Attendee Comments – Dec. ’08 – Phoenix

“What a great opportunity it was to attend this course. I’m looking forward to all the materials and tasks to be completed over the next year. Thank you!”
Thomas Gonzales, Sales – Power Tempe Toyota

“I really loved the class. It’s been the best thing I’ve attended since college and I graduated 18 years ago! It was much more than just selling and closing techniques; it reminded me about how it (success) all starts with my personal relationship with myself.”
Michelle Petrenko, Sales Manager – Tempe Honda

“As always this seminar is a refreshing way to remember what I’ve forgotten. Michael continues to challenge and coach with a passion unsurpassed. Thank you!”
Michael Ashcroft, Sunset Ford

“What about having the chairs face you (the speaker)?”
Bart Nollenberger, Fleet/Internet Director – Power Tempe Toyota

“I love it! I have been here three times.”
Robert James, Sales Manager – Tempe Honda, Penske Automotive Group

“Great information and material!!
Phillip Petway, Sales Consultant – Tempe Honda

“If you listen to your customers, they will tell you exactly how to sell them the car.”
Plamen Prodanou, Sales – Coury Buick

“As an F&I Director, my objective was to gain skills to help train and motivate my team. I feel that several of the concepts learned in the workshop today can be easily modified to fit the F&I department. It is also a relationship business.”
Gene Penna, Finance Director – Tempe Honda

“Thanks, it was well worth the time and money!”
Marshall Lillquist, Salesperson – Coury Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“It changed the way I think (about the car biz)”
Jayson Merriweather, Sales – Tempe Honda

“We had a great time today. There were eight people in our group and we had great interaction, good ideas, and I really enjoyed it!”
Rick Tarsitano, Sales – Coury Buick/Pontiac/GMC


“I’ve been here before and it was a good refresher.”
Robert Bones, Sales – Tempe Honda