Attendee Comments – Mar. ’10 – Boise

“Thanks for always having new material.”
Charlie Mattson, Business Development Manager – Stampede Dodge


“WOW! Some great ah-ha moments. Well worth my time and I will use many of these suggestions.”
Sharon Grorud, Internet Sales Consultant – Stampede Dodge

“I was looking for new ways to make it in this market and new lingo to handle customers. My old ways need to go!”
Jeanette Pottenger, Sales – Lyle Pearson Motors


“Mike has rejuvenated my senses with new ways to handle old situations. He is a very clear and concise trainer, and very humble about it. With the added tools to get the tough sale done, there is no reason to not improve as an automotive sales professional.”
Rich Leavitt, Sales Associate – Klein Honda

“I am absolutely thrilled with Michael’s workshop! I have been transitioning from over seven years in an almost strictly internet / phone based dealership to a facility in a much more populated area, with numerous live ‘ups.’ Michael’s information and skill sets I can put in to use today, and will be able to continue to progress, with all of the materials – as well as the one-on-one coaching! Thank you!!”
Jennifer King Devore, Sales Associate – Peterson’s Stampede Dodge

“I’m excited to start practicing the action tools. Well worth the time, I feel I learned more that I thought I would.”
Mike “Mac” Macomber, Sales Associate – Peterson Chevy

“I have been at Mike’s workshop every year since he first came to Boise. His content evolves with current conditions and not two workshops have been the same. I will continue to attend Mike’s workshops as long as he teaches. Thanks.”
Tim Crowley, Sales Associate – Peterson Chevy


“Always a positive experience and pushing the bounds to deal with today’s customers. A wake up call to what is really going on in the auto sales industry.”
Jason Bernier, Sales Associate – Lyle Pearson Acura


“Another great experience full of really good information. Thank you!”
Jeff Woody, Sales Associate – Lyle Pearson Company


“As fresh as it was in 98’.”
Aaron Ulrich, General Sales Manager – Team Mazda

“This was great for someone like myself.”
Nick Puga, Sales Associate – Peterson Chevrolet

“Great information and material that deals with today’s customer.”
Brian Porter, Sales Manager – Peterson’s Stampede Dodge


“Learned a lot of new techniques over my nervousness. Be more confident when talking to a client. Understand customers in a better way. How to listen to clients and find their needs.”
Alex Santini, Sales Associate – Team Mazda Subaru

“Second time around. Good rehash and great new stuff.”
Max Emling, Sales Associate – Stampede Dodge


“If I had more than three hours sleep I would’ve been more alert, but enjoyed it anyway.”
Jonathon Clapier, Sales Associate – Team Mazda Subaru

“Michael is full of knowledge and charisma.”
Ruben Rodriguez, Sales Associate – Team Mazda


“This is my third time with your program and I learn something beneficial every time! Thanks for the refresher! I will look forward to seeing you again next year. Thanks.”
Karen “Big Mama” Martin, Sales Associate – Peterson Chevy Buick Cadillac


“Inspired me to take control of many areas of any career in sales. A day jammed with one great idea after another. Michael Hargrove delivers!”
Carol Bastida, Sales Associate – Team Mazda Subaru

“Free parking for our meetings, staff that would walk us to our meeting room, instead of it’s over there, second floor. Music, in the other room made it hard to concentrate on my speaker, banging dishes.”
Teresa Rodriguez, Sales Associate – Peterson GM

“Wonderful. Worth every penny.”
Bill Blazek, Sales Associate – Peterson Chevrolet

“I was surprised as a sales manager how much I enjoyed Mike’s presentation and his subject matter was for all. Ceers! I plan to come again.”
Geoff Jones, Sales Manager – Peterson Chevy Buick Cadillac

“It was very useful as a refresher course. A lot of different views and perspectives on the same old rebuttals that we hear on a daily basis. Another tool in my belt!”
Rick Fraire, Sales Associate – Peterson Stampede Dodge

“Fifth time. Great information each time. Always getting new ideas.”
Mark Fabello, Fleet/Internet Manager – Lyle Peterson Company


“Great info as well as great touch up for things we forget from other classes.”
Gary Laming, Sales Associate – Peterson Chevrolet

“Better than the last time. Looking forward to each year.”
Nash Archuleta, Sales Manager – Dennis Dillon

“I look forward to working with you.”
Garth Sittig, Sales Associate – Peterson Chevrolet

“Worked out well.”
Chris Styff,Sales Associate – Peterson Chevrolet


“It was super! Thank you for selling me on the class!”
Ben Johnson, Sales Associate – Peterson’s Stampede Dodge

“Got to be too long – Tiring towards the end.”
Bill Rogers, Sales Associate – Peterson’s Stampede Dodge

“It was a great learning experience and I look forward to working with you throughout the year.”
Kyle Jones, Sales Associate – Peterson Chevrolet Buick Cadillac


“Having the opportunity to see how the sales staff handles and approaches their customers is a great privilege. I feel this class will allow me to do a better job and have a better approach and understanding of my customers in the parts department.”
Joe Hernandez, Parts Manager – Team Mazda Subaru


“I would have liked more sales – objections over coming.”
Jacob Rapp, Sales Associate – Team Mazda Subaru

“Good stuff!”
Rob Rapp, Sales Associate – Team Mazda

“It was a great second workshop. I enjoy Hargrove. Not too self help or preachy.”
Tosha Larson, Sales Associate – Team Mazda Subaru