Attendee Comments – February ’99 – Fresno

“Enjoyed the workshop! Well done! The sense of humility exhibited by Michael was pleasant and refreshing (compared) to most speakers who present themselves as teachers or mentors.”
Mark W. Schultz, General Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

“This was probably the best workshop (of many) that I have attended in the past 34 years! The BEST trainer I have ever experienced!”
David Coquillette, Sales Consultant – Herwaldt Mercedes

“I was expecting a seminar on sales, not a seminar on psychology.”
George Pavelsky, Sales – Kitahara Pontiac

“I’ve been to many seminars – with great speakers – Michael is the only one who leaves me with the attitude that I can not only succeed in business but at home also. This is class #4 (for me), after #3 I quit smoking!”
Rob Talbot, Special Finance Manager (four time graduate) – Honda North

“Michael is a great instructor as well as group coordinator. To be able to get all the people to share their experiences and problem solving techniques was the best educational training I have gone through in years. If you plan to be in car sales, take the course!”
Jack Deombeleg, Sales – Honda North

I’ll let you know what happens.”
Stephen Nelson, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“This workshop is going to help me at work and at home with my family. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn new things that can help me as a human being more than a salesperson.”
Silvestre R. Lopez, Salesman – Merced Honda

“I learned several ways to get out of some objections and how to understand the customer.”
Ruben Hilado, Salesperson – Razzari Merced

“I feel I was given the tools needed to be a better salesperson and a better person. And have fun and energy left!”
Bill Gatlin, F&I/Sales – Razzari Ford/Mazda Merced

“Need to promote to women more! They are out there. Why aren’t they here?! (at the workshop)”
Melissa Graves, Finance Manager – Herwaldt Mercedes

“I really enjoyed my day and learned a lot!”
Raul R. Cervantes, Sales – Merced Honda

“This is my second workshop (with BLU, Inc.) And I learned even more this time than the last. Michael Hargrove teaches with a passion that flows frome him into you. BRAVO!!”
James Yarbrough, Sales Rep. (two time graduate) – Visalia Honda/Isuzu

“Very glad I came and would recommend to anyone in sales.”
Mark A. Gonzales, Sales – Merced Honda

“I really enjoyed your presentation and appreciate your being here today (even though you were sick). Michael, YOU THE MAN! And hopefully I will be speaking with you again. The thing about the ‘Make The Phone Call’ is awesome!”
Juan J. Ortiz, Sales Manager – Merced Honda

“Thanks for not playing with the chair so much!”
Mike Rutledge, Sales (two time graduate) – Honda North

“No new techniques.”
Bob Kriss, Sales – Kitahara GMC

“This is my first workshop. It was great. I hope to be able to attend more.”
Chuck Brummett, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“As a manager, I would like to see two days of this just for the simple reason that I don’t think the average person can retain enough of this information even with the book & tapes. Other than that, the information was great.”
John Sappington, Sales Manager – Razzari Ford/Mitsubishi

“This is my second time going to this workshop. The trainer (Michael Hargrove) was very professional and knowledgeable. The second half of the training was very interactive.”
Nordadonh H. Thammavongsa, Salesperson (two time graduate) – Fresno Dodge

Darrell Starnes, Sales – Paul Evert’s RV Country

“After I use it, I’ll e-mail you with the results. The great thing about the course is that you can truely use it in every day life!”
Douglas Brown, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“Today’s experience showed me that there’s a lot more that I can do to better myslef, my work habits, and understanding of myself and my family. Thank you Michael.”
Johnny Pináda, Sales/F&I Manager (two time graduate) – Honda North

“I found many of the suggestions very useful and I can see, if applied, success can be achieved in retail sales especially when you feel down or when you’re not selling. I feel better knowing I can change my attitude and not have to worry about things I can’t control.”
Forrest Jeffreys, Salesperson – Kitahara Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“After 15 years in the auto industry and after completion of Michael’s workshop, it reinstates the basics of the sales concepts. It’s good for a new person in the business and a seasoned veteran.”
Tom Lea, Sales Manager – Kitahara Pontiac/Buick/GMC

“A lot of useful infromation to try at home and in my career. It is very helpful.”
Tony Russo, Salesman – Paul Evert’s RV Country

Mike Miller, Sales – Paul Evert’s RV

“Of all the workshops that I’ve attended over 20 years, this is TRUELY ONE OF THE BEST! I understand why so many people were ‘returnees’. I can’t wait for next year to re-invest in myself.”
Roy Coker, Sales – Visalia Honda

“I have been selling cars for 8 months. I really feel this workshop will help me at work. I also believe this will help me at home. My money was well spent. Thank you.”
Mario Cuellar, Sales Consultant – Razzari Ford & Mitsubishi

“I learned a great deal. It was very well presented.”

“Would have been better with more class involvment.”
Michael White, Sales Associate – Merced Honda

“A must upgrade in selling techniques for people that have been in the car biz (a long while).”
Dub McCreary, Sales Manager – Merced Honda

“Good refresher materials of things that we know but forget to use.”
Richard Wadda, Sales (three time graduate) – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Great for first timers or follow up training for experienced sales people.”
Donald Miller, Salesman – Paul Evert’s RV Country

“I walked in with a blank page. I walked out with a page full of new knowledge.”
Aaron F. Faria, Sales Rep. – Fresno Dodge

“I personally enjoyed the role playing.”
Jesse Pena, Sales Rep. (two time graduate) – Razzari Ford

Robert Riley, Sales Rep. – Razzari Ford/Mazda

“I got a real professional training (course). I would say (this is) something that will always help me in every situation. Especially in life and future business. Thank you.”
Cheo Syvirathphan, Sales – Razzari Ford

Kristie Scheller, Sales Consultant – University Acura

“Michael is a great speaker and the content of the program is great but went a little fast for me. I would have preferred less subject matter with more time spent on the content.”

“Great interaction. Communication skills for the workplace and with family members. God bless you and thank you!”
Fred Thomas, Sales – Clawson Infiniti/Honda

“Enlightening and fun for someone with only a short time in sales. The content hit on basics that are needed and advanced concepts that are required to truely succeed! Thanks Michael.”
James Henry, Sales – Fresno Dodge

“Great logic to the information and Michael always had an example or story to tell all through the seminar. Michael was witty and fun to listen to. Most important concept of the day, ‘It’s not just the knowledge, but it’s what you do with it, that makes it powerful.'”
David Hepp, Sales Professional – Fresno Dodge

“Michael: The information was very informative and I’m excited about applying it at my dealership. I wish you all the succes in your future. God bless you.”
David P. Casas, Sales – Clawson Honda

“Had a great time. Enjoyed meeting new faces.”
Troy Meier, Sales – Hallowell Chevrolet

“Very uplifting and educational. Also covered a very wide spectrum (of infomation).”
Lance Bussean, Salesman – Paul Evert’s RV

“This experience helped me to see different views other than my own. It also helped to restructure my thinking. It also helped me to reevaluate my current goals.”
Brett Houtkooper, Sales – Fresno Lexus

“I learned a lot about myself. What was or is lacking. I’m not so diferent after all. Other people have had similar experiences. This workshop has given me a re-focus in my career.”
Dennis Black, Sales Rep. – Honda North

“I’m only 24 years of age. In these brief years I’ve experienced all the points in today’s meeting. It’s really reassuring that all my positive ideas are…well…real! I believe everything talked in today’s calss is strongly correct. Me, myself have failed as a young athlete but I’m ready to pick myself up and drive for excellence. I hope to become a true professional. Thanks again.”
Tim Echaniz, Sales Rep. – Fresno Dodge

“Focused the tools I had, and found some new ones. He made me feel like I had everything already inside me. I just needed the doubts to clear about myself. My limits are set only by my actions.”
Joe Toste, Sales – Merced Honda