Attendee Comments – December ’99 – Phoenix


“A definite ‘MUST DO’ for the experienced salesman to the beginner, the sales manager to the finance manager. Don’t let your fear or laziness stop you from trying this program.”
Rich Schierling, Sales Manager – Pitre Chrysler/Jeep

“I didn’t have the extra money at this time but after meeting Michael at our dealership, I felt I needed to invest in my future. So here I am and it was well worth the money! Much more knowledge than the $s spent!”
Diane McFarlane, Sales – Sunset Ford

“Once again, Michael has wowed me with his experience and honesty and if I missed one of his seminars, I will truly be heartbroken. It’s enlightening and positively upbeat!”
Mashona Lackland, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Tempe Dodge

“I found this session to be repetitive of other seminars I’ve attended as a network marketing distributor. It was more intimate but also more expensive. Hopefully, the take home materials will be more useful.”
Kevin Sparks, Sales & Leasing – Sun Pontiac/GMC

“Michael Hargrove pulls out all the stops! Very useful information. (This) makes learning fun!”
Roberto DeMaio, Jr., Salesperson – Darner C/P/J

“Michael was very thorough with everything. He has a lot to teach. Great info!”
Rich Rorick, Sales – Tempe Mitsubishi

Anthony Baio, Sales Consultant – Tempe Mitsubishi

“It was a great learning experience!”
Kenneth Tate, Consultant – Sunset Ford

“These tips are very useful for work and home life! It’s amazing how much people spend on counseling (for home) and sales management – and it’s all right here in Michael’s study guide. I learned that I’m not selling a product, but myself. What a great idea for building rapport and making new friends.”
David Naughton, Finance Manager – Mark Mitsubishi

“Very well done and very helpful.”
Donald Nicholson, Sales Rep. – Budget Car and Truck Sales

“This was one of the best one day classes I have ever attended. What I have learned here today will help me not only at work, but at home. Thank you.”
Jamie Modisett, Sales – Mark Mitsubishi

“It reassured me of things I already knew. I picked up some catchy phrases that were really good.”
Chris Paoken, Sales – Scottsdale Acura

“I have seen many motivational speakers. I have a network marketing business and put on seminars for hundreds. My parents are heavy income earners in the company. They are great sales people, but that is not their key to success. It is their ability to live with passion and offer that to people that makes them successful. Don’t lose that part of the training!”
Jody Knaub, Sales – Ed Moses Dodge

“I am so grateful for this training. Michael, you help us learn and you also help us realize our ability. You remind us that we really are the ones in charge of our success inasmuch as this world can impact us. We can build foundations and character that ARE unstoppable!”
Regina Ashcroft, Lease Renewals (two time graduate) – Sunset Ford

“I’ll be using some of these techniques not only for today and tomorrow but long into the future.”
Rick Martin, Sales – Ed Moses Dodge

“Make the call! Excellent Michael!”
Tony Hand, Sales – Budget Car Sales

“Very good! (It) could be 30 minutes shorter. (I) was starting to get very restless at the end. Michael definitely had my attention.”

“Third time around. A shot in the salesman’s soul! Who needs Chicken Soup – we’ve got Michael!”
Kim Shroyer, Asst. Manager (three time graduate) – Coury Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“With Michael’s workshops, they don’t just give work sessons, but life lessons to being successful!”
Judy Hathcock, Manager – Coury Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“Gave us some wonderful tools to put in our toolboxes.”
Mark Milligan, Sales Representative – Sunset Ford

“The material covered in this one day workshop are great aids for improving my sales abilities, but much more important to me are the values and exercises to improve the quality of my personal life. After second visit I still find it refreshing and rewarding.”
Rob Berry, Sales (two time graduate) – Scottsdale Acura

“Michael’s presentation was so much fun and thorough. The text was easy to digest and very informative. Excellent!! I’m coming back next year!”
Mary L. Lozanovski, Sales Rep. – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“Had lots of fun!”
John McConville, Sales – Budget Car Sales

“Michael was very informative. He had lots of great ideas and very helpful information. I think it would be more helpful for more role playing, more group interaction, and more trainer interaction with the groups. Overall, the seminar was very good. I would attend again if the opportunity arises.”
Lorin Smith, Sales – Big Auto Mall/Bell Road Mazda

“Though I have only been in sales for a short time, going through this workshop has given me valuable tools to use to not only enhance my techniques, but also to solidfy my future.”
Ryan Hendricks, Salesman – Coury Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“The class was a great experience. This class not only blew the cobwebs off of unused skills, but helped realign and redifine those skills. I felt that my day here was well spent or invested and Michael did offer many new ways of seeing, hearing, and feeling to close a deal!”
Peter Campbell, Salesman – Bell Road Auto Mall

“Thanks Michael.”
Glenn Davis, Salesperson – Scottsdale Acura

Joseph McElrath, Sales – Darner Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep