Attendee Comments – April `95 – Portland

“Informative! I got more usable ideas in one day than in 5 years of sales experience! No one could ever label this workshop a pump session. I look forward to using this information and these skills for the rest of my career.”
Noah Elkind, Sales & Leasing Consultant Thomason Honda Bargain Center

“The best comprehensive training seminar I have attended in my six years in the business!”
Dave Weber, Sales Rep. John Link Pontiac/Mazda/GMC

“I really enjoyed and appreciated Michael’s approach to dealing with customers and employees too! (i.e. no need to compromise your or the customer’s integrity at any time during the sales process). Practical methods for success as long as I am willing to put forth the effort.”
Greg Leonard, General Manager Toyota of Vancouver

” I’ve been in the business for a little over 3 years now, and I consider myself a good salesman. There were a lot of ideas and ways to do things that I have never heard of. I believe after being a part of this workshop I will notice a great improvement, not only in performance but also in myself.”
John E. Peterson, Sales Rep. Beaverton Used Cars & Kia

“Very good! I wonder if people would feel equally enlightened if the workshop was abridged to about 5 hours…a little long.”
Mike Vandervort, Sales Thomason Honda

“Could have paid for our lunch. I’m serious!”
Tracy E. Hacker, Sales Rep. Thomason Ford

“Learned a lot! Well presented in all topics. Well worth the money!”
Joe Gallegos, Salesman Armstrong Buick

“Second time around was even better! I still use your workbook for new employees. Thanks!”
Gary Ensminger, Sales Manager Dick Hannah Motors

“Excellent! Very good!”
Jesse Garza, Sales Ron Tonkin Honda

“Opened me up to new abilities to change and grow.”
Michael D. Hagen, Sales Consultant Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“It was a lot for me because I’m new to the business but lots of help to me.”
Robyn Scott, Sales Beaverton Nissan

“Good job!”
Cory Henderling, Sales Dick’s Country Dodge

“It was a good refresher and I really enjoyed all the new information too, especially on Quadrant Theory.”
Karl Siebern, Asst. Manager Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“A great refresher! Always a pleasure to attend, just wish there were more of them!!”
Erik Berntsen, Sales Manager Beaverton Honda

“Good hands-on material. Enjoyed!”
Ed Straight, Sales Thomason Ford

“Worthwhile – some very good ideas!”
Michael Greenspan, Salesman Thomason Nissan

“Great experience. Would like the smoking area to be away from the main area. Would like more role play & audience interaction the 1st 2 hours.”

> “It was very informative & beneficial to my sales plan.”
John Peabody, Sales, Beaverton Honda Used Cars/Kia

Steve Breitbarth, Sales Riverside Jeep/Eagle/Oldsmobile

“Michael has opened many question & parameters to furthering professional opportunities.”
Tim Reid, Sales Thomason Nissan

“Good word tracks. Very motivating. I felt that Michael’s sales style matches mine only he’s come a lot closer to perfecting it than I have.”
Kevin Sanger, SalesRon Tonkin Honda

“Great! Outstanding materials, extremely helpful!”
Shahrokh Iranshad, Sales Thomason Ford

“Second time around and this time was more interactive and even more helpful.”
T.J. Campbell, Sales Beaverton Nissan

“Great information. Learned a lot of new ideas & brushed up on some old ones.”
Rick Divito, Sales Manager Gresham Nissan/Subaru

“Lots of info in one day. Started out slow and detailed then picked up and became more sketchy. Info and training very useful and will be helpful.”

“Lots of good information and new tools for the trade. Thanks!”
Tom Johnson, Sales Bill Copps Cadillac

“Hope it will help me be a better salesperson! Management should attend a separate seminar so they can support better what we learn!”
Thomas A. Fessler, Sales Consultant Beaverton Nissan

“I thought Mike did a very good job. He was very helpful and I look forward to seeing him again.”
Daniel A. Perry, Sales Rep Thomason Truck Center

“I know that many of the ideas presented by Michael will be effective in my situation. I’m brand new to the business and can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned. Michael’s enthusiasm & passion makes the material very easy to digest. Thanks for the tools!”
Michael Shigeta, Salesman Thomason Honda/Subaru

“I’ll put this material to use/into practice & let you know the results!”
Raul Ochoa, Sales Rep Bill Copps Cadillac

“Being new to the car industry I found this seminar to be very helpful. The energy of the speaker is outstanding, honest!”
Carol Dopp, Sales Associate Beaverton Nissan

“Helped to understand and have the ability to close from demo to booth.”
Dan Childs, Sales Gresham Nissan

“Very practical information both professionally and personally. I appreciate the gentle reminders to stay focused and on track.”
Gerry Oliver, Sales Bill Copps, Inc.

“Great advice & materials. Focus on logistics.”
Robert Beaton, Sales Delon Olds/Mitsubishi

“I strongly believe I have learned some helpful ideas to lead me towards my goals.”
Chris Jarvis, Salesman John Link Pontiac/Mazda/GMC

“The workshop should be Monday 4 hours, Tuesday 4 hours. Managers should do role playing at sales meetings as follow up to the program. Keep (their) people more enthusiastic!”
D. Casey Theer, Salesman Dick Hannah Motors, Inc.

“I have learned a lot and am ready to go back to work and make some MONEY!”
Tanya Cox, Salesperson Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth

“Very beneficial.”
J.J. Marrone, Sales Armstrong Buick

“I’m 3 weeks into selling cars. I plan to apply everything I learned and continue to learn. I enjoyed Michael’s enthusiasm. AND I’m leaving here feeling good, up-beat, and ready to advance. Thank you!”
Megan E. Botts, Salesperson Thomason Honda

“I will use daily “Very well done!”
Enrique Suganuma, Sales Rep Beaverton Chrysler/Plymouth

“You all made me smile. It’s a feel good class which and pass on to those lucky people in which I communicate with. Thank you!”
Beth Sears, Sales Thomason Honda

“Thank you for teaching me new ways to make more $. Thanks for the tools I need to be more confident.”
Carla Worthington, Sales Professional Beaverton Chrysler/Plymouth

“I think Michael did a great job & I learned a lot. I’ll keep this workbook & refer to it throughout my career, thanks!”
Lance Strawn, Sales Armstrong Buick

“Held my interest & time went by quickly.”
Robin Collier, Sales Thomason Honda

“This is the 2nd seminar with Michael Hargrove. I learned a lot more the second time.”
Jack Roberts, Sales Armstrong Buick/VW

“Some very useful hints, and I also heard many of them from Grant Cardone.”
Michael Jacobs, Sales Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth

“It is a good start, now it’s up to me to plant the seed to make this grow into a successful career in automobile sales.”
Mike Nickolas II, Sales Dick Hannah Motors, Inc.

“New ways to see people, new ways to listen to people, new ways to control a sale!”
Sean M. Palmer, Sales Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth

“Being a green pea I really benefitted from all the input. I can’t wait to try the information.”
Jean Bergstrom, Sales Beaverton Honda Used Cars/Kia

“I was very interested in N.L.P.”
William Farra, Sales Thomason Imports

“It brought out ideas that were already installed but have not been used. I think bringing them to the forefront will help me achieve what I need. Thank-you!”
Scott Walton, Sales Gresham Chrysler/Plymouth