Attendee Comments – May ’12 – Tacoma

“Very informative. Michael was also very funny.”
Brandon M. WhiteHinshaw’s Acura


“This was incredibly helpful. Michael Hargrove is the man!”
James Branson, Sales/Lease Professional – Hinshaw’s Acura of Fife


“This training was great for both new and seasoned auto sales people. It was clear, concise, and has very helpful information that was easy to implement.”
Shawn McGrath, Salesperson – Hinshaw’s Acura


“This was overall a great experience for a fairly new salesperson.”
Randy Clark, Car Consultant – Hinshaw’s Acura


“This is my second time at this seminar. It was even better than the first. His stuff really does work and it’s unique to the point that it actually applies to today’s market.”
Tyler Griffin, Internet Manager – Five Star Chevrolet & Toyota


“This very much reinforced what I need to practice and refine.”
Roger Stone, Sales Associate – Burien Toyota


“It is great hands on training!”
David Easterday, Sales & Leasing Consultant – Lexus of Tacoma at Fife


“It was a great day and workshop.”
Mike Porco, Sales – Lexus of Fife Tacoma


“It was a good experience. He is very knowledgeable.”
Troy Davenport, Sales Associate – Burien Chevrolet


“It was overall a great experience! Even though I’ve been in the business for about ten years it was great to go back and review the ‘basics’. As well as learn some new and exciting ‘word tracks’ and closes. Well worth the money! Thank you!”
Tom Burkheimer, Sales – Titus-Will Toyota


“He gives a good ground base for new hires. One can grow with these concepts.”
Dennis Bartkus, Sales Associate – Five Star


“Michael was great. But I wish we went over his material more than everyone else’s questions. Overall I think the class was great.”
Andy MorenoBurien Toyota


“I look at what I do now in a new way.”
Mitch Edwards, Sales – Five Star Motors


“Mike is no dummy. This stuff is for senior and new sales people. I was very impressed.”
Richard Hillman, Sales Associate – Infiniti of Tacoma


“This was my second time here. I picked up even more tools.”
Don England, Salesman – Hinshaw’s Honda


“Michael, you’re speaking my language. You’re able to break the sales process down into comprehensible parts that I can handle. Your presentation is clear, sensible, and not over hyped feel good fluff. I’m looking forward to your coaching advice.”
James Battle, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“It was another great learning experience. I’m always able to learn new things.”
Russ Meadows, Sales – Infiniti of Tacoma


“It was just as good the second time around. This reminded me of the things I missed or forgotten from last year. It gave me fresh ideas on items I had been frustrated with. This was motivational and insightful.”
James McKibben, Sales Consultant – Hinshaw’s Honda


“It was my second time here. It’s nice to have a refresher but it would be nice to have a second course, something more. But I guess if I use the coaching I may get what I’m looking for.”
Brian Woolsey, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“I am new in the car industry but have been in sales for two and a half years. Your workshop has given me an edge with the transition. Thank you.”
Teresa Ochs, Sales – Infiniti of Tacoma


“I am growing every year with Michael’s material. I will attend every year and continue to grow!”
Steve Armstrong, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma


“I learned a lot from Michael. He is outstanding and electrifying. He gave us tremendous value for the money we spent. I will be taking more classes in the future.”
Shawn Daniels, Customer Relations Manager – Burien Toyota


“It was great and I learned a lot. I’m excited to try my new tools on the lot and at my desk. Thank you Michael for this workshop.”
Ron Heath, Sales – Hinshaw’s Honda


“I enjoyed your enthusiasm. I got real life applications that I can use.”
Buzz Nielson, Internet Sales Director – Chevrolet of Puyallup


“I learned a lot.”
Michael McDermott Burien Chevrolet


“I would like the seat to be more comfortable. This was my second time here.”
Carlos Moreno, Internet Manager – Five Star Ford/Lincoln


“It was above my expectation. I would be a fool to not recommend the workshop to others. For doing so it would be a self reminder of how much I did in fact enjoy it!”
Robert Shaver, Sales – Rich Hartman’s Five Star Ford