Attendee Comments – May ’99 – Portland

“Michael’s ability to create an understanding of success principles and give sales people a useful set of daily tools is worth every salesperson’s investment.”
Chad Lemieux, Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Saturn of Beaverton

“My third time through and it gets better and I learn more each time!”
Scott Young, Senior Sales Consultant (three time graduate) – Beaverton Infiniti

“Time would have been better spent by narrowing the group to the same type of store/system. We do not turn or have crew chiefs. I found that I have been using some techniques that are outdated. I certainly learned some effective non-confrontational ways to help my customers.”
Jon Gilbert, Sales – Kuni Cadillac/BMW

“Great real life applications that can be put into immediate use for immediate results both professionally and personally.”
Ted Davis, Sales Executive – Kuni BMW

“The last two hours were the best!”
John Zimmer, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Saturn of Beaverton

“I had a very good experience.”
Ken Scott, Sales – Coliseum Ford

“A little too long but good!”
Joel Quakenbush, Sales – Armstrong Buick

“I would just like to say ‘Thank You!’ The information has impacted my life. I have been blessed by your spirit. God is definately in control of you family, life, and business. I hope you are blessed by your works of spirit. You may not have said it, but it shows!!”
Scott Abbe, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Portland

“Thanks for the good positive and enthusiastic energy. Keep it up!”
Bill Kruse, Sales & Leasing – Lexus of Portland

“Michael gave me information that I am able to use in my personal life as well as in the workplace. Some of the things he said made me realize that I need to step up and do what I am passionate about.”
Trever Kinney, Sales Consultant – Saturn of Beaverton

“Michael provides a logical concept that balance is possible between a successful sales career and a supporting and loving home life. Thank you.”
Scott Bradley, Sales – Rasmussen BMW

“Thank you for taking the blinders off last year. I exceeded my goals I had set with you, and after today, I’m ready to revise them, and revisit them. I’ll see you soon!”
Cindi Rondeau, Sales Professional – Rasmussen BMW

“Great workshop! I will recommend this to anyone! The information you will receive applies to your life at home or work.”
Robert Giesbers, Sales – Hillsboro Chrysler/Jeep

“Discuss the problem with bad sales managers after the seminar because it only pertained to a few individuals. It brought me down a little.”
Jeff Lindberg, Crew Chief – Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“Good flow of sales helps.”

“Great! Not a lot of fluff. Comment: leave tissues at every table.”
Carey M. Carskadon, Sales Professional – Gresham Nissan

Ross McKinney, Auto Sales – Russ Chevrolet

“State management will prove to be a lucrative tool. Thanks Michael. Good job. Keep it up!”
Simon B. Mather, Sales Associate – Town & Country Nissan

“I liked hearing other people’s answers about how they answer negatives and switch them to positives. (I liked) hearing about ourselves and not just how to sell cars because everything has to do with attitude. You do a great job getting the point across. Like you said, you can supply us with the tools but it is up to us to use them. How could we lose? You have a great attitude.”
Shari L. Cohn McCracken, Sales – Gresham Nissan

“Very upbeat, positive, and enlightening! An A+!”
Oley Einerson, Sales – Town & Country Chrysler/Jeep

“I have attended this seminar five times and everytime I realize how much I have forgotten. Thanks for inviting me over and over again.”
Rudy Torres, Salesperson (five time graduate) – Town & Country Chrysler/Jeep

“This is my first sales training seminar. Michael was great and gave me a lot of information and resources to help me in my sales career. Michael, I love your excitement without being obnoxious.”
Kristina Brady, Fleet Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge

“It was great as always!”
Jason Strawn, Sales Associate (four time graduate) – Armstrong Buick

“It was a really good experience. I want to know if you have the tapes in Spanish. I am grateful to my boss for paying for this class and will do my best to be successful. God bless you Michael! Keep up the good work!”
Daniel Vega, Sales – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“I had lots of fun and was refreshed on a lot of ideas and would come back anytime.”
David L. Nelson, Sales – Town & Country Nissan

“A well invested day! Specifically the overcoming objections section. Great refresher and new ideas as well as new slants on old ideas. Look forward to capitalizing through day to day use!”
Robert Carlson, Armstrong Buick/VW

“Some things are very useful but a lot was also not applicable to my certain type of store. Overall, I found Michael very enthusiastic and a wealth of knowledge.”
Jason Hoffman, Sales Executive – Kuni Cadillac

“Third time-will be back again!”
Rick DiVito, Sales Manager (three time graduate) – Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“The workshop was very insightful and well presented. It gave me the feeling that I had a lot of positive direction to take in my career.”
Barry Nakayama, Sales – Beaverton Infiniti

“It was my first and certainly not my last!”
Ted Adkins, Sales Associate – Hillsboro Chrysler/Jeep

“I feel I’ve just touched the surface and the rest lies in my hands. From what I’ve learned at my dealership training, a lot of it was repetitious. I would of liked to have seen a little more creativity. More on personal motivation and NLP. But appendix A will help a lot. You can only lead a horse to water, he has to take the drink.”
Mary Renzema, Sales – Gresham Nissan

“A wonderful experience. I can’t wait for the next time!”
Jeff Bird, Salesman – Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Good refresher. Good new phrases. Michael has good people skills.”
Amir Fazal, Master Sales Executive – Lexus of Portland

“I have enjoyed this experience once again. Thank you for your enthusiasm and your energy to make it motivating and educational.”
Brett Lee Roesch, Special Events Coordinator (two time graduate) – Saturn of Beaverton

“Very rewarding and informative!”
Rick Cooper, Sales & Leasing – Gresham Nissan/Subaru