Attendee Comments – March `98 – Jackson

“My experience today has been very informative. All of my expectations were met. I really looked forward to future workshops.”
Jerry Fort, Executive Sales & Leasing East-Holman Jaguar

“This workshop was absolutely breath taking! I will come back again and again. Not only will my sales multiply, but my social skills will increase dramatically. Michael is a powerful speaker and will be referred by me to everyone that I know who is in the business. Thank you so much!”
Josh Carroll, Salesperson Blackwell Chevrolet

“I have enjoyed the experience. I found it to be very informative and true to life in my sales career. I liked hearing from competitors on different issues. Very impressive!”
Guy Ward, Sales Rogers-Usry Chevrolet

“It confirmed what I already thought, that customers should come first when you are trying to get their money.”

“Great job! Keep it up!”
Susan Harris, Sales Blackwell Dodge

“This was one of the best workshops to give ne tools to use immediately to close more sales. Michael’s techniques and word tracks are very powerful and his obvious concern as a family man spills over into his style of presentation that is important to customers. Will make people be more of a professional in a non-confrontational way! Also appreciated a presentation without any foul language.”
Tommy Vise, General Sales ManagerBlackwell Dodge

“I really find the seminar very helpful and it brought back a lot of things that I did in the past that I wasn’t doing anymore. If I use the material I obtained today with the things I already knew, I’ll be more successful.”
Bruce Stewart, SalesmanBlackwell Chevrolet

“It was great. Opened my mind to several ideas that I will definitely put to use.”
Rusty Davis, Sales AssociateBlackwell Chevrolet

“Sincerity came through as well as true craftsmanship with a touch of humor!”
Linette S. Taylor, Sales Consultant Gray-Daniels Ford

“Not only did Michael make selling cars, identifying priorities, overcoming objections, and organizing materials effective, but we all had fun too! I’ll be at the next one.”

“Today I experienced a lot of things and I met a lot of great people. First, I liked the ways we learned to close. Second, we learned new skills in overcoming objections. Also, we all learned how to overcome negative techniques or materials. Last of all, I learned how to use better and more effective decisions. Thank you for showing me how to be a better person.”
Mr. Herman A. Williams, Sr., Sales & Leasing Blackwell Chevrolet

“This class gives you more avenues by listening to all ideas to help close more deals and overcoming more objections by interacting with other sales people.”
Joe Wilssens, Salesperson Roger’s Usry

“Michael is a real human being…A great speaker and teacher; one that comes across as emotional, caring, and trustworthy.”
Bill Watson, Sales ConsultantGray-Daniels Ford

“Michael was energetic. He presented real world situations with real life answers in an amusing way.”
Billy Tracly, Sales Gray-Daniels Ford

“It was a great seminar! Everyone should come, just for the great ideas and the new terms on how to close! Great role playing! Got me pumped up!”
Pastor Bin Dokker, SalesNorthpark Acura