Attendee Comments – April ’97 – Portland

“Great for work and for personal life! A much needed wake up call for me as a man and father!”
Jim Green, Sales – Town & Country Chrysler/Plymouth

“Enjoyable and worthwhile. More than I expected. Would recommend it. Honest and passionate, common sense approach to improving customer relations.”
Edwin Bennett, Sales – Toyota of Vancouver

“Extremely well delivered and I was able to understand most concepts presented. Geez, I thought I was good! Thank you!”
Russ Bogar, Sales – Bill Copps, Inc.

“Absolutely wonderful and inspiring! You will see me again!”
Matt Smith, Sales – Town & Country Mitsubishi

“I have been able to use this info both at work and at home. It has greatly improved my awareness of things around me.”
James Keyes, Sales Rep. – Dick Hannah Jeep (previous graduate)

“Opened up my mind to a different way of living and working. Motivational and inspiring.”
David Ramirez, Sales – Dick Hannah Dealerships

“It truly enhanced my attitude and motivation for being in the automobile sales profession.”
Frits Soumoka, Sales – Dick Hannah Dealerships

David Resk, Sales – Acura of Portland

“Bitchin’! These are tools Mr. Hargrove conveyed understandably to me. I’m sure to see a vast improvement!”
Charles Crowder, Sales Rep – Gresham Honda

“More than I expected! Great Job!! More interaction with other associates and participants! Enjoyed every minute of it!”
Joe Russo, Sales Representative – Ron Tonkin Dodge

“Had a great time. Michael was very enlightening and witty. He made me feel very motivated!”
Teresa Steman, Sales – Dick Hannah Dealerships

“Very helpful. This will help me in all aspects of my life!”
Chris Crawford, Sales – Ron Tonkin Honda

“Not all my personal training objectives were met, but it’s not a bad thing because the resources are listed here for me to do more.”
Brad Jackson, Sales – Ron Tonkin Dodge

“As always, it was excellent!”
Rudy G. Torres, Sales – Town & Country Auto Dealerships (three time graduate)

“This was my first workshop. Hope to see you again!”
Larry Schultz, Sales – Ron Tonkin Dodge

“Solid, great ideas, good organization. If I can implement this into my work habits, I should be at upper 5 figures this year and $100K+ nest year! The phone call (exercise) hit home more than I would have thought.”
Brad Tombropoulos, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“Michael; Thanks for being on your game! It’s the difference from a good trainer to a great one!”
Jeffrey Weick, Special Finance Manager – Greham Honda City

“It was fun. Also a great learning experience.”
Dwayne Lucas, Sales – Vancouver Toyota

Larry Reaves, Sales – Dick Hannah Mitsubishi

“Had a great and informative time!”
Darren Lamont, Sales – Town & Country Mitsubishi

“For my first workshop, I was given many tools to help assist me in my profession. I look forward to working with Mr. Hargrove again!”
TerrySimmons, Sales – Courtesy Ford

“Michael is a fantastic speaker and teacher. Well worth the invesment to become a better salesperson and a better person.”
Darryl Brooks, Sales – Acura of Portland

“It’s very educational, motivational, and very encouraging!”
Richard Saepharn, Sales – Acura of Portland

“Would have liked more actual experiences related and evaluated by trainer.”
Jack Cuilla, Sales – Acura of Portland

“The greatest! It’s time to use what I’ve learned. Thanks a million.”
Troy Rosequist, Sales – Ron Tonkin Honda