Attendee Comments – May ’95 – Phoenix

“Great personal tips for people in the car business. This was not your ‘typical’ seminar. I can see my income growing because of this investment.”
Mike Gilbert, Sales Rep. Tempe Toyota

“Very good! Learned things that will help me move (my career) on forward. Can’t wait to try them. Also, to my surprise, I learned a few things I need to stop doing!”
Kevin J. Smith, Sales Consultant Chapman Scottsdale Autoplex

“Great! Learned techniques that can be used at home as well as work!”
Bryan Larsen, New Car Manager Chapman Autoplex

“Less than expected.”
Coy Curtis, Jr., Sales Tempe Toyota Chapman Autoplex

“Unbelievable! My 1st seminar, I learned more in one day than the entire time @ my dealership. It really hits home (& I feel I own it!)”
William Flowers, Sales Chapman Scottsdale Autoplex

“Very informative, unlike other seminars.”
John Pendleton, Salesman Midway Chevrolet

“It was very enlightening! Loved it!”
Nancy Hon, Sales Associate Pacific Video

“(This workshop) opened my eyes to learning new techniques.”
Brad Warren, Sales Bud Beck Pontiac/GMC

“A good time was had by all!”
Manny Furcone, Sales Tempe Toyota

“Very enjoyable & refreshing! I am looking forward to learning to use & implement this info in my profession!”
Ralph De La Huerta, Sales Courtesy Chevrolet

“There were a lot of tools that I can use on a daily basis in business.”

“Please provide some sort of energy food at your next workshop.”
Thomas Yerby, Automobile Sales Tempe Toyota

“I have only been in the car business for two & one half weeks and I have delivered 22 units. My goal is 35 units per month. With what I’ve learned in this seminar, I know I can use this material and sell 40-45 units consistently per month!”
Burt Buxton, Sales Tempe Toyota

“(This workshop) was and will be very helpful in the future!”
Johnny R. Martinez, Sales Associate Courtesy Chevrolet

“Even though I’m new to cars, I’m not new to sales. Most everything I learned today I already knew or am practicing. Overall, I was disappointed in the content, but it was a good refresher course.”
Brad Peda, Salesman Midway Chevrolet

“I really learned a lot of new approaches to customer relations. I can’t wait to “own” them and put it to work!”
Annette Jones, Sales Rep Tony M. Coury Buick, Inc.

“It was motivational, an eye opener, and a kick in the pants. I see now what I should have been doing for the past two years! If I sell the way I have been for three more years, all I’ll be is three years older. OR…I can change and be three years older and have three years of more valuable experience.”
Tracy Jensen, Sales Chapman Autoplex

“Re-opened doors I’d forgotten were closed.”
Robert LePage, Sales Chapman Autoplex

“It was fun, informative & gave me lots to think about.”
Joe Pazienza, Sales Midway Chevrolet/Geo

“I have very little experience in sales. I can see how these ideas will help the very experienced also. As I improve on my overall sales abilities, these ideas will help me!”
Allison Skole, Sales & Leasing Midway Chevrolet

“I feel I learned a lot and there is a lot to learn! The material was very helpful and eye opening.”
Marvin White, Sales Chapman Dodge

“Continental brunch, sweet rolls, juice, sodas, cookies…something would have been nice!!”

“Positive day – Great reminders – New useful information – Focused training (will) be helpful to salespeople.”

“The workshop gave different angles of sales that I have not heard before. I can apply these techniques to more areas of my life than just my career! I recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to improve their communication and perception skills!”
Howard Weiner, Automotive Consultant Tempe Toyota

“I enjoyed overall, but felt rushed.”
Joseph Tokoph, Sales Scottsdale Mitsubishi

“Makes you think about the basics.”
Paul Di Cosmo, General Sales Manager Tony M. Coury Buick, Inc.

“Found Michael very invigorating and was able to keep my attention.”
Richard Wells, Salesman Tony M. Coury Buick, Inc.