Attendee Comments – July ’97 – Portland

“Justified every dollar I spent, every minute I invested! Michael is brilliant in human understanding and motivation!”
Dominic Herrick, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“The role playing was fantastic!! Teaching people how to learn will make all the difference in my opinion.”
Eric Clark, Sales Manager – Gresham Toyota

“Excellent! I feel it will help my sales and life soar! Michael you’re great! You are another Anthony Robbins!”
Sheila Cordes, Car Sales – Gresham Toyota

“I’ve been to auto sales workshops before, Stuker, Jackie Cooper, etc. Michael thanks! This is the only workshop that has given me the motivation to actually use this stuff. Your sincere interest in our personal success is the key.”
Joey Myers, Sales Rep. – Gresham Toyota

“I was told this would be different tha any similar business related seminar. The one difference was the reference to home and family. That, I appreciated. In summation, same very old crap, dealing with a business that is rapidly changing faster than it’s approach. Nothing new here.”
John Murphy, Sales – Herzog Meyer Volvo/VW/Mazda

“Primarily, I attended this seminar to improve my personal life. Thank you for helping me to prioritize my life again! I truly feel excited about life again and I can’t wait to share this with my loved ones, friends and all!”
Taunnia Dyson, Salesperson – Gresham Toyota

“I feel a great deal more confident with real answers, real ideas. (This was) fun, exciting, informative, funny and motivating! Well worth your money and time.”
Theresa L. Stevenson, Sales Consultant – Town & Country Chrysler/Plymouth

“Lots of information that I can readily use and build on. Michael speaks with believable conviction.”
Gordon L. Wilder, Sales & Leasing – MacKenzie Ford

“Excellent experience! Made me realize that part of being successful is staying focused, repeating and reviewing information, and staying positive. Thank you for the invitation to call anytime!”
Ryan Wolcott, Salesman – Gresham Toyota

“Great refresher, excited about putting some of the ideas into practice, especially the self talk, and physiology aspect of state management skills.”
Ron Leland, Sales & Leasing Consultant (two time graduate) – Saturn of Salem

“Too much to assimilate. Hope the book and tapes bring it home. If they do and I’m able to devote myself, then I’ll make great stride! Cash the check. I’m a player!”
Robert Lamb, Sales Rep. – Broadway Toyota

“This workshop is excellent. I recommend it to anyone in the auto business, experienced or not!”
Simos Kalivas, Sales – Ron Tonkin Toyota

“Tried many seminars, never had one make me feel this good after I left!”
Lawrence Giblin, Salesman – MacKenzie Ford

Mike Percival, Sales – Lexus of Portland

“It was great!!”
Mike Beveridge, Salesperson – Gresham Toyota

“Overall, new outlook on enthusiasm and how to see an react to people.”
Valdo Navarro, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“It will hopefully be very useful. Of course, maintaining focus on something like this might be difficult. A more aggressive follow up system would be welcome.”
Nathan Garvin, Sales Rep. – Gresham Honda City

“I feel it will help. Of course, time will tell and the attitude to use the concepts in the book.”
John Pantenburg, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“$295 is a lot of money for 1 day workshop! I felt like we skimmed the surface and feel like I missed out on maybe the 2 day workshop to learn as much as I can. Sure, I learned a lot and got some great tools. I thought I’d get more for my $.”
Jim Hamman, Sales – Broadway Toyota

“It’s very useful in retail sales!”
Mansour Famili, Sales – Herzog-Meyer Volvo/VW

“What I learned in class today will help with all my relationships, customer awareness, my spouse and also my children. Thank you and bless you!”
Randy Schweiger, Salesperson – Town & Country Lincoln/Mercury

“This is my second class with Mr. Hargrove. The first time I was very green and missed some of the points. This time I really enjoyed myself and got a lot out of it. I’m excited to put it to use! Thank you Michael!”
Jeremy P. Wood, Sales Rep. (two time graduate) – Town & Country Lincoln/Mercury

“Michael is genuine, a nice person. I enjoy his seminars from start to finish!”
Mark Jaremko, Sales (two time graduate) – Saturn of Beaverton

“Very touching and moving!”
Dan C. Harris, Sales – Russ Chevrolet

“I really appreciated someone close to this business agreeing with me regarding the “Bubbling” of customers and mine and the dealerships integrity. General life insights should prove useful too!”

“In our industry, quality of our life style is generally poor. I appreciate your life teaching. I knew it. It was time for my fix!!”
Chris Bae, Sales Manager – Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth

“I’m sure some of what we covered today will affect the value of my life and the lives of my children. Michael is very inspiring.”
Monica Warnock, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“Great job.”
Howard Whetstine, Sales – Herzog-Meyer

“Life changing!”
Dirk Larson, Sales Rep. – Gresham Toyota

Dolf Nuno, Sales – Gresham Toyota

“Enjoyed it! Reminded me of some good ideas. Gave me some excellent insights. Well worth the money!”
Lou Donin, Sales – Lexus of Portland

“I learned valuable tools to take back to eh dealership. I believe I will greatly benefit!”
Lowell Bonnin, Sales Consultant – Ron Tonkin Toyota

“Very informative, extemely helpful. Looking forward to the next time I can participate!”
John Haddock, Sales – Thomason Ford

“Good for emotional balance.”
Kevin Buck, Sales Manager – Coliseum Ford

“Great experience! Go and Grow!”
Craig Fleishman, Sales – Infiniti of Beaverton

“Second time through and it’s still great.”
Scott Young, Senior Sales Consultant (two time graduate) – Beaverton Infiniti

“The training session provided proven techniques for success in the auto business and in life. Very motivating and rewarding seminar.”
Bill Garbett, Sales Manager – Ron Tonkin Toyota

“As always great!”
Roco Ironshad, Sales (three time graduate) – Thomason Ford

“Needed dessert for proper sugar intake and energy output.”

“Two comments: 1) strength=gross 2)give ’em away and they hate you…bury their ass and they buy you dinner. The money was well spent.”
Josh Leader, Sales Manager – Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth