Attendee Comments – May ’13 – Tacoma


“Great workshop! It’s nice that is wasn’t only a lecture. It was easy to relate to and the topics are related to present time, not outdated or even over-taught. I’m very excited to study and train under Michael!”
Michael P. Scheitlin, Salesman – Titus-Will Ford/Toyota/Scion


“What a great seminar! I got so much from this workshop: basics, advanced techniques, and even life skills. I can’t wait to implement the skills, techniques, and life decisions we went over today!”
Zaire Watkins, Sales/Leasing – Hinshaw’s Acura


“This opened my eyes to multiple different ways to approach objections, as well as the life planning section. Although it wasn’t requested, Michael touched on this subject and I’m glad he did because personally I may find this section the most useful of all!”
Daniel Armitage, Sales & Leasing – Burien Toyota


“It was great to revisit some of this training after a ten year vacation! I call this class my auto sales tune-up!”
Don Buesen, Sales – Chevrolet of Puyallup


“Great refresher. My third time attending and I learn more every time!”
Roger Stone, Sales & Leasing – Burien Toyota


“Great pace this year! There’s always up to date information provided at this workshop.”
Steve Armstrong, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma


“Upbeat, charismatic, some very impressive teaching sequences, and even a few new surprises! Each year I find this to be an inspiring ‘new school’ workshop that doesn’t pull any punches on filling your tool box!”
Kirk Spencer, Business Solution Manager – Burien Toyota


“What a great experience. It has been five or six years since I’ve attended this particular workshop. It was good to refresh and pick up new ideas and skills. I am looking forward to the closing workshop!”
Michael Burrell, Sales Rep. – Chevrolet of Puyallup


“This is the 5th time in Michael’s workshop and I still pick up new insights every time I come. I also like being able to meet other committed auto sales professionals from different stores to exchange ideas. Michael is truly passionate about his presentation and truly cares about his client’s future success.”
Rich Leavitt, Sales Professional – Honda Auto Center of Bellevue


“Great workshop and great attitude pick up!”
Jeff Matison, Sales – Titus-Will Toyota


“Michael, as always, was able to keep at a good pace and on topic while allowing questions and shares to be addressed. The role playing was helpful and there was lots of audience participation. I recommend this workshop to anybody and will most certainly attend again myself.”
Jamal Barnett, Internet Sales – Burien Chevrolet


“(This) Allows me to re-focus on what’s important. Life changing. This time in my life, my family life (wife & 2 kids) is a huge changing step for good but it has been a struggle to stay focused on what’s important. I believe this (today’s session) was the encouragement and direction needed to focus on what’s most important for me. I intend to make this season a huge successful change for me and my family.”
Sean Donahue, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“Great as I expected! This was a very very good seminar.”
Bill Coulombe, Salesman – Burien Chevrolet


“Have a work plan every day. When you go to the dealership, don’t ever be idle and most importantly, have fun!”
David Butler, Internet Sales Manager – Toyota of Tacoma


“I enjoyed this training session very much. I found it very useful and motivating.”
Troy Davenport, Salesman – Burien Chevy


“Very useful! I’ll be back for more.”
Orey Pari, Sales Rep. – Good Chevrolet


“Very informative. Well worth the time and money!”
Darin De Haan, Sales/Leasing – Burien Toyota


“Good class, very informative!”
Kevin Shaw, Sales – Burien Chevrolet


“Well done, Sir!! See you again real soon.”
Jeremy Dogeagle, Sales – Toyota of Tacoma


David Cowan, Salesman – Larson Auto Group


“Thank you!”
Keith Hooks, Sales & Leasing – Burien Toyota/Scion


“Great job! This is my second time at your training.”
David Easterday, Sales/Leasing – Lexus of Tacoma


“It motivated me for today. I hope I can keep my head straight.”
Rob Conroy, Sales – Burien Chevy


“It was very good. I will come back. I learned many good things today.”
Mike Porco, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma


“The training materials are great!”
Mar Agbayani, Salesman – Burien Toyota


“This training is always informative, relevant, and fun!”
Sharon Daniels, Customer Relations Manager – Burien Toyota