Attendee Comments – July 2015 – Lynnwood


“Great speaker and he kept my attention. Real enthusiastic and the objection King! Thank you, Michael!”
Benchana Douangphrachanh, Sales Rep. – Burien Toyota

“Michael Hargrove is awesome! The course is tailored personally to everyone in attendance. His methods are current and progressive, the old school is no more. Thank you!”
Will Henson, Audi Brand Specialist – Audi Seattle

“Very engaging experience! I think compared to all the other big name sales trainers, Michael Hargrove has mastered the ability to relate to every person in the room. This will help me go from an 8 car per month car guy to a 12 and hopefully eventually to a 20 cars per month car guy. I would recommend this to anyone in sales.”
James Schindler, Audi Brand Specialist – University Audi

“I feel like my instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced. I feel the seminar was slightly unorganized in all. The audience didn’t seem very engaged in the whole thing. The content was a bit stale and cheesy. The class was way overpriced for what I received.”
Hunter Taylor, Sales – Burien Toyota

“This is the best training I have ever been to. It far exceeded my expectations. I would recommend this over Cardone or Verde training.”
James Roberts, Audi Brand Specialist – Audi Seattle

“This was time well spent. Michael is very good at giving advice that is realistic and I would be happy to attend another workshop.”
Westley Wolford, BDC Internet Assistant – Lexus of Tacoma

“Michael has a great demeanor, a wealth of knowledge, and most importantly, told us how to activate and use this information over time. It was very accessible and very intelligent.”
Bill Van Brocklin, Sales Consultant – University Audi

“When I attended in 2013 I was fighting to gain control of my illness. This class, I was able to take more information in plus I’ve had more experience to seriously associate teachings to experiences. Thanks you!”
Keith E. Hooks, Sales Associate – Burien Toyota/Scion

“This was a very useful course that not only taught me new sales techniques but also gave me a much needed refresher on the techniques I’ve been forgetting. I definitely expect to see an improvement in my monthly sales due to this course.”
Michael Schlachter, Sales – Magic Toyota

“This was extremely helpful and beneficial to continue to learn. It gave me plenty of new ideas to use in my day to day schedule.”
Greg Preciado, Sales – University Audi

“I had a fantastic experience. Michael Hargrove was incredibly informative and provided incredible information and strategies. There is only improvement ahead in my career as a result of attending this workshop. Thanks!”
Chris Dalke, VW Sales & Leasing – University VW

“This is my second year attending. My first experience here I was just getting into the automotive industry and was able to learn how to approach the process. This time gives me a lot more to learn from the past experiences for future use.”
Isaac De La Cruz, Product Specialist – Magic Nissan of Everett

“I loved all of the info on doing follow up with your customers.”
Cori Cunningham, Sales Consultant – Performance Kia

“This was most needed.”
Phillip Rush, Sales Pro – Performance Kia

Yun Kyung Na, Sales – Mercedes Benz of Lynnwood

“Very insightful and helpful practices and concepts that needed to be studied.”
Marc Canas, Sales Associate – University Audi

“(This event) was positive, motivating, and fun!”
Lance Frigard, Commercial Vehicle Manager – Mercedes Benz of Lynnwood

“Only in sales for a little over a year and learning objections and how to follow up with questions was great! I just wish the class was a little bit longer since there is a lot more material to cover.”
Kenneth Kiniry, Volkswagen Sales & Leasing – University VW

“The material was informative and I think will be very helpful. I just cannot exactly find a way that this will impact my sales in a positive way.”
Mark Davidson, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Mercedes Benz of Lynnwood

“Great insights and very helpful networking opportunity.”
Cena Senemar, Sales Associate – Pignataro Volkswagen

“Match up experienced sales with new sales.”
Joseph Anthony Cintron, Sales & Leasing – Harnish Auto Family Group

“What an eye opener! I also would like a picture with the name of participants, as it would put a face to the name to build relationships in the industry.”
Winston Felix, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Sandberg NW Volvo

“Very valuable examples and instruction. 1st suggestion: Could use more examples on how to effectively build rapport and its downstream value. 2nd suggestion: The customers are so educated today, leaning how to champion the choice is important. 3rd suggestion: Customer name on the back of the biz card.”
Tom Dyer, Sales Trainer – Larson Automotive Group

“Very enjoyable, easy listening and learning experience.”
Ginger Johnson, Internet Sales – Performance Kia