Attendee Comments – May ’10 – Tacoma

“Michael has an awesome way of validating his attendees points and advice and making them feel they are contributing without correcting them. It makes all level of professionals (even beginners) feel important and valued. This might be a great way to end the session; by asking each person to give one professional tip or bit of advice they have learned in their careers, regardless of the years of service.”
Bill White, Sales – Lexus of Tacoma


“Michael is the most relevant trainer in our market!”
Kerry Canonica, Saturn of Puyallup – Internet Mgr.

“It had great content and materials! I loved how the personalized list of attendees’ objectives was handled. It made me feel like my needs were being met. I’ll definitely follow up on the follow up program which includes personal coaching!”
Ken Brett, Friendly Chevrolet – Sales Consultant

“It’s the second time I’ve come and it’s always a great refresher course. The tools Michael provides us with for twelve months is an unbeatable value. As long as Michael is in Tacoma I’ll be attending.”
Rameen Tileh, Tacoma Nissan – Sales Extra Ordinaire

“The experience was great. Probably saved me from quitting! This also taught me that some of this is also getting management involved. I would be interested in some additional one on one. Thanks!”
Terry Parris, Harnish Auto Family – Sales Rep.

“I like that it was fresh and different. After coming every year for two years it was nice not to be able to anticipate every step of the class.”
Kelly Stewart, Burien Toyota – Sales Manager


“Very good.”
David Ros, Hinshaw’s Honda – Sales Consultant

“This was very helpful. It was my first time. I enjoyed he seminar.”
John Karamatic, Harnish Auto Family – Sales

“I really enjoyed it and found it extremely useful and inspiring.”
Michael Schwed, Burien Chevrolet – Salesman

“It was very well developed!”
Gregory Phillips, Lexus of Tacoma – Sales


“Overall I learned a lot but after a while it got too boring. I think lot of people were getting restless. I think it was too long. That’s what I heard in the hallway.”
James Neville, Bruce Titus Nissan Subaru – Sales

“Overall a great pleasure to attend and learn.”
Bob Olson, Burien Toyota – Sales Rep.

“Thank you for all your help. Be blessed, Jesus loves you!”
Terry J. Green, Infiniti of Tacoma – Salesperson

“I’m so pleased you took out the broken crashed 747.”
Andrew McDougall, Toyota of Tacoma – Internet Sales mgr.

“It was very interesting and a great first experience. I realize how much potential there is out there and I need to get into action.”
Richard Bigelow, Hinshaw’s Acura – Sales

“Have the really good closes and rebuttals in handouts or books or website. Tape the class and put audio on the website.”
Maximilian Linder, Lexus of Tacoma – Customer Development Specialist

“I wish we could have had ‘the Burien Toyota guy’ speak about the methods and ways he marketed himself to get off the sales floor… especially since it was one of the loudest things I heard… market yourself. Otherwise, the course was great and far more useful/valuable than I expected! Thank you!”
Ryan Forstrom, Harnish Auto Family – Sales


“Michael was a joy to listen to. He didn’t just jam down the information. He put it in real world situations.”
Russ Meadows, Infiniti of Tacoma – Sales

“It was okay but needed more comfortable chairs. Also I would have liked to have done a little more role playing. Michael is very knowledgeable and an excellent trainer. He is one of a kind!!!”
Walt Benjamin, Friendly Chevrolet – Sales



“Michael, as always, was new and fresh. A must see.”
Kirk Spencer, Burien Toyota – Fleet HQ

“This was very helpful to my future success. Mike is very knowledgeable. I love his sense of humor he brings to the workshop.”
Sharon Daniels, Burien Toyota – Assistant/CRM

“I enjoyed the interaction with the role playing with Michael. The tips about marketing and building a referral base were especially helpful. New closing techniques are always needed and Michael presented new ideas I will use starting tomorrow.”
Trish Montoya, Infiniti of Tacoma – Salesperson

“It was great. The trainer always had my attention and I learned a lot.”
Kimberly Long, Infiniti of Tacoma – Sales

“This was my first seminar ever. It was suggested to me by a sales manager who said Michael is one of the best. Mike you did not disappoint. Thanks for all the knowledge and I look forward to reaping the financial rewards.”
Austen One Wells, Burien Chevrolet – Sales

“I’m new to sales and I’m glad I have many new tools to use.”
Don England, Hinshaw’s Honda – Sales

“It was great, thanks!”
Michael Coderas, Infiniti of Tacoma – Sales

“I loved your passion and enthusiasm. I wish it was longer. I need more.”
Jeff Burley, Infiniti of Tacoma – Pre Owned Manager

“It was just as I expected. This has and will help me get back on track to being a pro. I will see where I am in six months.”
Rick Warner, Hinshaw’s Honda – Sales

“Michael Hargrove was a wealth of information, sincere, genuine, and truly motivated by our own individual success. It’s a great workshop.”
Eric Uebelacker, Friendly Chevrolet – Sales

“Finally, I have heard a valid, understandable, method to build a referral with business with customer advocates. Now it’s just a matter of using it! Thanks, Michael.”
Michael Ruane, Infiniti Tacoma – Business Manager.

“Thanks for the new marketing information and motivation to try new ways to build my business.”
Randy Shields, Saturn of Puyallup – Sales


“Michael Hargrove was a great guy. Good one on one time during lunch. He had great pointers about talking with different kinds of people.”
Kenny Smithson, Burien Toyota – Sales

“It seemed to me it went smoother than normal. Thanks for all the new stuff.”
Mark Baughman, Hinshaw’s Acura – Sales



“It was a good class but had poor food.”
Lloyd Roper, Burien Chevrolet – Fleet Manager


“I am new to the car business and I learned more in eight hours than in the year and six months that I’ve been selling cars. Thank you!”
Marco Hernandez, Saturn of Renton – Sales

“It was a great experience! All of the information was usable! It had many good objections and closing techniques!”
Calvin Trinh, Tacoma Nissan – Sales

“My experience was great. It was a little long however interesting. Hargrove has great knowledge of how to be successful in any aspect of life.”
Dwayne Griffin, Bruce Titus Nissan- Special Finance


Stacy Ofsthun, Saturn of Puyallup – Sales Consultant


“I always enjoy attending this seminar. It’s a great refresher course. I need to see it at least three times a year.”
David Ajibade, Hinshaw’s Acura – Sales Consultant

“I went to one other training seminar, (Horsepower), and was disappointed. I was scared of what the quality of today’s presentation may be. I was more than impressed with the presentation and materials. I feel excited and ready to sell more cars using these skills. My only complaint is the food made me sick.”
Todd Clancy, Larson Toyota of Tacoma – Sales/Leasing Consultant

“Had useful information but needed to go a little faster. Overall it had lots of great stuff!”
Curran Ragan, Burien Chevrolet – Sales


“I’m new to the business. I found this extremely helpful and valuable. Nicely done!”
Doug Holsing, Hinshaw’s Acura – Sales

Joe De La Paz, Infiniti of Tacoma – Sales and Leasing


“Nice job of staying relevant. Thank you for dropping the airplane ride.”
Mike Cook, Harnish Auto Family – Sales