Attendee Comments – Mar. ’12 – Boise

“I have to thank Michael for a lot of my success. I learn something every time I come here! (Five years now!)”
Karen “Big Mama” Martin, Sales – Peterson Chevrolet


“Take this class!! It has been great for me. Three years in the business and I had an increase of 22% from the previous year after taking this class.”
Mike Burke, Sales – Tom Scott Toyota


“This is better every time I come! Always refreshing and relevant.”
Jeff Woody, Sales Consultant – Lyle Pearson Company


“This brings the themes that move today’s buyers to the forefront of a salesman’s mind. It gives me the skill sets to succeed.”
John Dowdle, Sales – Tom Scott Toyota


“Learned a few new close techniques, however, from speaking with those who have attended before all curriculum and workbook are the same. Certainly, the basics of selling have not changed in years & years although customer dynamics have changed just in the last 5-10 years. More content on that would’ve been great.”
Dallas Anderson, Sales Consultant – Tom Scott Toyota


“Third year and every year I pick up new and very useful things. I also get to relearn the things I didn’t realize I’d forgotten.”
Tosha Larson, F&I Director, Team Mazda Subaru


“One of the best seminars I have ever attended. We keyed in on commitments and overcoming objections that were up to date with today’s customers.”
Andy Coombs, Internet Sales Manager – Dan Wiebold Ford


“Four times attending this training now in eleven years of my career, this is the most value in ongoing training I have found. See ya again next year!”
Nash Archuleta, Sales Manager – Dennis Dillon Nissan


“I’m more than I was when I came in today. With the years of knowledge and experience that was shared today, I will be even better tomorrow and more amazing every day thereafter.”
Keri Shook, Sales Consultant – Meridian Ford


“I have been in the car business for a month and had a hard time with objections. This workshop was fantastic!”
David Meloche, Sales Consultant – Peterson Chevrolet


“I learned a lot! Great experience.”
Jason Baird, Salesman – Team Mazda Subaru


“Great!! Time well spent!”
Ali Al-Temeny, Internet Sales Manager – Team Mazda/Subaru


“I thought Michael carried himself very well. He’s exciting with great knowledge. He was also very good at explaining the different techniques. I would recommend anyone to come here and I will attend again myself. I want to thank Michael a lot. I got lots of good stuff for my future.”
Mike Curl, Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru


“It was not Mike’s fault I was tired today. I know the book will help me get to where I need to be”.
Ron Henman, Salesman – Dennis Dillon Nissan


“Good experience.”
Darin Williams, Sales – Larry Miller Chrysler/Dodge


“Great techniques to use on the lot and in the office. Great words! Today was time well spent. Thank you for the sales nuggets! Gave me good ideas and new ways to look at things.”
Mike Hazel, Sales Professional – Lyle Pearson Company


“Good experience, and for myself, much needed. I have only been in the business for one year and I have gained many tools today that will be useful in my success. I would suggest (having a) business card drawing with small prizes between each break. Thanks Mr. Hargrove!”
Craig Clapier, Sales Consultant – Team Mazda/Subaru


“I liked how we touched on some old stuff, but also how we moved forward towards the future too.”
Dave Fairchild, Sales – Team Mazda Subaru


“Good stuff!”
Randy Schlappi, Sales – Peterson Chevrolet


“As a relatively new salesman in the car industry I found the information invaluable.”
Jeff Hunt, Salesman – Larry H. Miller Chrysler/Dodge


“Great stuff! I would have preferred the first half (before lunch) to be done in one session (before the first break). Spend more time on the second half.”


“I would suggest an idea. Maybe a guest teacher, different each year, maybe a top closer from N.Y. or a top F&I manager from Dallas, etc. for the last hour or so. They could cover how to overcome objections during the four square, covering each of the four square’s objections. Different perspectives every year.”
Todd Crawford, Sales – Team Mazda Subaru


“It was just OK. It seems like when you have 8 people from the same dealership all sitting together, they try to impress each other and the whole thing gets off track.”
Brent Gould, Sales – Tom Scott Toyota


“I learned a lot. This will help.”
Brad Lloyd, Sales – Dan Wiebold Ford


“Very enlightening. Michael is very knowledgeable and interesting. This was a great class!”
Charles Cosgriff, Sales – Lyle Pearson Company


“Great refresher.”
Aaron Crawford, Sales – Dennis Dillon Nissan


“I learned a lot of key factors that I will be using in future sales’
Jennifer Jerome, Internet Sales Manager – Team Mazda Subaru


“Good refresher course and excellent new information.”
Ruben Rodriguez, F&I Manager – Team Mazda Subaru


“This helped me go from being an automotive information clerk to a true automotive salesman.”
Chris Burk, Salesman – Team Mazda Subaru


“I think you should split it up into sessions. 1st day should be first time people. There were a lot of distractions from people who have attended your class before.”
Eric Pearson, Sales Rep. – Dan Wiebold Ford


“I hope your follow up is as good as the presentation was.”
JC Linehan, Sales – Larry Miller Chrysler/Dodge


“The material is very applicable in my business. I will be back!”
Larry Black, Sales/Leasing Consultant – Dan Wiebold Ford


“Good but elementary/redundant.”
Rob Rapp, Sales – Team Mazda/Subaru

“This training class is always awesome! Thanks!”
Jeff Spencer, New Car Sales Manager – Tom Scott Toyota