Attendee Comments – Mar. ’11 – Boise

“Thanks Michael. Every year I come back and every year I learn something new. Every year I look forward to your next workshop. Every year that I am selling cars I will be back. Yes… every year.”
Karen “Big Mama” Martin, Peterson Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac – Sales


Tom Widman, Tom Scott Toyta – Sales rep.


“I am relatively new in the business and was looking for some guidance and training. I received that and more. Fantastic time spent and worth every penny.”
Matt Green, Larry H. Miller Honda – Sales


“I learned how to prospect and market in the twenty first century sales environment. This had great information for tomorrow’s customer.”
Rob Sorenson, Dan Wiebold Ford – Sales


“I would like all the info to be a twenty car a month salesman.”
Aaron Crawford, Dennis Dillon – Sales rep.


“Extremely helpful!”
Jakob Jones, Dennis Dillon Nissan – Sales Consultant


“The room was to cold for me.”
Robert Besecker, Lyle Pearson Co. – U.C.M.


“This was my fifth time with Michael and I have thoroughly enjoyed each time. I have learned a lot each time.”
Mark Fabello, Lyle Pearson Co. – Fleet Internet Manager


“Anything that was not one hundred percent awesome was due to other attendees and not doctor Hargrove.”
JD Clemons, Team Mazda – Salesman


“This was a lot better than expected. I will likely attend again.”
Heather Maynard, Meridian Ford, Sales


“I liked it. I would attend in the future. I wish all of our sales people would attend. The course content is up to date for today’s way of business.”
Terry Ward, Meridian Ford Sales – Sales Manager


“Michael does a great job of processing the information he gets from the audience prior to giving an answer. He provides great information.”
Steven L. Severns, Lyle Pearson Co. – Business Manager


Anthony Parks, Lyle Pearson – Sales


“It’s always nice to get new ideas to take back to work. I learned a lot.”
Nick Puga, Peterson Chevrolet – Sales


“It’s always great. This is my third year.”
Tosha Larson, Team Mazda Subaru – Finance Director


“I absolutely recommend Michael Hargrove as your next success coach. His workshop is for professionals and those that strive to become the best in their market. In addition to the things Michael teaches, this was a great opportunity to learn from fellow sales people.”
Richard Paul, Dennis Dillon Nissan – Nissan Sales Consultant


“Mike has great insight and knowledge. I love his approach. We learn something new every time.”
Bill Dougherty, Meridian Ford – G.S.M.


“It helped me realize that I am a big ‘D’ but little ‘e’. And gave me what I needed to become a big ‘D’ and big ‘E’.”
Jason Luedee, Meridian Ford – Sales Consultant


“As usual Michael, top work. Expect to hear from me often this year.”
Nash Archuleta, T.B.D. – Sales Manager


“I had taken this course with in a month of starting in the car business. Within a year and no car sales experience, I started making 5k per month. Thanks.”
Joshua Conely, Team Mazda Subaru – Sales


“We could have spent less time on management conversation. I really wanted all of the time for salesman to develop their skills.”
Patrick Chetwood, Meridian Ford – Sales Manager


“It had great refreshing information.”
Alex Santini, Team Mazda Subaru – Sales


“Well done. This was a day well spent.”
Jim Crooke, Lyle Pearson Co. – G.S.M.


“You should have the class separated into experience levels. This was a great class and I will be back again!”
John Dowdle, Tom Scott Toyota – Sales


“This was a great refresher! I always enjoy this and feed off Michael’s enthusiasm.”
Bill Blazek, Peterson Chevrolet – Trainer/Sales


“This was another great session! Thanks Michael!”
Jeff Woody, Lyle Pearson Co. – Sales Consultant


“This was just what I needed. After two and a half years in the car business it was time for a boost. It was great! Thank you.”
Michael Burke, Tom Scott Toyota – Sales


‘This was very rewarding.”
Rob Sherman, Tom Scott Toyota – Sales


“This was a great class. The only thing I would have liked to seen done differently is to stay focused on sales training and stay away from management training. As a manager I expected the class to be sales oriented. Although there was good material for managers it took away from the sales people and many of them lost interest quickly when the topic switched. This was overall good training.”
Jeff Newell, Peterson Chevrolet – G.S.M.


“As usual, this was a day well spent with a great deal of useful information to help with daily business as well as building a business for the future! I highly recommend this.”
Jeff Hill, Lyle Pearson Acura – Sales


“Honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I can truly say not only did I enjoy myself and the experience but I feel like I learned a great deal that I will actually be able to integrate into my daily routine. Overall this was the best instructor/seminar I have attended. Thank you Michael, for your time and knowledge. It was well worth the money!”
Joshua Gragg, Team Mazda Subaru – Sales


“It was as great as always. It had very useful information. There was possibly a little bit too much time spent on sales management topics. The D&E concept is real and useful. Maybe forty to fifty minutes on it was overkill for some salespeople. All in all it had wonderful info!”
Jeff Spencer, Tom Scott Toyota – Sales Manager


“Overall it was great!”
Sam Avila, Tom Scott Toyota – Salesman


“This is next level stuff that is always evolving. Nice job, Mike. I’ll talk, text, or email you soon. Thanks.”
Aaron Ulrich, Team Mazda – G.S.M.


“I enjoy Michael every time he comes. It’s always educational and a great review. I enjoyed the class this time and I felt it was more advanced than last year which is good because it was more captivating and easier to listen to. It was also a better interaction subsequently. Role playing went well.”
Rob Rapp, Team Mazda Subaru – Senior Sales


“Always a great refresher! It was good to get new ideas and thoughts.”
Jeanette Pottenger, Lyle Pearson Company – Sales


“To be completely honest when I heard about this training I didn’t want to come. The training did end up being on my day off. After sitting here I am totally happy with being here. It was worth missing my day off. I will take what I have learned today and use it in my daily tasks.”
Steve Exceen, Team Mazda Subaru – Sales