Attendee Comments – Dec. ’10 – Phoenix

“I don’t want to sell you a car, I want to sell you every car you buy for the rest of your life. Excellent program for sales professionals who are serious about improving the knowledge and skills and becoming true ‘professional salespeople’! If you want to improve your repeat and referral business, you need to buy in on improving and retaining your sales people.”
Michael Erickson, Sales Manager – Peoria Ford VT/AIG


“Wonderful! I have been in sales for over 20 years and this is the best workshop bar none! 21st century sales techniques were wonderful. Best investment ever!!!”
Francisco Sosa, Sales Consultant – Peoria Ford

“This was the first time in 6 seminars that I found something up to date!”
David Garcia, Sales Consultant – Right Toyota

“Entirely too long! This should be broken up into 2 day sessions. Like Tuesday and Thursday for 9-12. Would get more out of it. Michael was great, however, at keeping our attention.”
Dave Nolan, Sales – Right Toyota


“This was not just another sales seminar. It focused on how to better use the tools we already have and recognizing new tools we did not know we had! I totally enjoyed the whole experience and recommend this class over any other I have ever been to!! Thank you for the raise!”
Alfred Ginnetti, Sales – Power Chrysler/Dodge


“The whole experience was incredible. I definitely expect improvement in my ability as a salesman because of it. I now have a purpose as a salesman and just knowing what the potential and my capabilities are is exciting.”
Colt Mangus, Salesman – Coulter Nissan

“Great! Much better than I expected. Very good subject matter, applicable to all aspects of my life. Many new ways to do things. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Thank you.”
Bill “Coach” O’Boyle, Sales Consultant – Power Chrysler/Dodge

“Excellent marketing techniques and ideas.”
Miguel Avila, Sales – Coulter Nissan

“I am excited to use what I’ve learned today to increase my sales and gross. Michael’s technique of training is awesome since it is taken directly from successful sales professionals. Overall, I think I will have more fun with my customers and be able to coach others.”
Hason Rizvi, Sales Rep. – Bell Ford


“Michael thank you for sharing! Dude, you rock!!”
Vincent Olson, Internet Manager – Bell Ford


“Everything that was covered was delivered well and in a way that is understandable. I wish we had more time to cover more information. For the things that were not covered, I would like the “fill in the blank” answers.”
Jenilee Martinez, Internet/Fleet Manager – Coulter Nissan

“This was like having a professional personal trainer.”
Richard Espinoza, Sales Consultant – Power Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep

“This definitely opened our minds to new ideas, and thinking outside of the box.”
Franky Acevedo, Internet Sales Guide – Power Chrysler/Dodge


“Was really helpful for future car deals.”
Oscar Guerrero, Power Chrysler/Dodge


“Lots of great ideas. We all need to update our skills to stay in touch with our changing customers. Thanks!”
Jim Eiseler, Internet Manager – Peoria Ford


“Fantastic!! It reopened my mind.”
Mike McNew, Internet Manager – Peoria Ford


“Very informative, full of new ideas, excellent experience!”
Zakovi Aloy, Sales – Power Dodge


“Although I did miss role playing, which I hoped would be more a part of the training, the instructor was good and the training was engaging. I felt I did receive tools that would help me not only in the long term but in the short term as well. I would highly recommend this training course.”
Carl Bowde, Internet Manager – Peoria Kia


“I want to retain what I learned here today. Retaining is my goal so I can act.”
Robert Cahn, Internet Manager – Bell Ford

“Too long between breaks.”
Brian Casper, Assistant Sales Manager – Peoria Ford

“Very helpful”
Matt Nostrum, Sales – Coulter Nissan


“You guys are great and the food was delicious”
Darrin Pegeese, Car Consultant – Power Chrysler/Dodge


“Excellent training. I recommend it to every sales person.”
Mussa Haddad, Sales – Right Toyota


“A very enjoyable and informative session.”
Peter Campbell, Sales – Power CJD


Varun Sharma, Sales – Right Toyota


“Wonderful information! I can’t wait to master all the I have learned today! Thank you!”
Melissa Pruett, Sales and Leasing Consultant – Right Toyota