Attendee Comments – Dec. ’11 – Phoenix

“I really appreciate the sharing style (of this workshop) and all the professional advice garnered. Great ideas, strategies, and tactics!”
Anthony King, Sales – Infiniti of Scottsdale


“Quality materials and strategies for today’s automobile buyers!”
Dan Wickham, Salesperson – Tempe Honda


“After being let go from Larry H Miller Hyundai, I was ready to throw in the towel on the industry. This course today made me believe that I honestly have not reached my true potential so I’m ready to rock and toll for 2012 and many years to come!”
Paulo Telles, Sales Consultant – Telles Inc.


“I learned lots of new items to help close more deals and work with my sales staff. I was also reminded of things that over time you lose. Great job!”
Tory Walton, Sales Manager – Power Nissan Chandler/Autonation


“With even more feedback from participants this year than last (Daniel Ruiz in particular) I feel that I took away more than I expected!! Thanks again Michael!!”
Hass Rizvi, Sales – Bell Ford


“There was no excitement in the room, no music, we needed to get fired up. Michael is very knowledgeable and a great speaker though. We just didn’t have the atmosphere and the crowd didn’t get into it until the afternoon. Afternoon sessions were much better!!”
Randall Usery, Pre-Owned Director – Tempe Honda


“Sometimes there are people flying off track. You need to reel them in faster.”
Brad Fraser, Sales – Coulter Nissan


“This was considerably better than last year and I got a lot more out of it partially because I have a better perspective now (I assume), but I also feel like we spent a lot more time on much more advanced topics.”
Dottie Leahy, Sales Associate – SanTan Honda


“I am definitely a better salesperson because of the two years I have been utilizing these new techniques.”
Fred Ginnetti, Sales – Power Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge


“Being a desk manager I would have liked to spend a bit more time on closes, but overall this was very good. My goal when I attend a sales seminar is to take one or two good ideas away and I will most definitely do that today.”
John Bailey, Sales Manager – Tempe Honda


“Great sales ideas, and very good communication ideas between you and your customer. Michael is a great coach/speaker and that’s no ‘bull’! He is very down to Earth.”
Alex Marquina, Sales Consultant – Infiniti of Scottsdale


“I’m fairly fresh to selling cars and I wanted to say thanks. I feel a lot better and much more confident to be on the lot and especially in the close now. I would and will recommend this course to anybody!! Thanks again and see you next year.”
Chris Meyer, Sales – SanTan Honda


“This workshop is an excellent value, especially when you follow MSC’s suggestions and ‘walk your talk’ AFTER the workshop is over.”
Gene Penna, Finance Services Director – Tempe Honda/Penske Automotive Group


“Thank you so much for today! I learned a ton and I’m excited to make changes immediately!”
Elton Arias, Sales – Power Nissan Chandler/Autonation


“I had a great time! I sharpened my pencil, learned a few new things, and (got) reminded of a lot of things I used to do successfully.”
Larry A. Beltran, Sales Associate – Power Nissan Chandler


Israel Perez, Sales Consultant – Tempe Honda


“Everything was great as always. Thanks again, Michael!”
Steve Pappas, Auto Sales – Tempe Honda/PAG


“A good mix of solid sales techniques with specifics to apply right away. Excellent for someone new to the biz like myself!”


“Good experience. I liked it! Thanks.”
Ignacio Morfin, Sales – Tempe Honda


“Lots of great material and I look forward to being able to find just one technique that works great for me. When I find it, it will be well worth my time here.”
Travis Smith, Salesman – Bell Ford


“Many useful ideas and customer approaches were presented and I believe I will benefit from several of them!”
Carl Grotheer, Sales Consultant – Tempe Honda/Penske Automotive Group


“I know it all, but always end up learning more!”
Lee Aidukaitis, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Chandler – Penske Automotive


“Awesome!! A few new ideas and tons of good reminders. ‘Act of Class Selling’”
Rick Espinoza, Internet Sales – Power Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge


“Excellent refresher course.”
Daniel Ruiz, Internet Sales – Tempe Honda


“Refreshing. Good concepts. Thanks.”
Paul Casilio, Credit Resource Manager – Tempe Honda