Attendee Comments – May ’97 – Tacoma

“Best and most sincere sales seminar I have ever been to! I worked for Bell & Howell (8 yrs), U.S. West (3 yrs), Sterling Management Systems (2 yrs), and have had tons of seminars and workshops!!”
Bill Montague, Sales – South Tacoma Jeep/Eagle

“I have never been to a better workshop!! Not only am I motivated to sell more cars, I’m going to pursue other things I’ve been putting off. THANKS!”
Darren M. Reeves, Sales Consultant – Tacoma Nissan/Subaru

“My second time and I’ll be back again!”
Brian McIntosh, Sales (two time graduate) – Tacoma Nissan/Subaru

“As last year, the experience was both informative and enjoyable.”
Mark Malnar, Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Tacoma Dodge

“Lunch was terrible, not enough time to enjoy the meal!”
Roger Almario, Sales (two time graduate) – Mallon Ford

“Michael, thank you so much! You gave me several inspirational ideas for me with my kids. Even though I thought I was here for my career, I’m real excited about the different non-argumentative ways to work with my 14 year old son. Thank you!”
Tina Lovett, F&I Manager – Tacoma Dodge

“Michael taught me how to sell more cars but more importantly he taught me to be a better person. I will use his techniques to improve myself every day, to become the best I can be.”
Chris Peischel, Marketing/Sales – Hanson Motors

“New information, very positive!”
Mario Luna, Sales – Pacific Coast Ford

“I paid for parking before passes were dispursed. Great seminar!! I would recommend it to my peers.”
Dean Meier, Asst. Sales Manager – Friendly Chevrolet

“I have already found some useful tools from my initial meeting with Michael. If I only get one more, it’ll be worth my time and money! I always tell my ‘one-legged buyers’ – show your spouse, show your partner what a good decision maker you are, and sign.”
Paul Gardner, Sales Consultant – Topping Nissan/Volvo

“Michael has and always will be a big inspiration to me. I love how he gets everyone involved and keeps himself and everyone fresh. I believe he is a great asset and will continue to be a success coach in not only the car business, but many other applications because he applies all aspects of life into his seminars.”
Dean Reeves, Sales Manager (four time graduate) – Tacoma Nissan/Subaru

“It was my second time, and it was as valuable if not more than the first! Inspiring and user friendly as always!”
John Hartnett, Sales (two time graduate) – Tacoma Nissan/Subaru

“Small tables – not controlable enough for faster comfort. Use of workbook was great but, and understandable with this much info, too fast. Not much audio as far as aids – sound was good. Role plays for what was presented were good.”
Jim Huston, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“Tell us ahead of time about validated parking and room was too cold.”
Tim Laine, F-N-I – Friendly Chevrolet

“I have a great deal of information to try out. I’m excited!”
Cindy Beckwith, Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“WOW! What a wake up call!!”
Richard (Sandy) Callison, Sales – Hiatt Pontiac

“I’ve learned a lot about my worth.”

“I took in great feedbacks. Learned a few more ideas.”
Jerry Laurencio, Sales – Pacific Coast Ford

Marc Crevling, Sales Rep. – Pacific Coast Ford

“Excellent! I have just begun in sales and feel that today’s workshop has given many different tools to work with in my new trade. Thanks.”
Richard Haas, Salesman – Hinshaw’s Acura

“How about a 1 day a week for 4-5 days? One day is not enough! How about sending workbook out 1 week before seminar?”
Greg Johnson, Used Car Manager – Scarff Ford

“I learned some new ideas as well as revisiting ones I’ve learned but quit using. A great wake-up!” David       Filatreau, Salesman – Puget Sound C/P/Dodge

“Maybe average – Probable O.K. for some people – good for some. I already have 30 yrs in various sales & sales seminars and many books. So I do not feel it was worth it for me!”
Paul Jessing, Sales – Puget Sound C/P/Dodge

“Great as usual!”
William F. Houriman, Salesman (two time graduate) – Larson Dodge

“Same old stuff – *Fresh Approach*, now some of that same old stuff is useable! One must know how & why.”
Larry Ryan, Sales Manager – Friendly Chevrolet

“The seating arrangement for classroom and lunch was too crowded. The temp was a bit too cold. Michael does an outstanding job in getting the audience into the material and keeping the emotional level high to make it enjoyable for everyone.”
Herbert “Caj” Keen, Sales – Friendly Chevrolet

“As a ‘green pea’ I am counting on using these techniques to enhance my performance at the dealership. I also plan on implementing these techniques in my day to day life as well.”
John Sparling, Sales Consultant – Sout Tacoma Jeep/Eagle

“It is a very useful learning experience.”
Monte Johnson, Sales Consultant – South Tacoma Jeep

“Very helpful! This is my first week in sales but I think this will help me at home with my kids and wife too!”
Larry Hopkins, Salesman – Tacoma Nissan

“It was good reinforcement.”
Mary Ann Byrne, Sales – Lincoln/Mercury of Olympia

“The program was great and the room was too cold! This program makes my professional and personal life so much easier.”
Loren F. Horn, Jr., Sales Professional (two time graduate) – Mallon Ford

“Enjoyed it!”
Donald F.Hartung, Sales – Pacific Coast Ford

“I’ll confirm what I learned and used, and the success I have achieved, at your next seminar!!”
Sonny Seal, Sales – Larson Dodge

“1) Learned about pattern interrupts,
2) the tune up I needed,
3) learned a couple of new ideas.”
Chris Bournes, Sales – Tacoma Nissan Subaru

“I’ll be back again!”
Leon Wierusz, New Car Sales (two time graduate) – Larson Dodge

“Opened my eyes! It wold be helpful if all my managers would come to this. Thanks for the help!”
Patrick Richmond, Sales Manager – Pacific Coast Ford

“Thank you.”
Kirk N. Lambert, Sales – Mallon Ford

“Helped me to re-focus in a manner which will affect my future.”
Charles Barrett, Sales Rep. – Olympia Chrysler/Plymouth/Nissan

“This was a good ‘wake up’ call! Re-focus long term goals and what is truely important. GOOD JOB! Thanks.”
Frank Kersul, Sales Manager – Hanson Motors

“Very much enjoyed this experience!”
Jason Brown, Sales – Hanson Motors

“Better than expected!”
Dwayne D. Saice, Sales – Tacoma Dodge

“I am a visual person, was hoping for some videos.”
Robert Costales, Sales – Scarff Ford

“Best workshop I’ve ever been to. Most useful tools. First workshop I’ve been to that ‘explains’ not ‘tells’. Thanks!”
Mike Hayburn, Sales & leasing – Tacoma Subaru/Nissan

“You were good! My only complaint was the room was freezing. I know you need to keep us awake!”
Kerri Jo Samuels, Sales Consultant – Lincoln/Mercury of Olympia

“It was fun!”
John Thompson, Salesperson – South Tacoma Jeep

“I had doubts, but now I realize that I made the right decision to take my day off to self improve and self invest in myself. Thank you!”
Micol Le, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Great group for interaction. I felt enlightened and touched mentally, spiritually and emotionally today!”
Robert Hertz, Sales/Leasing – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Best selling technique workshop I’ve ever participated in. Glad to see something with broad techniques and not just the philosophy that product knowledge is the most important factor in selling cars.”

“Thank you for the info. It has been one of the most useful workshops I’ve been to! Thanks!”
Hudson Keagle, Sales (two time graduate) – Puget Sound Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge

“Many good ideas and exercises. Good way to live your life not only in business.”
Rick King, Sales Rep. – Puget Sound Chrysler