Attendee Comments – Dec. ’04 – Phoenix

“A great workshop! I liked it! Michael is smooth and a great communicator. Very powerful!!! It definitely will make a great difference in my life.”
Kiros E. Tesfasyone, Sales Consultant – Courtesy Chevrolet

“The hands on experience is always first rate. Always makes me think about more tools. Fifth time attending…WOW!”
Chris Barrett, ASM – Arrowhead Honda

“Excellent!! Exactly what I was looking for to elevate myself from an average 8 car guy to the superstar I dream of being.”
Trent Loveless, Sales and Leasing – Yates Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“Real informative. This is geared up for the new generation of the professional selling cars. How to respond to client questions, several ways to overcome the basic car selling objections, how to practice to make perfect.”
John Prestigiacomo, ASM – Honda Cars of Mesa

“After twenty years in the car business, and as many times as I’ve been in Michael’s workshop, it’s refreshing to be able to realize how much I don’t know and how much I take for granted. Thank you once again!”
Mike Ashcroft, Leasing Mgr. – Sunset Ford

“I am using many techniques I’ve learned from Michael over the years. I hear others using them too and being very successful with them. It is a blessing and very helpful. I learn to use, or am reminded to use, so many tools each time I attend. Thanks for the CDs as the class has so much info that it takes months to assimilate and use it all. Each idea is simple, just lots of them! Thanks again, Michael, and Happy Holidays!”
Regina Ashcroft, F&I Mgr. – Sunset Ford

“Nothing like putting one’s life under the microscope to start making changes for the better. I’m a capable person, so I can and will be a better person because of this program.”
Jim Hausmann, Sales Consultant – Arrowhead Honda

“Very helpful, uplifting, motivating, and a great very eye opener. I would recommend this to every person in every profession. So much I can use in my work life as well as my personal life. I look forward to attending again and again and again.”
Mario Ruiz, General Sales Manager – Hyundai of Tempe

“I’m a first time attendee of Michael’s workshop and I must say already I feel stronger in my sales career over anyone who hasn’t attended!!”
Randy L. Cole, Sales Consultant – Performance Chrysler/Jeep

“It’s a great shot in the arm to bring me back into the sales world. He gets you thinking about things you’ve forgotten, and new solutions to situations you’ve experienced.”
Troy Mercer, Sales Professional – Yates Pontaic/GMC/Buick

“Excellent info for the changing car biz and customer profiles.”
Joshua Bauman, Sales Manager – Big Two Toyota Scion

“(After attending for the last several years) My only disappointment is that when I shake hands with the people in the room, I don’t meet more sales managers, GSMs, GMs, or owners. As our clients are expecting the best from us, we all need to share ideas that will allow us to be the best. We need to show support as well as show our staffs the importance of ongoing training.”
Rick Gilmore, Sales Manager – Hyundai of Tempe

“I will always come to see and learn from Mr. Hargrove.”
Charles Moore, Internet Manager – Sunset Ford

“If I knew coming in to this class the amount of knowledge I was about to obtain, I would have gladly paid more for this training!”
Brad Fraser, Sales – Performance Dodge

“It was nice to have more than just how to get a commitment. Our trainer is a real person and shared more than just facts with us. He shared with us his self.”
Jamesina Smith, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“Content was excellent! Parts seemed childish though, I got tired of the hand-raising.”
Aaron Headley, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“I enjoyed the workshop immensely and will put into practice much of what I have learned today.”
Anna Ransom, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi

“Excellent action ideas for long term success!”
Ken Stavlund, Sales Consultant – Lou Grubb on Camelback

J.P. Feyte, Sales – Acura of North Scottsdale

“It was fun, interesting, informative. Thanks!”
Fidel Castorena, Sales – Courtesy Chevrolet

“This is the jump start I’ve been looking for to improve myself.”
Rick Tarsitano, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi

“Michael: Thanks for the wake-up call! I learned today that I’m not as good as I thought I was, and being the best is a constantly renewing exercise.”
Glenn Davis, Sales Consultant – Acura of North Scottsdale

“Well worth the minimal cost!”
Robert Fitzsimmons, Sales Professional – Infiniti of Scottsdale

“A map to the site would have been helpful, more role plays, overall very positive.”
T.L. Treels, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa

“An excellent experience!”
Erich DeLeon, Sales Professional – Yates Pontiac/GMC

“Excellent! Michael’s ability to translate theory into daily practice has helped me to improve my selling skills consistently.”
Reggie Yates, Sales Manager – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“This changed completely the way I see what I can reach in the near future in this career.”
Ben Chmelnik, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“Well worth attending!! I learned new applications to daily work.”
Mike Escobedo, Customer Relations Manager – Sunset Ford

“This is not just about cars. It has lots of just overall good advice.”
Anthony Escobedo, Lot Attendant – Sunset Ford

“I learned a lot and will use this in my new career and daily life outside of work too.”
Stanley Brown, Sales – Big Two Toyota

“This was awesome!! It brings you back to focus. It made me think about not just my job but also my entire life!”
Greg Krause, Finance Director – Hyundai of Tempe

“This class was just what I needed. I believe you don’t really know something, or are successful, unless you share your talents with others. This class allows you to do just that. If you’re a positive person, good things will always follow you because you are unstoppable, and blessed!”
Kristin Emily Foster, Salesperson – Big Two Toyota


“This was very helpful and I’m convinced that it will take me to the next level of success.”
Brandon Quintaro, Sales – Honda Cars of Mesa