Attendee Comments – May ’11 – Tacoma

“The objectives we covered were exactly what I was looking for. The objections covered by our group were the very ones I have come across in the 2.5 months of being on the sales floor!”
Daniel Verwers, Hinshaw’s Honda – Sales


“ Michael is a great source of knowledge! For anyone who hasn’t attended a workshop given by him, I would highly recommend doing so.”
Rory Belin, Puyallup Chevrolet – Sales & Leasing Consultant


“This is my second time attending this workshop. Not only did we review a vast library of sales tactics but we also worked on good practices for generating repeat and referral clientele.”
Austen Wells, Burien Chevrolet – Sales


“Used so many big words I’ve never heard before it was hard to understand and stay focused.”
Markie Jacobs, Five Star Chevrolet/Toyota – Sales


“Abe Lincoln once said: ‘If I had a cord of wood to chop and only had eight hours to do it, I would spend the first hour sharpening my axe!’ Your class is an excellent honing tool!”
Tim Hernandez, Titus-Will Toyota – Sales


“Something I would like, honestly: a couple examples of a daily work flow checklist. Time management is a place I need improvement. I think it would help me stay accountable to myself, my goals, and my family.”
Brian Woolsey, Hinshaw’s Honda – Sales

“I thought the content was better than most I have attended.”
Dal Carr, Five Star Motors – Sales Consultant

“I learned to tools to make be better.”
Paul Wood, Five Star Ford – Sales

“Was not what I thought it was going to be.”
Marty Clark, Five Star Motors – Sales Manager


“Great class, solid tools and word tracks to use. The rest is up to the salesperson.”
Cathy Hodges, Larson VW – Sales

“It was a very good workshop. It gave me some great ‘tools’ for later. Hopefully I will be going to more when they happen.”
Tyler Griffin, Five Star Motors – Salesman


“Fabulous. I’ve got 12 months to practice until next time.”
Larry Williams, Hinshaw’s Acura – Sales

“I am Craig Brooks and I approve this workshop! J”
Craig Brooks, M.D Auto Sales – Automotive Matchmaker


“This is my first time and only real training, it was awesome. I want to be an appointment based six figure guy.”
Aron Blake, M.D Auto Sales – Sales


“Pleasantly surprised. I came in with a tired/closed mind feeling as if I was just here to appease my dealership. Quickly I changed my mind. I very much look forward to applying what I’ve learned. Hindsight shows I would have regretted not attending.”
James McKibben, Hinshaw’s Honda – Sales

“This is my 5th time, and there will be more (sorry Mike). Shows way to help me to get re-connected with my skills.”
Andrew McDougall, Toyota of Tacoma – Internet Sales Manager

“Very passionate and energetic! Fun time.”
Jeff Meschke, Chevy of Puyallup – Sales


“I appreciated the relaxed atmosphere and the small/private size of the seminar.”
Christine Smith, Infiniti of Tacoma in Fife – Sales Associate


“I am a baby in this industry. You gave me much information that will prove extremely beneficial and profitable. You did it in an uplifting fun and exciting way.”
Todd Larson, Puyallup Chevrolet – Sales


“Always good.”
Dennis Baker, Burien Toyota – Sales


“Excellent program. Relevant to Brand New Guys as well as old Pros.”
Roger Stone, Burien Toyota – Scion – Sales and Leasing Consultant


“Realizing the details of perfect communication with clients.”
Jayson Bridges, Toyota of Tacoma – Sales Professional.


“Refreshing both in terms of going over training that I have done in prior years but also seeing people in the car business putting time into training. No matter how many times I have attended I always come away reminded of the simple basics that lead to my long term success.”
Michael Ruane, Infiniti of Tacoma – Finance Director


“It was great.”
Michael McDermott, Burien Chevrolet – Sales


“Gave some good information, new lines to use on costumers and objective solutions that will help.”
Rick Dunlap, Five Star Ford – Sales


“It got really warm in the afternoon.”
Phillip Tompson, Chevrolet of Puyallup – Sales Consultant


“I would do this again: Very well done.”
Pat Noll, Five Star Ford – SR. Salesman

“Good experience and every car salesman needed this class!!”
Brendan H. Chong, Infiniti of Tacoma – Salesman

“It was great and full of information.”
Carlos Moreno, Five Star Ford – Internet Manager

“It met my expectations.”
Kaleab Mekurie, – Sales


“Just Great. But little more video work.”
Kyoungsoo Seo, Burien Toyota – Sales

“I like being forced to participate. It gets me out of my shell and throw me into the fire and I retain thing very well.”
Jason Hawles, Hinshaw’s Honda – Sales Consultant

“Fun, common sense approach to teaching.”
Troy Braxton, Larson Autohaus VW – Salesperson


“Being prepared every day, know inventory, care about the customer. Make it simple and success will come.”
David Butler, Toyota Larson – Sales

David Ajibade, Hinshaw’s Acura – Sales


“ Had a great time!”
Jack Folher, Five Star – Sales