Attendee Comments – May 2015 EDF – Tacoma

“Great overview with the detail I needed to get started. I truly appreciate a professional who is personal and loves what they do!”
Doreen Dyer, Sales Consultant – Korum Auto Group

“Especially for a newer course, it is really impactful! A lot of good information and probably more than a single class can cover. Still GREAT info that needs to be shared and acted upon.”
Eric Reed, Sales Pro – Larson Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge

“Excellent! Very relevant to the modern car buying market.”
Blair Patterson, Sales – Larson Chrysler

“I appreciated the content and material covered. I got a lot of information I can and hopefully will put to use. The only problem I have is I felt like some of the material was beyond my understanding and skill level. I will figure it out but I still don’t feel very “tech savvy”.”
Dean Lawthers, Sales – Korum Auto Group

“This was an excellent course that will help me greatly!”
Ty Hall, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma

“I learned information that is going to help me increase my income while expending less time.”
Jeremy Rubin, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

William A. Allen, Sales – Tacoma Volvo/Jaguar/Land Rover

“This was a very good overview of current digital marketing and I even made a Vcard! Michael inspired me to set up my YouTube channel!”
Cheryl Martin, Sales Consultant – South Tacoma Honda

“I liked this course much more as a stand alone course than as a tack-on to the (older) one day workshop. I learned quite a bit of new knowledge that is very applicable to me. This is my third or fourth time in a Hargrove training session. Michael always does a good job with his presentations.”
Bill Coulombe, Sales Representative – Burien Chevrolet

Derick Goraya, Sales Consultant – Hinshaw’s Honda

“I have grown so much with Michael through my 22 year career! I have so many tools in my toolbox that I use every single day!”
Steve Armstrong, Sales Consultant – Lexus of Tacoma at Fife

“I would have liked to tangibly set up pages for YouTube, etc. I liked all the creative ideas though!”
Yvette Morgan, Sales – South Tacoma Honda

“Once again, very informative and most enjoyable!”
Ron Oberhansli, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma
“What a great training session! Very informative, expanding knowledge and scope of learning, increasing my focus on how to always get better and get better with my marketing efforts too.”
David Ajibade, Sales – Hinshaw’s Acura

“Thank you, Michael, for inviting me to join today’s coaching session! I had a great experience and I am going home with some great material to consider.”
Arianna Bodaghi, Business Development – Hinshaw’s Auto Group

“The class was pretty good but it was odd that the hotel would serve the exact same lunch as yesterday. When asked, they said you guys requested it. AND if that’s the only bad thing, that’s a very good thing! The class was good but not as heavy in content as yesterday’s course. This is still very good based on being this was my 5th time here!”
Mike Cook, Sales – Korum Lincoln

“I learned a lot and I’m happy for the opportunity to do so.”
Jeremiah Bryant, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma

“Great for the first time in car sales like myself.”
San Saelee, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“This had more focus on the different videos and video styles! Great stuff! Any other suggestions on books, etc. on social media options? The wave is swelling. Thanks for helping us try to learn how to ride it!!”
Patrick Gibble, Sales – Riverside Ford

“It’s nice having the ability to use media to enhance what I do in the auto industry. I enjoyed being introduced to different way to market what I do and establish a long term marketing relationship with my customers.”
Freddie Trotter, Sales Consultant – Korum Auto Group

“This has been a very informative workshop full of practical, and useful information. Michael is clearly passionate and it was a pleasure to learn from him. The class was well organized and is certainly worth the investment. Thank you!”
Westley Wolford, BDC, Internet Associate – Lexus of Tacoma at Fife

“Awesome! Mega-cool! Radical! Sweet! I learned a lot!”
Josh Brown, Awesome – Larson Auto Group

“Awesome sauce! It was sometimes difficult to hear over a few people in the front row, but otherwise amazing!”
Gary Olguin, Internet Sales – Larson Automotive Group

“Great for growth in the car industry.”
Matthew Burris, Sales – Riverside Ford

“This helps me stay current to what’s going on out there in the industry.”
Sean Donahue, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda

“Michael did an amazing job! This is his best one yet!! He continues to move in the right direction.”
Amy Hasenbalg, Sales Associate – Titus-Will Toyota

“This opens up the different possibilities to the digital world of communication and how to expand my business circle. Very new way to communicate.”
Alexander Alonzo, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma