Attendee Comments – May ’99 – Sandestin

“I want to thank you for giving me techniques to use at work and at home to make both happier and more fulfilling places to be! So glad this wasn’t just another salesman telling me how he sells cars. You’ve given me more tools to help me help myself sell more cars and be happier in and outside work. They go together.”
Jackie Kessler, Sales – Gary Smith Honda

“Comfortable, easy to follow and understand concepts as presented.”
Barry Eller, Sales – Mitchell Motors

“Very good information. Exceeded my expectations. Very uplifting! The ice breaker exercise was very useful in meeting fellow students. Excellent location.”
Alex Shevat, Sales Consultant – Gary Smith Honda

“Overall it was great. A very good learning tool for me.”
David M. Holland, Sales – Gary Smith Ford

“I came to this workshop to hone my skills. I spent 30 years in the car business and got out in 1984. After 14 years, I got back in the business and plan to stay 10 years. This was a good workshop to get me started again. Over my years in the car industry, I have attended many, many workshops. All to my good! This one was Great!”
James R. “Jimbo” Lawson, Sales – Gary Smith Ford

“Very enthused, ready to integrate, several new ideas, invigorating!”
John Rogers, Sales – Marshall Honda

“Helped me to understand who controls what happens to me!”
Steve Matthews, Sales Manager – Lee Isuzu/VW/Subaru

“In a word…FANTASTIC!”
Mark Murphy, F&I Manager – Mitchell Motors

“My first seminar. I’ll tell you more in 3 weeks.”
Corky Pittsenberger, Sales – Hampton Automotive Group

“Very good learning experience. Worthwhile, educational use of time. Awakening, enlightening, entertaining, exciting, empowering, uplifting, intriguing.”
Harry B. Sipple IV “Brick”, Salesman – Mark Gerke Motors of Panama City

“Scores are earned not gimmes. I could just as easily have put ‘okay’. Old or new in the business need to know what you share.”
Stephen Bairos, Sales – Gary Smith Honda Ft. Walton Beach

“Enjoyed it thoroughly.”
Dave Merriman, Sales – Gary Smith Honda

“Michael seems to have a sincere love for people. I am glad I attended and feel that I gained a lot from being here.”
Rocky McEntire, Salesman – Mark Gerke Motors

“Until today, I thought that only negative techniques were effective in the car industry!”
Aaron J. Ulrich, Sales Manager – Mark Gerke Motors