Attendee Comments – Dec. ’09 – Phoenix

“A great workshop that gives way more than advice on how to sell cars.”
Gene Penna, Finance Director – Tempe Honda / PAG

“‘Man, this class has opened my way to more deals and taught me new ways to make deals and overcome objections. I will be taking this next year. Every penny well spent. J The only ‘No good’ was the temp was under 70% HAHA.”
Bret Nelson, Internet Manager – Larry Miller Dodge

“You were far from reality of what is going on the car lot or inside the dealership.”
Abdul Zaitounch, Sales – Tempe Honda

“Super informative. Very successful, I learned things about myself I did not know. Great tools that I can immediately apply with customers. I would recommend this workshop to absolutely anyone in sales or sales management. Looking forward to attending Michael’s subsequent workshops. Great after care available too.”
Alicia Dessie, Sales – Peoria Nissan

“There are so many techniques that I cannot wait to try out. Thank you.”
Kevin Schwartz, Sales – Peoria Nissan

“Definitely would attend again! Can’t wait to use what I’ve learned at work!”
Neil F. Shattuck, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Was better than I expected. I learned new stuff and refreshed what I already knew. I look forward to working with you in the future.”
Kris Kapusta, Sales – Larry Miller Dodge

“Thank you for all the killer tools. May all this info make me a better person and rep of Ford products. Thanks, Fred.”
Fred Cordts, Accessories Manager – Sunset Ford

“I have attended many classes and feel this one may impact me the most in my personal and professional life.”
Lon M. Gross, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Mike was an awesome instructor. I truly believe the things I learned in this seminar will make me successful. I was a little wary about paying the money for this seminar but I now know it is well worth it.”
Matt Doyle, Sales Professional – Peoria Nissan

“Profound!! The best seminar or workshop I’ve been to in thirty years in this business.”
Maurie Majors, Sales – Larry Miller Dodge

“Michael really knows his stuff. I learned a lot from him. I was impressed with the psychology part of it.”
Adam Gewargis, Salesman – Peoria Nissan

“Very helpful. I needed to have a refresher of the workshop.”
John McCready, Sales – Sun Tan Honda

“I enjoyed it very much and believe that this will help me. Thank you!”
Dale Swanson, Salesman – Peoria Nissan

“Better than I rated it. – all ‘ 9’s + 10’s!’”
Mike Escobedo, Customer Relations Manager – Sunset Ford

“It was great. Just what I needed to push me that extra mile on a daily basis! I will look forward to next class.”
D. Cedillo, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Best training I have attended so far.”
Brady Deweese, Salesman – Peoria Nissan

“Need after lunch coffee! Otherwise you lose us! I like the exercises because they impact us on a ‘whole life’ level. I am anxious to develop my relationship with this organization. It’s not just an investment in sales, it’s self appreciation to be able to participate!”
Tonna Yutze, Sales – Peoria Nissan

“This workshop is a life and career changing experience. The knowledge I learned in this workshop is going to make me more successful at home and at work. I am excited to continue working on the exercises I learned and make myself better.”
Lucas Lyons, Sales Professional – Peoria Nissan

“I learned about problems I didn’t even realize I had.”
Michael Diley, Sales Associate – Peoria Nissan

“I liked the discussion on how to handle difficult customers. The strategies to stand up rude or pushy customers are awesome. This was the only time I’ve ever been taught how to stand customers up.”
Mike Johnson, Internet Sales – Tempe Honda


“Overwhelming, but will digest it day by day. Fantastic lots of great info!”
Charles MacDonald, Sales – Liberty Buick