Attendee Comments – Oct. ’08 – Portland


“I think it was one of the best spent days I have had all year! I enjoy Michael’s ability to hold my attention all day long. A lot of information for just one day!”
Bennie Cooper, Sales Professional – Toyota of Gladstone

“My third time around has been just as effective and useful as the first two times. Michael is able to refocus, assist, and strengthen my resolve and skills. Thanks again!”
Mike O’Brien, Sales – Acura of Portland

“The class size was perfect. It was nice that Michael listened to one of our class member’s closing statements and took notes himself and stated that he was going to analyze it even further. It shows that Michael is willing to continue to learn new techniques and ideas to perfect and teach us so we can continue to grow too!”
Barbi Torgeson, Sales – Dick Hannah VW

“Eye opening refresher!”
Mike W. Jeffers, Asst. Sales Mgr. – Premier Auto Group

“Great again the second time around. I’m refreshed and I am looking forward again to going back to work to try the new stuff out. I will be back next year for sure!”
Jeff Dunn, Sales – Premier Auto Group

“It was very helpful. By bringing up some things that I had forgot over the years. It helped me sharpen my life skills more than anything else! Thank you!”
David L. Baird, Asst. Sales Mgr. – Beaverton Mitsubishi

“EXACTLY what we needed!”
Jamie Hutchison, Finance Mgr. – Dick Hannah Toyota

“I enjoyed it very much as a first timer. I walked away feeling good and motivated and happy about my life.”
Alma Martinez, Guest (spouse)



“I would recommend Michael’s training to anyone in the auto industry regardless or tenure. One year to twenty years of experience, you will grow!”
Tony Higgins, General Sales Manager – Acura of Portland

“I learned a lot. I’m not in sales, but learning about people and customers was great! I loved the personal part, got a ton from it! Thank you!”
Molly O’Brien, Rasmussen BMW

“Great but I work in the BDC department and need telephone sales training.”
Chad Hambrick, Internet – Beaverton Mitsubishi

“It was great as always. It’s good to reset and get some perspective.”
Brandon Blasingame, Asst. Sales Mgr. – Dick Hannah VW

“It was a great experience. I learned a lot of new tools and techniques to take into my workplace and I will be attending another one of these soon. PS lunch was great too!”
Mark Selby, Sales Associate – Toyota of Gladstone

“Mr. Hargrove does a great job! However, breakfast sucked.”
Ron Roth, Sales – Toyota of Gladstone

“I sure wish I had taken this class a year ago!!”
Ruth Barlow, Sales – Dick Hannah Toyota

“I felt like it was well worth the money and I look at things differently now. I will return for another seminar in the future.”
Nick Nordquist, Salesman – Dick Hannah Toyota

“Thank you! You anchored many concepts I already knew and brought forth many more that I didn’t.”
Shane Siebold, Sales – Alan Webb Mazda/Dodge

“The best workshop I have ever been to in my entire sales career! Thank you!”
Keith Dalby, Asst. Sales Manager – Vancouver Dodge

“Too much non-sales emphasis. I wanted more auto “meat”. Info on sales, closing, phone techniques, etc.”
Gary Ulibarri, Sales – Vancouver Dodge

“It was awesome!”
Cameron Loman, Sales – Beaverton Mitsubishi

“It was helpful information. I would be able to apply more of it if I was actually as salesperson and I would have been more involved in the discussions.”
Britney Hanson, Service Greeter – Rasmussen BMW

“This workshop was time very well spent. I am able to improve aspects at home as well as at work.”
Spencer Vilhauer, Customer Service – Rasmussen BMW