Attendee Comments – Dec. ’07 – Phoenix

“Michael leads with his heart and he wants us all to win. His energy is off the chain. Thank you, Mike, you’re the very best in your field. Keep up the great work. You’re the man!!”
Marlon Darton, Sales Consultant, Infiniti of Scottsdale

“Michael, thanks for being dedicated to your audience through the years. I am very skeptical about all coaches and trainers and you are the exception time and time again!”
Joey Myers, Sales – Arrowhead Honda

“It’s a life changing experience. Not only will it help me become a better consultant in the auto sales industry but it will also challenge me to continually become a better, more understanding, and dedicated person/achiever, and a loving & caring husband, son, brother, and father in the future. I believe there is much more to be looked at and learned from things we already ‘know’ Thanks”.
Andri Rahardjo, Sales Consultant – Honda of Superstition Springs

“The same shit in VT school.”
Josh Wheeler, Sales – Sunset Ford

“After 29 years in the business, it’s nice to learn fresh, new techniques to put into practice. Thanks again!”
Stan Bissman, Sales – Biddulph Mazda

“(Although we had him bouncing all over the place) organization wasn’t necessary. Michael is wonderful at painting the picture to understanding. Thank you very much.”
Charlay Bowie, Salesperson – Tempe Mitsubishi

“It is a refreshing twist in a car sales seminar to focus on interpersonal and intra personal relationships. This is the core element of life, sales, etc. Every closing technique in the world will not catapult you to the top without a basis of understanding of these things.”
Saundra Stewart, F & I Manager – Acura of North Scottsdale

Jeremy Urban, Sales – Penske Automotive

“Well… it didn’t suck! Now it’s up to me to use what I have been exposed to on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.”
Mark Dahl, Sales – Peoria Kia

“Excellent value all around. Inspiring, provocative, empowering. Ness access to inner strength and passion. Enlightening insight into the soul.”
Phillip Rue, Sales Professional – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“To put my comments in context, you should know that I was given a copy of the CDs for this class and listened to them to and from work in my car. So, this was my first chance to imagine and visualize, feel, what you were saying as it brought experiences in the store to my recall. It was distracting to be asked to quickly respond to questions and to give you feedback and also to try it out in my mind at the same time. Stop asking/begging for visual or auditory feedback. The first hour was wasted. The rest was great. Stop sticking to a content schedule and be willing to let the class take it’s own course. If we have 350 years of experience why did you design the class to do all the talking? Also, for me the content was not new, the application was new. Thanks. I am a better person now.”
Fred Nichols, Sales – Acura of North Scottsdale

“I obtained useful knowledge to put into my personal toolbox as well as to use to mentor others. I learned how to overcome objections from the 21st century buyer.”
Heather Hall, Sales and Finance Director

“Best workshop I’ve ever attended.”
Mike McCormack, Internet Manager – Peoria Kia

“The workshop was great. The room was too cold in the morning and the coffee ran out were the only two complaints.”
Robert Hug, Sales – Chapman Chevrolet

“Very useful info for work and everyday life.”
Tyler Messick, General Sales Manager – Peoria Kia

“It was just what the doctor ordered. I am looking forward to the results that my dedication will bring.”
Colby S. Johnson, Sales Consultant – Honda of Superstition Springs

“Great information and food for thought. Not something to completely base your life on, but it offered great guidelines and ideas. I’ll be able to use what AI learned today in life and daily living as well as work.”
Nathan Sullivan, Sales Consultant – Biddulph Mazda

“This workshop was better than I expected. I wasn’t sure what I could learn by me being Customer Relations and not a salesperson but I learned that this was more than just about selling cars. Skills learned here could also be used in everyday life.”
LaTonya Williamson, Customer Relations Manager – Peoria Kia

“I am very happy with my investment. I believe this workshop was worth every penny. I will continue to learn and attend this workshop in the future. I would also recommend this workshop and will be inviting my family to attend the next one.”
James Mansour, Senior Sales – Honda of Superstition Springs

“Great info and motivation. Well worth the time!”
Steve Pursell, Sales – Honda of Superstition Springs

“Always beneficial.”
Michael Escobedo, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Rewarding in many different ways”
Steve Masterson, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi

“Round table more times and more breaks.”
Mo Belhajali, Salesperson – Arrowhead Honda

“Great overall experience! A lot of overlapping material and always useful and provided me with a great new perspective.”
Geoff Cardoza, Sales – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“Everyone needs someone to remind them of what they are already capable of doing so they do it better. This course was a great way to remember what I already knew and re-apply it.”
Roger Wales, General Sales Manager – Sunset Ford

“Michael is a great speaker. A lot of useful information. I look forward to incorporating it in the dealership. I liked how he brought personal goals and motivations into it that were right on track. There was no B.S.”
Kathy Bissman, Saleswoman – Biddulph Mazda

“Very informative. I would do it again next year.”
Paul Schneider, Sales – Biddulph Mazda

“CSI/follow up was a perfect marketing example: to have them contact you for all their automotive needs.”
Jeffrey Alan Pacyne, Salesman – Coury Buick Pontiac GMC

“I learned a lot at this workshop today and I’m looking forward to attending again next year. Thank you, Michael.”
Danielle Nickerson, Sales – Acura of North Scottsdale

“Very good one day training, recommended for sales.”
Eddie Mitri, Sales – Honda of Superstition Springs

“Great Experience. Well worth the time and money.”
Jeffrey Bernard, Sales – Acura of Tempe

“Great Day! Worth every penny.”
Matthew Molhs, Sales Consultant – Acura of Tempe

“I loved the program. I twill have a dramatic affect on my work and my life.”
Colt Bulot, Sales Professional – Honda of Superstition Springs

“Powerful, like a blast of cold iced water!”
Dan Ngo, Sales Consultant – Honda of Superstition Springs

“Motivating! Thank you!!”
Brad Hawks, Sales & Leasing – Tempe Mitsubishi


“Good Training”
Johnny Olsen, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi