Attendee Comments – May `98 – Portland

“Finally, a seminar that’s more substance than hype! Great information! It was much more than just a sales seminar, it was a compilation of many of life’s great truths.”
Mike Taylor, Sales RepresentativeHerzog-Meyer Auto Center

“I had been searching for something that would help me achieve the next level of success. With all that I learned here I feel confident the these tools, when put into action, will take me much further. We will be in touch.”
Ricardo Salazar, SalesRon Tonkin Toyota

“It was worth every minute and every penny! These ideas will be both useful at work and at home. It will also prove helpful in everyday life. Very helpful and informative for all levels of people.”
Chris Fergestrom, Sales Murray Chevrolet

“I loved the emotional aspects.”
Mike Stampke, Sales ConsultantPioneer Chrysler/Plymouth

“Fantastic! An extremely uplifting and rewarding workshop. Thank you.”
Daniel Van Dyke, Sales Manager – MacKenzie Ford

“Thanks Michael! Loved It!”
Mark Laber, Sales ManagerBeaverton Nissan

“Second time here and I recommend it to everyone!”
Val Brown, Asst. Sales Manager (two time graduate) MacKenzie Ford

“I had a great time. I’m glad that I got to spend the day listening to you and learning. What you had to say is really powerful. Thank you.”
Schatzi Silven, SalesPioneer Jeep/Chrysler

“New & refreshing way to look at what we do every day. How to improve my life as well as my career. Very, very valuable information!”
George K. Chung, General Sales ManagerDick’s Country Dodge

“Great day – loads to absorb.”
Kathy Boscole, Sales Armstrong Buick

“Lots of new things to try and experience. Some things I knew and haven’t used. Some things I didn’t know but need to try. Being more involved with people instead of duties, (not) losing sight of the important things, people’s emotional states, moods, and motivation through positive feedback.”
Eric Clark, Used Car ManagerDick’s Country Dodge

“Not only great sales ideas but life ideas and self improvement info! Truly hit home with me! A turning point in my life and my outlook on the real important things in my life. Thank you very much.”
Joel Schuster, Used Car Manager (two time graduate) Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Thank you!”
Lori Tilton, SalesArmstrong Buick/VW

“It was great! I’ve taken this workshop before and love coming back for a refresher. Bottom Line Underwriters has the best training I’ve ever done.”
Jason M. Strawn, Sales (two time graduate) Armstrong Buick/VW

“I will be back next time you’re in town!”
Jeremy DeHaven, Sales Consultant Dick’s Country Dodge

“Great workshop! Hotel food and facilities were not good – sorry.”
April Kahl, Asst. Sales Manager Dick’s Country Dodge

“Had a good time. Learned much. Plan on returning every year I’m in sales. I would recommend this course not just for car sales but for life as well!”
Thomas Duke, Sales ConsultantDick’s Country Dodge

“Helped me to focus and get back into sales mode.”
Andy Anderson, SalesmanHerzog-Meyer

“Very thought provoking. ‘How about we try this or how about this.’ constantly looking for a different way to alter the end product or perception. Teaches you that you can teach, learn, and practice no matter who or what you are, or where you are.”
Jennifer Lish, Sales Consultant Dick’s MacKenzie Ford

“Thoroughly rewarded for the second time!! Refocused – maybe consciously competent now!”
Skip Duzik, Sales Manager (two time graduate)Herzog-Meyer Auto Center

“I came here today under less than the best circumstances (somewhat foot dragging). I feel the program helped me remove these thoghts and helped me get into focus, too many years out of focus. Thank you!”

“I feel that I’ve learned some very useful skills that will enable me to earn more money and to become a peak performer. I would definately recommend this workshop.”
Robin Dunivan, Sales & LeasingRuss Chevrolet

“It was excellent, keep up the tremendous work!”
Don MacFarlane, SalesArmstrong Buick/VW

“I felt that this workshop was a great investment of time.”
Daniel Coole, SalesDick’s Country Dodge

“Michael’s ability is fantastic! What struck me most is his genuine concern for people. He is not teaching ‘Auto Car Sales’, he is teaching life applied. He applies much of the content to life on a personal and family level. Keep up the great work. See you soon!”
Randy May, SalesDick’s Country Dodge

“I felt I was left with enough things to think about to fill enough days that by the time this workshop returns (next year), I will still be pondering them. Definately worth the investment.”
Kristi Lattig, Sales Dick’s Country Dodge

“That you should never stop learning,a nd in this business, listening is one of the most important things to work on.”
Steve Norris, SalesMacKenzie Ford

“It was great, very informative, I learned useful ideas. Thank you Michael.”
Ahad Aftab, SalesHerzog-Meier

“Very helpful!”
Aadril A. Babiker, SalesGresham Nissan

“Very productive, hard to retain so much good information. The “salad bar/cafeteria” comment is very true! Thanks for the tips, phrases and laughter.”
Dan McDonald, SalesmanArmstrong Buick

“Better food in the morning, more smoke breaks.”
T.J. Weber, SalesDick’s Country Dodge

“I’ve been to this calss 3 times and every time I learn new skills that really help! My tool box gets more full everytime!”
Lance Strawn, Sales Rep. (three time graduate)Armstrong Buick/VW

“Well thought out and presented!! Clear and insightful as to both personal and work oriented individuals.”
Gabriel Bertell, SalesmanRon Tonkin Chevrolet

“Good refresher!”
Tim Burns, SalesTown & Country Lincoln/Mercury

“Very effective use of examples and real situations and giving solutions to problems. The trainer knew how to keep the attention of everybody.”
Samer Jawhari, Sales PersonBeaverton Nissan

“I was expecting (based on the sales pitch at Herzog-Meier) a more experiential training (i.e. more time spent in roleplays and more feedback).”
Duane Smelser, SalespersonHerzog-Meier