Attendee Comments – September `95 – Seattle

“Not a pump up, a wake up!! Very polished and clearly focused. A one day clear course for success. Greatly improved from the first time I attended.”
Miles Richardson, General Sales Manager University VW/Audi/Subaru

“Very uplifting and eye opening! It was more than I expected.”
Brandt Losse, Sales Rep. Linda Tenney Toyota

“Very re-focusing.”
Eric Mahan, Salesperson Nelson Chevrolet

“Many people will circle 10’s for the heck of it. I mean it though. This was a wonderful workshop! I am brand new in this business, and at my dealership, but I already appreciate the importance of this training for youth & experienced alike in the business. Hope-fully next time, more of my co-workers will attend. A very excellent workshop and I’m eager to put myself to the test!”
Ted Klarich, Sales Burien Toyota

“Very similar to other courses & books that I have attended & read. I was hoping for more new material.”
Frank Savona, Sales Representative Brook-McKnight Chevrolet

“As I took the workshop the first time, I will come back time and time again. The human element of the workshop sets it apart from most if not all other training programs.”
Bill Miglino, Sales Professional Harris Ford (Lynnwood)

“I am a first time attendee and was quite impressed with the content & delivery of this seminar. Mental/Spiritual disciplines, taking responsibility for ourself, as well as updating selling skills are all excellent subject matter and very relevant to the automobile retail industry.”
John Caruana, Sales Rep. University VW/Audi/Subaru

“Tool box for selling got full! Now it’s up to me to sharpen and use it!”
Samuel E. Madarang, Sales Consultant Puget Sound Chrysler/Plymouth

“Best feature was the ‘mountain climb’. A word picture I can use!”
Bill Stewart, Sales Brooks-McKnight Chevrolet

“Great! See you in 8 months!”
Tim Hjort, Sales Rep. Linda Tenney Toyota

“Had a great time. Thanks for refreshing my memory & re-livening my car career. It’s great, I’m glad I came!”
Tony R. Maldonado, U/C Mgr. Lexus of Seattle

“Michael was bright, energetic, and fun to listen to! Even on my day off.”
Kirk Engle, Sales Rep. Bill Pierre Dodge

Bill Arnold, Sales Honda of Kirkland

“Michael is GREAT!! He keeps things going and makes people feel good. I will continue to come to his workshops. Thanks Michael!”
Hugh Thompson, Sales University VW/Audi/Subaru

“I’ve only been in the auto selling business for 3 months, however, I have attended many training seminars with other jobs and I’ll have to say Michael’s energy really grew on me. I am very confident that after his program, my overall attitude will change through ALL aspects of my life. Thank you Michael. It was a day well spent!”
Shawna Zambetti, Sales Rep. Bill Pierre Dodge

“Lunch and free parking would be helpful to the overall experience.”
Tom Huppert, Sales Rep. Robert Larson Chrysler/Plymouth

“Informative, I would like to come again after putting the techniques I now have to good use.”
Joel C. Bonds, Sales Mallon Ford

” I’ve been a self-improvement junkie for years; from Norman V. Peele to Deepak Chopra. I’m feeling wonderful about attending today. A lot I’d heard before and the new coat of paint has been stimulating!”
Steve Bowman, Salesman Larson Chrysler/Plymouth

“This is the first workshop I’ve participated in. I enjoyed listening to Michael talk. He was very impressive. I also would enjoy seeing another workshop in the future from Michael.”
Michael Edlin, Sales University VW/Audi/Subaru

“It was informative on various levels and fun to be involved in. Michael has a unique and fun style of delivery but needs to illustrate more for us visually oriented students.”
James “Jay” Donohue, Sales Consultant Linda Tenney Toyota

“Great information and tools that I will definitely utilize.”
Manny R. Uson II, Aftermarket Mgr. Mallon Ford

“The one thing listening to tapes everyday doesn’t give you is the personal interaction. Your enthusiasm and ability to keep us involved (contributes) to the value of your workshop!”
David Hern, Sales Manager Mallon Ford

“Hotel is not very attentive to creamer & even coffee stuff. Parking is really ridiculous – might as well be in downtown Seattle. (However,) I left with a feeling of goodness – very positive (overall).”
Will Crane, Sculpture To Drive Consultant University VW/Audi/Subaru

“Perfect timing in my career to keep me focused & achieving my personal goals.”
Ray Park, Sales Associate Mallon Ford

“My first workshop ever, I wish it was three days! Looking forward to the next!”
Steven Ostrian, Salesman Nelson Chevrolet

“A big change from last year’s, much improved. Strong communication ideas and techniques.”
Fred Campbell, Sales University VW/Audi/Subaru

“How about an auto biz management workshop. I just got out of the hospital & was going to stay home. Even though I was not feeling well, I didn’t want to miss this program. I got a lot out of this program and it even made me feel better! I’m glad I came instead of staying in bed.”
Dennis Oswalt, Fleet Manager Brooks-McKnight Chevrolet

“Extremely motivating! The knowledge gained will help in any aspect of life!”
Jeff Whiton, Sales Mallon Ford