Attendee Comments – July ’14 – Lynnwood


“OUTSTANDING!! I’ve been to many seminars and workshops and this was by far the very best!! Entertaining, informative, engaging, and all out brilliant!”
Spencer Syverson, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Harnish Chevy of Puyallup

“This is my third time attending this workshop and every time I do I learn new skills and make a lot more money!”
Eric Lauritzen, Internet Sales Manager – University Volkswagen Audi

“Great as always! Michael’s never boring! Great info and techniques. Solid training.”
David Cowan, Sales – Larson Toyota of Tacoma

“Expected a little better presentation. Still waiting for “NEW” proven sales success. Wasn’t what it was built up to be.”
Gregory Albea, Sales – Performance Kia

“Good stuff and always great to get to see you again, Michael! You tend to give me an energy charge. In sales, we can sometimes lose our edge and keeping sharp is key. I also enjoyed all the new material! Thanks.”
Israel Rios, Sales Professional – Performance Kia

“This was my fourth attendance and I keep learning new things each and every time! I will continue to use these valuable tools all year long and throughout my career.”
Nathan Avary, Sales – Larson Chrysler Jeep Dodge

“The most entertaining workshop ever, lots of relevant material.”
Blair “Rooster” Patterson, Sales – Larson CJDR

“This is always great learning! I like the idea of Michael sharing best practices.”
Terry Parris, Sales & Leasing Associate – Acura of Seattle

“The pace was great but the room was too warm – a little uncomfortable.”
Danny Hook, Salesperson – Lynnwood Honda

“Thanks for the help with more in depth social media training.”
Ames Giri, Sales Professional – Acura of Seattle

“I enjoyed refreshing some material that I have gone over in the past. Also, social media is the biggest thing going at this time and learning new ways to connect with customers was the biggest highlight for me today.”
Kim Starks, Internet Sales – Larson Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge/Ram

“I really liked my experience. It inspires me to get better and gives me a view of the possibilities.”
Tom Park, Sales – Lynnwood Honda

“I’m brand new, only a week into car sales, so this was great for me to understand key concepts I had not even thought of yet.”
Jordan Barnes, Salesman – Lynnwood Honda

“All I needed was to learn one new skill in order to pay for today’s training. This was great!”
Anthony Guth, Sales – Pignataro VW

“Very useful information and a lot of information for one 8 hour day!”
Mike Burgess, General Sales Manager – Tacoma Subaru

“Excellent overall; I would appreciate a basic class on car sales but your workbook will probably be enough for that aspect along with OJT.”
Carmen Brown, Salesperson – Dwayne Lane’s Dodge

“It is always a pleasure to add tools to my toolbox to make more money!”
Jay S. Harris, Sr., Sales Executive – Pignataro Volkswagen

“I learned a lot of new tools and I’m definitely going to use all of the ideas and tools he gave me today. I learned that using social media and videos can sell you lots of cars when done right, when you post useful ideas.”
Chaz Hall, Sales – Larson Autogroup

“It was fine. I would suggest that if the majority of the class is from a certain area, it would be nice to have the workshop located nearer there or more in the center of all. Would have liked even more on social media.”
Lance Ebey, Sales & Leasing Specialist – Larson Automotive

“Fourth time here and I loved it! I would like more about using video and marketing, maybe a separate class? You could group it with phone training.”
Anthony Moskaluk, Internet Salesman – Performance Kia

“Great information. I can’t wait to use it all.”
Joe Henderson, Sales – Performance Kia

“Always up to date! I continue to learn something new every year.”
Steve Armstrong, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma

“I’m new to sales and the car business and I feel I learned things I can put to use right away. I can’t wait to come to another workshop. Thank you!”
Isaac Del Cruz, Sales Consultant – Magic Nissan of Everett

“I’m new to the business and found this information invaluable since I”m still learning. Michael is on top of the trends which is important since things change so rapidly. I’m looking forward to working with him (throughout the year).”
Terri Malinski, Sales Consultant – Magic Nissan of Everett

“It was so helpful that I don’t know where to begin…”
Kris Oakley, Sales – Magic Toyota