Attendee Comments – May 2015 – Tacoma

“This workshop has given me some very good insight into overcoming objections and closing from the greeting on through to the write-up. I look forward to applying this knowledge in my career starting immediately.”
Corey Callahan, Sales Representative – O’Brien Automotive Group

“Very motivating! This workshop introduced a much better, more professional procedure in investigation and asking for the sale. Also the info on identifying body language was good.”
Bill Allen, Sales – Tacoma Volvo/Jaguar/Land Rover

“Michael’s 20 minute presentation at our dealership had more content than some of the other workshops I have attended!”
Mike Cook, Sales Professional – Korum Ford/Lincoln

“Even though I was the only woman, I was never singled out (thank you!). Also, I’m in Internet sales and Michael gave me ways to improve my sales, e-mails, and to become more confident.”
Victoria Reed, Internet Sales – Larson Dodge

“Thanks, Michael, for the up to date materials, info, and ideas!”
Bill Craft, Sales Manager – Korum Automotive Group

“This was just great! Michael was very attentive to our needs and very engaging in this workshop. He’s very knowledgeable and fun too!”
Connor O’Brien, Sales Professional – South Tacoma Honda

“This experience was very engaging. Michael should do comedy!”
Cody Stranack, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

“I learned a lot. Great info and skills that I can easily utilize in my career.”
San Saelee, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I will, of course, use many of these new skills for work. Michael was funny and easy going.”
Jordan Skyles, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“This was time very well spent! I love how Michael focuses on who you should be and not just on how to sell.”
Sean Donahue, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I am very impressed with the dynamic nature of his presentation.”
Eric Reed, Sales – Larson CJDR

Tomari Bates, Sales Professional – Hinshaw’s Honda

“As the former GM at La Quinta, as far as food and beverage goes, you may find it to be a better value.”
Jim Kreitzmann, Sales – Volvo of Tacoma

“I can’t wait for more!!”
Gary Olguin, Internet Sales – Larson Motors

“I’m looking forward to continual learning and growth in the automotive industry as well as my personal growth with you.”
Freddie Trotter, Sales Consultant – Korum Automotive Group