Attendee Comments – July ’13 – Lynnwood


“Overall pretty good class. I felt like most of the things we covered were basic for me, but I still came out with 4 or 5 new things to add to myself that I feel were well worth the time investment.”
Ryan Nielsen, Sales – Sunset Chevrolet


“If you attend only one sales/life coaching class a year, this is the one! Michael knows his stuff. I take something new away with me each and every year I attend. Thanks Michael!”
Erick Dirvanowski, Internet Sales Manager – Pignataro VW


“Very inspirational, and very informative. Attending this training event was one of the best investments I could’ve made for my automotive career!”
Quincy Jones, Sales – Performance Kia


“It was a fine experience, good question/answer periods. Not worth $400 though. Better to have one manager teach this class at the dealership once learned from teacher. Good ideas, topics, ways to further sale. Overall it was a good session and the last hour or so was great!”
Jonathan Buckner, Sales Consultant – South Tacoma Honda


“It was fantastic!”
Dante Udani, Sales – Magic Toyota


“Nice refresher that daily habits = growth!”
Karl Dawley, Sales – Acura of Bellevue


“I would have liked to break into smaller groups to role play more often.”
Emery Christianson, Sales – Riverside Ford


“Thank you Michael for giving me this inspiration! You gave me challenges I’m excited to get to! Not only was this workshop great for my career, but it’s going to get me farther in my all around life! Great workshop and I look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Heather Leger, Internet Sales Manager – Nissan of Fife


“When you first came into our store’s sales meeting, I used tips from you and was excited. However, you said first impressions occur within the first 90 seconds or so and that no question is stupid. Within that 90 seconds I said something and you laughed like I was stupid. In conclusion, that turned me off and pushed me from trying and being interested.”
Mike Holz, Sales – South Tacoma Honda


“This workshop is always refreshing and always has something new!”
Quinton Wade, Sales Consultant – Performance Kia


“This was great! We just needed better room temperature and in the beginning if there had been a tray to put used dishes on.”
Julie Brown, Sales Specialist – Performance Kia


“What a great program and I learned a lot of good things. My one and only complaint is that 8 hours is just a bit too long.”


“Whatever helps me sell more cars.”
James Townsend III, Sales – South Tacoma Honda


“I’ve been coming since I have been in the car business (10 plus years) and I take home at least one or two new things that I can apply to my trade.”
Jay S. Harris Sr., Master Certified Sales Consultant – Pignataro VW


“Great experience, I learned a lot!”
Mark Farman, Sales – Sunset Chevrolet


“(The process for) quickly personalizing and mastering techniques sounds like it will work well for closes and word tracks. I’m looking forward to the year’s worth of coaching support.”
Justin Eide, Sales – Sunset Chevrolet


“Great refresher! Thank you also for helping me to take care of myself first!”
Ronell Monzon, Sales – Pignataro VW


“Great! This workshop is always very educational.”
Kat Byrd, Sales – Lynnwood Honda


“Great class and awesome presentation.”
Troy Braxton, Sales – Riverside Ford


“Good learning experience and a very enjoyable day.”


“I am new to the car business, so I learned a ton of stuff that will definitely help me sell more cars for years to come.”
James Davee, Sales Consultant – Riverside Ford


“I had a great time and I learned so many things!”


“I got a lot of info that was directly useful to me! I would have liked a little less filler (more condensed).”
George Manley, Salesman – Magic Nissan


“I think I would have enjoyed it more if the audience was more involved. It’s hard to keep interest when the whole room is drowning.”
Jeff Johnson, Sales Consultant – Performance Kia


“This helped me in finding myself and to show me new ways to sell cars. Thank you!”
William Richmond, Sales – South Tacoma Honda


“Well there were a lot of great answers, however, there are specific situations Mike could not directly answer.”
Anthony Guth, Sales – Pignataro VW


“Overall, it was excellent. This was a great learning opportunity for me. After being in auto sales for the first time, attending this workshop opened my eyes to potential, fool-proof exercises and methods to close the deal. Thank you!”
David Holifield, Sales Consultant – South Tacoma Honda


“Thank you for providing lunch on location so we could network with other salespeople. I appreciate the frankness and real world application you provided us. The whole person approach is the right way to help us be better in our entire world.”
Mark Baker, Sales – Lynnwood Honda


“This was very informative, thought provoking, and a definite call to action!”
Cheryl Martin, Sales – South Tacoma Honda


“I was hoping to get more about “today” customers and what their expectations are. This is my first car sales training and it fits well. I would like a better definition of the day’s agenda though it was set by the group.”


“I loved the word tracks, especially the ones for closing and greeting (the customer). Thank you!!”
Jeff Lohr, Sales – South Tacoma Honda


“Great stuff using work and life related techniques.”
E.J. Scoll, Sales – Lynnwood Honda


“I have learned so many great communication skills that I didn’t learn in my first 2+ years in the car business. Thanks Michael Hargrove!”
Mark Hussain, Sales Professional – Lynnwood Honda


“This was a very inspirational, motivating, wake up call! Michael is very sincere and helps you realize it.”
Danny Hook, Salesperson – Lynnwood Honda


“I am always pleased with this workshop, never a disappointment.”
Justin Benson, Sales – Pignataro VW


“This is always such a great session!”
Vicky Tessmer, Sales – Lynnwood Honda


“It was refreshing to hear all the new ideas and new role plays.”
Roy Muthee, Sales and Leasing Consultant – Performance Kia