Attendee Comments – December ’96 – Memphis

“Very informative! A great way to re-focus on the ideas of selling and growing as a person and being productive at work and in life.”
    John L. Smith, SalesCadillac of Memphis

“This is the BEST workshop I’ve ever been to! Michael’s the best & a great person!”
    Noel Burgess, Sales ConsultantHomer Skelton Mazda

“(Most valuable were) the rapport building skills, listening skills, and the motivation activities. I found it most enlightening and refreshing. I definitely got what I needed.”
    Kenneth R. Hart, SalesmanHomer Skelton Autoplex

“The workshop was great. The people got to participate in it instead of just sitting down and taking notes. The workshop did not just teach about car sales, but also how to be a better person and enjoy life better!”
    David Horn, SalespersonSchilling Airport Toyota

“The deep appreciation you must have for your customers. To understand how to communicate and understand the signals that a customer gives and how to achieve the win process for my customers, myself, and the dealership (were the most valuable points I picked up today).”
    Donald Murray, Salesman

“Everything was great! Most of all the hands on experience.”
    Timothy Wright, Sales RepresentativeBudget Car Sales

“I learned that it’s the small things that make up the big accomplishments.”
    Josh Ferraez

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever been in. Michael is a great speaker, and I am very blessed to have been in his presence. I know my production will increase.”
    DeAndre Brown, SalesmanHomer Skelton Autoplex

“I feel my life will be forever impacted from this seminar. I will pass it on! I’ll wake up! Life is great! Thanks Michael!”
    Napoleon Ledare, SalesHomer Skelton Mazda

“Michael Hargrove was very motivational and stressed enthusiasm. Very entertaining. I would recommend anyone to the workshop and would attend again.”
    Patrick Hammond, SalesSchilling Airport Toyota

“The emphasis on enthusiasm and passion was very motivating. Very refreshing and enlightening seminar.”
    Jack Vatter, SalesmanSerra Chevrolet

“(The most valuable points I got were) being able to overcome objections, having the right frame of mind to be successful, and being more in tune with the feelings of others.”
    Robert Myers, SalesHomer Skelton

“(I learned) to remember to take the time to know the customer. Ask questions bout the customer, make them feel like and know that I am listening and understanding who they are, their wants, their needs. Thanks Michael.”
    Rusty Sain, ManagerHomer Skelton Autoplex

“The best workshop I have been to. Michael’s the best. I picked up a lot of valuable points but the most valuable one is the listening skills. Thanks Michael and associates!”
    Terry Starks, SalesmanHomer Skelton Autoplex

“It is not cool to fail but it’s alright. You make the decision whether it is seen as a failure or a stepping stone. Perception is everything in my world. I must control my thoughts and emotions. I will practice (new skills) for 21 days to make them a new habit. I will begin to make ‘conscious’ decisions. Thanks!”
    Donald Boddie, SalesAutoplex

“This workshop hit me at the right time in my life when I need to make important choices! Thank you!”
    Daniel Vazzano, SalesHomer Skelton Mazda

“The knowledge of new ways to close deals and to bypass objections helped me a great deal.”
    Michael Kang, SalesmanHomer Skelton Autoplex

“I am glad I took advantage of this workshop. It served to reinforce some of the tools and procedures I know will work and have been reluctant to use. I have made up my mind to start doing those I know will work and have no doubt I will be successful. Thanks!”
    Melvin C. Martin, SalesHomer Skelton Autoplex

“Stress management tips were a great refresher that I really needed.”
    Walter Walsh, Sales ConsultantHomer Skelton

“I learned a new approach to general thinking. I look forward to getting back to work to try to instill the ideas to the sales force.”
    Chris Harville, Sales ManagerHomer Skelton Automax

“(The most valuable points I learned were) self discipline, goal setting, overcoming objections and bypassing objections.”
    Dorothy Smith, Sales personHomer Skelton Automax

“I learned how to take control of my life. Plan and work my plan.”
    Gene Sisco, SalesHomer Skelton Automax

“(The most valuable points were) how to be in touch with yourself and keep energized. Have fun & be where you are.”
    Brian FerraezCadillac of Memphis

“Self control comes first!”
    Robert Tunstall, Salesperson Schilling Airport Toyota

“I learned how to really listen to other people; therefore I can help them and myself.”
    Minor Coleman, SalesmanSchilling Airport Toyota

“(The most valuable point was) how to handle customers in certain situations. It was well worth it. Thanks.”
    Louis Stukenborg, SalesBudget Car Sales

“(Most valuable were) rapport building skills and overcoming objections.”
    Natasha Williams, Sales RepresentativeBudget Car Sales

“Improving myself and taking better care of my mental, emotional, and physical self are important elements in increasing my income and taking better care of my family and career!”
    Steven Conrad, SalespersonBudget Car Sales