Attendee Comments – June ’98 – Tacoma

“First live workshop I have been to where real tools were displayed in logical steps. Very motivating, interesting, different skills than I have heard before. Thanks Michael!”
Karen McNichols, Sales Rep.Robert Larson’s C/P

“I feel I’m a better person taking this day with Michael Hargrove. Keep in touch!”
Scott Goodroad, Sales Mallon Ford

“This is my third session with Michael and every time he sharpens my skills and reminds me of things I’ve left on the shelf and let get dusty. He’s not a motivational speaker. He tells you how to deal with life and people.”
Leon Wierusz, New Car Sales (three time graduate)Larson Dodge

“Michael has turned lights on in rooms I didn’t know existed. Good skills for home and work!”
Bruce Hasson, Jr., Salesman Tacoma Dodge

“Michael was truly motivating. As a sales professional I have long held ambitions of motivational speaking as a career choice. I was extremely impressed with the delivery and passion that was presented in this workshop. Mr. Hargrove has re-inspired my dreams to pursue the art of helping people help themselves. Thank you!”
Bill White, Sales ProfessionalHinshaw’s Acura

“Several good points that I could study and use and will study and use!”
Kevan Carter, Sales Tacoma Dodge

“I did get some benefit from some of Michael’s concepts! I will make a sincere effort to incorporate some of the practices into my daily living as well as my business practices!”
Thomas J. Hollowwa, SalesTacoma Dodge

“It made me think of what I’m doing, not how much more money I will make, but look more inside myself.”
Anthony Dang, SalesHinshaw’s Acura

“Michael has the ability to bring out your very best! His philosophies and outlooks on life are encouraging and rewarding. Keep up the great work. I’ll be back again!”
Jeff Gardner, Sales & Leasing AssociateHinshaw’s Acura

“Fun and worthwhile. I wasn’t at all excited when I first got here. Then I became more into it. Thanks, I appreciate your time!”
Lee Hermann, Salesman Tacoma Dodge

“Michael was very helpful and did a great job with the material. Michael made some statements that will help me forever. Date of birth: 9/3/39. Wish I would have listened to someone like Michael 30 years ago.”
William E. Munoz, Sales Larson Dodge

“I have attended professional military seminars that helped me become a successful senior military leader. Mr. Hargrove is on track with this type of seminar for my new career. I needed the refresher and the new, updated, and useable information he presented. He is certainly a professional’s professional. Whether I remain in car sales or not, I am better focused for success.”
Cesar A. Morales, Sales AssociateLincoln/Mercury of Olympia

Michael Young, SalesMallon Ford

“For being in the business less than a year Michael was just what the doctor ordered to put my career in sales on track with what I need to do. And to realize how important my family and health is to me.”
Jeff Herting, Sales Rep. Tacoma Nissan

“Michael is a motivated speaker. I have seen or heard 80% of this before and do not feel the 20% was worth $295. I will consider attending another class. I did enjoy the section on NLP.”
David Vincent, Sales Assoc. Milam Olds, Jeep, Mazda

“Michael has an excellent style and delivery. His message is to the point. Anyone interested in improving their business or personal life would gain from Michael Hargrove.”
Pat Johnson, Sales Person Gene Pankey Motors

“Yes, I’ve been to previous seminars and I would encorage new comers and old timers to invest in themselves and learn more and apply it. Thanks Michael and BLU, Inc.!”
Ivan Epps, Sales Associate (two time graduate) Mallon Ford

“I was worried this would be just another seminar. To my surprise this was very well orchestrated and touched many areas I didn’t expect! In a nutshell, it was GREAT!”
Mike Keeler, Team Leader Milam Oldsmobile

“Very helpful Michael! I haven’t been to a workshop in years. Put my motivation level to the next step – true empowerment! Thanks again!”
Paul Wolfe, Sales Larson Dodge

“Second time here and again Michael didn’t disappoint. I’ll be here again next year!”
Todd Fee, Sales (two time graduate)Mallon Ford

“Excellent day! I generally become bored and tired at such seminars. This was fast moving and full of information. Thank you!”
Dave Doolin, Sales Lincoln/Mercury of Olympia

“More dealing with every day sales. More role playing. Good for everyday living!”
Rick Worrell, Salesperson Milam Jeep/Olds

“Should help me with my goals.”
Ron Gee, Sales Pro Larson Dodge

“As a longtime realtor, this was very basic. I expected a lot more verbal tools for auto specific sales techniques. A lot of my established sales techniques and skills were merely reaffirmed as still pertinent in auto sales.”
Dave Seeman, SalesmanMallon Ford

“Very well done. I’m sure my return on my investment will be one- hundred fold!”
Charles Morton, Sales AssociateMilam Olds/Mazda

“I thought it was good. The content was very much like Tony Robbins. Not real different in info.”
Sean Berkebile, SalesHinshaw’s Acura

“I actually am able to put some techniques into use immediately!”
Duane Cruz, Sales Hinshaw’s Acura

“The workshop was very informative and will surely help increase sales. I have some difficulty with the emotional/spiritual aspects, even though I realize they are important.”
Richard “Sandy” Callison, SalesHiatt Pontiac/GMC

“You’ll see. I’ll tell you in one year!”
Todd Kim, Sales Consultant Hinshaw’s Acura

“This workshop has more usable material, techniques, and concepts than any other seminar or workshop I have attended. Thanks!”
Michael Barrett, Sales ConsultantHinshaw’s Acura

“It’s too bad that there is not more people who don’t know what it is that they should know that costs them and the next customer so much. But it’s great for me when their customer (that they’re waiting for to come back) runs into me!! Thank you Michael!!”
Jim Huston, Sales (two time graduate)Tacoma Dodge

“Michael Hargrove was an outstanding spokesman. He has all the utilities needed to prepare an individual for success.”
Dillard L Steadman, SalesMallon Ford

“I have been in the Auto Industry for several years and have been to several hundred seminars. For the first time I was surprised and pleased to see someone talk about health and exercise. Because if your healthy your attitude and mind can be a huge advantage to achieve your goals. Wow…what a concept!”
Brent N. Fortner, SalesMilam Olds/Jeep

“Some of the exercises really hit home on where I need to be as a salesman, husband, and person in general. Very effective and full of knowledge, lots of good material. Thank you.”
D.J. Dougherty, SalesmanTacoma Nissan/Subaru