Attendee Comments – April ’13 AoC – Portland

“This was a great workshop, specific to today’s buyers. As a long time “car guy”, Michael taught an old dog new tricks. I would have enjoyed a full day workshop on this same topic. I think you could go through and work with more role plays and options.”
Bill Huff, Sales – MacKenzie Ford


“Just like always, Michael was direct to the point with a hint of humor. Thanks again!”
Khalil Zeeter, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“The winning touch is simply that Michael practices what he preaches. Not only does he know how to effectively do his job but he genuinely cares about his clients. As long as I’m in the car business, I’ll be learning from Michael Hargrove.”
James McMonagle, Sales & Leasing Representative – Courtesy Ford/Lincoln


“It would have been better if the whole group had wanted to be here instead of forced to attend.”
Tiffany Foley, Sales – Gresham Subaru


“A lot of the things did not follow the process we have set up at our dealership. That made it very difficult to follow when most of the salespeople at my dealership haven’t worked in the auto industry.”
Nichole Friswold, Customer Service Representative, Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda


“Lots of new closes. I believe if somehow you could have people that are within the same experience level together and maybe have a separate pure beginner class so that we’re not held back discussing this material. I understand that it’s all in the book, however, I would have liked to been able to listen and practice together more. As always though, I love the classes!”
Ammie Jose, Internet Sales – Courtesy Ford


“A lot of great information was presented but having more time would have been great too.”
Andrew Grimes, Salesperson – Town & Country Hyundai


“I was expecting the workshop to be concentrated on closing the deal in the classic sense. The material that we spent the majority of the first half on, while useful and important, was more of a review of the one day course (setting up the close). Perhaps it would be better to pare that portion back a bit.”
Steve Ferraro, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Courtesy Ford/Lincoln


“It was a great experience and I learned how to overcome everyday objections.”
Vernon Brose, Sales Rep. – Gresham Subaru


“Great tools for me as a new salesperson. I feel much more confident in closing.”
Gaylen Cashman, Customer Service Rep. – Parker Johnstone’s Wilsonville Honda


“Thank you Michael! I really appreciate all your work and your achievements.”
Courtney Peters, Internet Sales Manager – Courtesy Ford


“I had fun while learning a lot!”
Ashley Newcomer, Sales Associate – Town & Country Chrysler


“I really liked the extra note space on each opposing page of this new workbook. It was a little hard to follow where we were in the book though. Great job and I will be back again!”
Randy May, Sales – Dick’s Country Dodge


“We needed more time.”
Jay Goyette, Sales – Town & Country Hyundai


“This was wonderful! I would have liked to have had more time to cover the workbook though. I will definitely be back! Thank you!”
Burton Morllock, Internet Sales Manager – Lithia Subaru of Oregon City