Attendee Comments – June ’99 – Portland

“My third time here. Not only does this seminar help in my sales profession, it also helps in every day life. Thanks for being a big part of my success at work and at home!”
Josh Leader, Sales (three time graduate) – Dick Hannah Acura

“His ability to read and explain human reaction is awesome! Then, he bottles it up and hands it to us like a gift to use and act upon. Once again, thanks for the wonderful insight.”
Dominik Herrick, Sales Manager (two time graduate) – Hillsboro Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“The best time and money I have ever invested in my life.”
David W. Poe, Sales – Vancouver Ford

“It was great!!! More smaller interactive games can be added. Seminar was too long and should be broken into 2 days. Both groups go 8-12 or 1-5 for 2 days rather than all in 1. Too much time on objections. Great speaker, best I’ve had so far in the last 2 ´ years.”
Trista Sullivan, Salesperson – Courtesy Ford

“My second time here. I’m so glad I was able to attend. It’s been two years and after the first class, I put to use a lot of the principles you teach. Now I enjoy a great career and a much happier love life! Thank You!”
Jim Hamman, Sales (two time graduate) – Gresham Toyota

“Wonderful experience! The best training I’ve ever had for life and for sales. I’m ready to conquer the world. Thanks Michael!”

“Identified some weak areas of my daily interaction with customers and gained some new tools in dealing with customers. This training not only benefits my professional career but also impacts my personal life in dealing with PTSD.”
Frits P. Soumokil, Vietnam Vet, USMC, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – John Link Pontiac/GMC

“This is the second workshop I’ve attended and it got me back on track in my head. I know the rest will follow. That has no dollar amount!”
Rod Gergen, Sales Associate (two time graduate) – Gresham Toyota

“Having too many green peas talking about how to do things! I didn’t come here to listen to pre-mature “Dealer Plates” talking. Michael knows what he’s tlaking about. It seems to me the management at most stores are virtually worthless in the aspect of training their people. Michael you’re great!”
Joe Steffen, Sales – Ron Tonkin Nissan

“Michael is great. He is never negative. Very, very positive! He has a lot to give.”
Melissa L. McMurrick, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“Second time around was even better than the first. Michael’s excellence in human understanding and behavior is superb! I use these skills both at home and at work. They’ve made me become a better professional in the art of selling. I’ll be back. Thank you!”
Joseph A. Baniago, Sales and Leasing (two time graduate) – Gresham Toyota

“It was everything and more than I hoped for!”
Jo Walker, Sales (three time graduate) – Courtesy Ford

“GREAT! Lots of good ides I can use daily.”

“Was good for me. New to car sales and I need all the help I can get.”
John Witcraft, Sales – Vancouver Ford

“It was great, a #1 learning experience. I’ll take this with me to work and to home.”
Alysia Hafer, Sales – Vancouver Ford

“I appreciate the personal impact the training had on my life. Thank you Michael for listening to me and offering suggestions.”
Sarah Lake, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Gresham Toyota

“I came in being skeptical but optimistic. The program far exceeded my expectations. Michael’s use of humor was very refreshing.”
Tom Smith, Salesman – Dick Hannah VW

“The experience I had (being the first time) was one of the best moments in my life. This training hits home as well as work. Michael Hargrove is the best speaker and one of the nicest people I have ever met.”
Collier L. Erwin, New Car Sales – Hillsboro Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“Michael is a very dynamic and personable speaker/trainer. I enjoyed every minute I spent with him! I will attend again and again!”
Kevin Mehl, Sales Rep. – Gresham Toyota

“Michael Hargrove’s training course is a must for anyone participating in auto sales because the program is tailored to motivate as well as educate any sales person to succeed with the right tools learned at the workshop.”
Jon Sanders, Sales Rep. – Hillsboro Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“It was great. I know this will change my life in a big way.”
Don Cooper, Sales – Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth

“Make two separate classes, one for first timers on the first day, and the second day for 2nd, 3rd etc. timers for a bit more advanced class less the repeated lessons from the previous year.”
Walter Rogers, Sales (two time graduate) – Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth/Jeep

“I’ve been to several classes but I must say this one really made more sense to myself in my family life and also in my work. I now realize I am very blessed in both my work and, of course, my home life. I am a very good person! Michael, make sure you put out the Kleenex next time – again thanks!”
Sandy Silva, Sales – Acura of Portland

“Thank you for opening new and important doorways in business and personal lives!”
John P. Mooney, Sales – Gresham Nissan

“My second time here. I use this as an athlete uses a B-12 shot. It gets my mind back to basics, while using updated ideas as well. I only think that it was a bit too much like the first time I came. Maybe a few more changes would help, maybe not, what do I know? I do know I’ll return! Thanks.”
Jeff Harding, Auto Sales & Leasing (two time graduate) – Murray Chevrolet

“I never had anyone do a seminar and keep my attention throughout the day. I learned so much just in one day and love to go to many more in the future. Thank you.”
Cesar Ahumada, Sales – Gresham Chrysler

“Style is excellent. Great knowledge with a delivery that is very appealing to the average salesperson. Nice guy. Great insight.”
Marvin Herr, Sales Manager – Gresham Toyota

“Being new in the car industry, this workshop has worked as a great platform in helping me understand which steps I need to be successful.”
Nathan Pierce, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“This course really puts you back to basics, loads your toolbox and helps you be more successful. You can really put this course to work in your everyday work and life.”
Tim Trammel, Fleet Manager – Armstrong Buick/VW

“Michael, for what it’s worth, for the last five years I have started my day (everyday) with the serenity prayer and it has given me a more positive and relaxed attitude.”
Kelly G. Marsh, Sales – Russ Chevrolet

“The real life ‘Life Skills’ were totally useful and as equally awesome! Michael was terrific!”
Connie Livingston, Sales – Armstrong Buick/VW

“It was great!”
James Stark, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“Great class, actual, do-able suggestions that will apply in life as well as business. Look forward to the next seminar.”
Teresa Monroe, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Dick Hannah VW

“I learned so much today that I need to practice on.”
Steve Poels, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“This was the best training class I have ever attended. Thank you!”
Michael Smith, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“I enjoyed the ‘humanness’ of the workshop (IE ‘The Call’) I enjoyed the statistics. I enjoyed the psychology. Sometimes we have to stop completely before we continue (after ‘The Call’ exercise).”
Christina Sigwart, Sales & Leasing – Rey Reece’s Dealership

“I had a great experience but I don’t think it was worth $295. – I filled this out in the middle of the presentation but in the end it was all worth it! Thanks!”
Nick D’Avanzo, Salesman – Courtesy Ford

“Thank you. A touch on psychology was fabulous and the sales skills recap was exceptional.”
Joshua D. Wilcox, Sales Associate – Gresham Toyota

“I would like to do it again.”
Scott Wiles, Sales Rep. – Vancouver Ford

“The workshop was more informative about life itself than the car biz! I liked the airplane story again.”
Eric Waldron, Salesperson (two time graduate) – Gresham Nissan

“Michael demonstrated the need and ability to achieve life’s most important goals.”
George Beil, Sales Associate – Gresham Toyota

“I’ve been selling cars for two weeks. I thought I might be in over my head but it was very well laid out for all experience levels.”
John M. Froembling, Sales Rep. – Armstrong Buick/VW

“AWESOME! Don’t stop. Keep learning to teach.”
Jesse C. Custer, Sales & Leasing Rep. – Murray Chevrolet/Mazda

“It rocked! Kicked…”
Shawn Johnson, Sales – Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth

“Very helpful and informative. Mr. Hargrove really knows what he’s talking about. This’ll definitely increase my income.”
Brandon Schiebel, Salesperson – Gresham Toyota