Attendee Comments – March ’99 – Phoenix

“A lot of ‘trainers’ teach word tracks, open and closed questions and the steps to the sale, and these are very important. However, Michael Hargrove goes way beyond the ‘basics’ with such methods as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Physical & Mental Disciplines, and taking responsibility for ourselves!!! Thanks!!!”
Beau Jones, Sales Manager – Tempe Dodge

“Lunch and facility needed work but the class content was excellent!!”

“Aside from the car stuff that I came here for, this course kicked me in the butt to start living life to the fullest!”
Brain Iverson, Sales Manager – Sands Chevrolet

“I found that this experience will not only make me a better salesman/manager, but it will assist me in my family life too.”
David Bollom, Assistant Sales Manager – Peoria Pontiac/GMC

“I must say after eleven years in the automotive sales industry, this was the most informative and refreshing seminar I have ever attended. I can’t wait to use the new techniques taught, nor the chance to attend another one!”
Mashona Lackland, Sales Manager – Tempe Dodge

“It was one of the better workshops we attended. It was a little long for car sales people. We are use to being upright 99% of the day, however, the information was worth every penny!!”
Lyle Love, Sales Manager – Peoria Pontiac/GMC

“The key to success is in your personal relationships, especially including those you meet at work.”
Lin Key, Sales – Peoria Pontiac/GMC

“It was very informative. It will help me in my everyday life at work and at home. The role playing was good. I need to do it more at work. The overcoming objections were great. All I need is a little practice! I will be a great leader too…”
T.J. Green, ASM – Sands Chevrolet

“Extremely worthwhile and informative. Encourages me to change my job into a career. Work ideas that will help me to be more successful and healthy as well as joyful. Thanks Michael!”
Victor D. Littles, Sales Representative – Sands Chevrolet

“I hope I can put at least part of today’s experience to work immediately.”
Dale Nelson, Sales – Peoria Pontiac/GMC

“Absolutely perfect!!”
Anthony Payton, Sales Advisor – Bell Road Mazda

“Very motivating and inspiring. I think today helped me a lot. Thanks!”
Bob Brown, Sales/Leasing – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“The experience form this workshop was great. Information and knowledge to help my sales.”
Wesley Phipps, Salesman – Sands Chevrolet

“It opened my eyes to things I couldn’t see before about myself.”
James Castro, Sales – Bell Road Mazda

“It was a great day! You are a wonderful upbeat speaker!”
Sara MacDonald, Sales Consultant – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“The workshop was very informative.”
Sarah Finecey, Sales – Lou Grubb Chevrolet

“Thanks! I know why I was here. Got to the heart of what’s important. Those things that need to be remembered and relived.”

“Enjoyed it very much! It’s going to help me with work and separating work from home life. Something I didn’t realize I had a problem with until now.”
James Cottrell, Sales Consultant – Midway Auto Team

“Very helpful, very good program. I would attend again!”
Roger Cotton, Salesman – Tempe Mitsubishi

“Be more fun!”
Gerardo Valenzuela, Sales – Midway Nissan

“Positive reinforcement.”
Kim Shroyer, Sales – Coury Buick/Pontiac/GMC

“Very informative!”
Scott Thompson, ASM – Mark Mitsubishi

“It was great!!”
Michael Winding, Sales – Midway Nissan

“I explained to Michael that his workshop was significantly better than a previous one I had attended. Not only was this one a success but also a wise investment for my own goals to keep climbing in my profession.”
Jesus Garate, Sales Professional – Midway Nissan

“Great stuff for everyday life!!”
Jordan Dubowy, Sales – Mark Mitsubishi

“Michael was great! I will talk to him in the future.”
Dan A. Schupe, Salesman – Mark Mitsubishi

“All the information and ideas I can use on an every day basis not only at work but in my personal life as well!”
Randy Burger, Sales Manager – Sands Chevrolet

Avery Anderson, Sales – Bell Road Mazda

“I liked that you got into being a better person and spirituality.”
Mark Gyger, Sales – Budget Car & Truck Sales

“Very informative and very useful. Many of my questions about being in the business and life in general were addressed and clarified today. The presentation goes right along with what I believe and try to do.”
Chad Hansen, Sales – Midway Chevrolet

“Michael is a wonderful and fun person to listen to. I would listen to one of his seminars again.”
William Oliver, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Midway Nissan

“Michael changes your way of doing business and your personal life!”
Brien Grunsby, Sales Manager – Tempe Dodge

“GREAT! Very helpful!”
Keith Hollis, Sales – Childress Buick & Kia

“Same content as last time,. I hope the tapes are different! I still got some good info though. Thanks.”

“I’ve been in car sales, any sales, less than a year. This workshop let me know not only WHAT to practice but also HOW to practice for developing competence. Thank you very much!”
Rose Cameron, Sales Rep. – Sands Chevrolet

“Very positive, very motivating! Not promotional but very self awareness oriented. Great format!! Well worth it!! Excellent instructor!!”
Michael A Raffaele, Car Sales Rep. – Budget Car Sales

“The ‘Make The Call’ exercise made me see who and what IS important! Thank you.”
Gregg Wright, Sales Rep. – Midway Chevrolet