coury GMC

“A sincere wake up call!”
Andrew Seidenman, Sales – Pitre Chrysler/Jeep

“Invaluable information. A must attend! Should be mandatory for all managers.”
Jim Wimbush, Sales – Scott Toyota

“Michael was very helpful and knowledgeable of the everyday business in car sales.”
Brett Drummer, Salesperson – Scott Toyota

“It’s a great learning experience, on the job, as well as in real life. It’s a great tool box to use in everyday living.”
Thurman L. Washington, Sales Consultant – Sunset Ford

Held my interest, reviewed useful selling tools, practiced sound selling techniques. Overall, very useful information, although it is repetitive of information I already know. Back to basics is necessary in this business.”
Troy A Talty, Assistant Sales Manager – Larry Miller Toyota

“I would love to be a part of your team. Michael not only made me a better salesperson, but a better person all together. That is an organization I want to be a part of!”
Christian Harding, Sales – Powell Volvo/Mazda

“Refreshed information already in my toolbox!”
Ken Cross, Sales – Larry Miller Toyota

“I learned something. If I can apply it…it will be priceless.”

“Very gratifying experience not only for sales but for life in general.”

“It was great. Made me think of how much I need to improve myself.”

I think I can put some things I learned today into daily usage. It will help. It showed me ways to help myself get better in many ways.”
John McCready, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Greatly done! Enthusiastic with loads of automotive and life enhancing tools.”
Jeff Price, Sales Manager – Pitre Automotive

“I think I’ll be able to use the knowledge from today, put it to good use, and make a bigger paycheck.”
Cliff Harwell, Sales Consultant – Sunset Ford

“Gave me a lot of things to think about, think through, and practice. It will take a while to digest all the material and lessons.”
Paul Ungar, Sales – Fiesta Lincoln/Mercury

“It was great! I have had a lot of the information in the past, stated in different ways, but it is fantastic to learn new ideas and revisit the old ideas that I forget to apply. Great delivery!”
Michael Brittain, Sales Rep. – Fiesta Lincoln/Mercury

“Informative, held my interest all day.”
Arlene Hanna, Sales – Arrowhead Honda

“Access to refreshments – soft drinks, tea, fruit -throughout the day would have been nice. Trainer seemed to have a good grasp on the automotive field – better than most trainers I’ve seen!”
Robert A. Kanter, Sales Manager – Tony M. Coury Buick/GMC

Rick Souza, Asst. Sales Manager – Larry Miller Toyota

“The room was too warm and not enough parking.”
Ron Madison,Sales Associate – Sun Nissan

“Lived up to the promise not to market other products – greatly appreciate.”
Collin McKinney, Sales Rep. – Fiesta Lincoln/Mercury

“Truly a learning seminar. Michael was great! What a very caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable individual…a real pleasure. Enjoyed the teaching and no pushy sales.”
Georgene L. Conner, Salesperson – Courtesy Chevrolet

“Just what I needed for a liitle boost of self confidence. Great class.”
Myke Ross, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Excellent seminiar. Best one I have ever attended.”
Jim Hill, Sales – Scott Toyota

“Very informative, useful.”
Tom Budetti, Sales – Sunset Ford

“It was great to be in a workshop that was taught by someone that enoyed what he did. Michael was very enjoyable and moving in his presentation!”
Deborah Darin-Motzkin, Sales Rep. – Fiesta Lincoln/Mercury

“Very useful knowledge. I will apply and benefit from this. Thanks!”
Steven Pappas, Sales Consultant – Honda Cars of Mesa

“Enjoyed very much! Great seminar!”
Craig Plotner, Sales – Pitre Chrysler/Plymouth

“I wish I had done this 6 months ago – when I first started selling cars!”
Cindy Hendricks, Sales – Scott Toyota

“I feel that the program was beneficial, however, I would have liked to have seen more information on phone skills. This is an important area of the car industry that I feel is sadly overlooked.”
Stephen M. Mudd, New Business Manager – Scott Toyota

“Now I remember why I enjoyed the first one I attended. I know I will make more money by helping others meet their needs.”
Randall Cain, Sales Consultant – Darner Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

Claude R. Clausing, Sales – Scott Toyota

“Very enlightening!”
Jerry Grusell, Sales – Sunset Ford

“I would like to tell Michael that you are blessed. What you have in your life now is in direct relation to how you help others. The ones willing to accept this is done not by telling them but by finding out for themselves by doing.”
Joseph Tarsitano, Auto Sales – Darner C/P

“Emotional – educational.”
Don Alber, Sales – Fiesta Lincoln/Mercury